Bubbles & Books Subscription Box Review + Coupon – December 2017

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Bubbles & Books is a monthly subscription that sends a romance book and items to help you relax in your tub after a long day doing whatever you do. Need a break from the hectic work day? Step inside your bath/spa. Wrangling little ones under your feet? Time for a bit of me-time in the tub. What can you expect from this subscription?

Every box contains at least one romance novel, one artisan-crafted soap, and one other book- or bath-related goody. However, the majority of our boxes contain more than this!

Bubbles & Books is $24 a month plus shipping. My items were wrapped in pink tissue paper that was sealed with a Bubbles & Books sticker. Brown paper squiggles kept everything safe on the journey to my mailbox. Bubbles & Books has 3 options to choose from: The Bad Boy Box, The Luxe Paranormal Box, and The Swept Away Box.

DEAL: Get 10% off on your first box! Use coupon code SOAKME.

First look!

Everything in my Luxe Paranormal Bubbles & Books December box! I received a book, bath salts, a bar of soap, an herbal muscle rub, and a tea infuser. I didn’t receive a product info card or any inserts.

Team Human by Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan ($9.99 list price, currently $5.98) is a paranormal novel that deals with vampires and the teenagers who love them. Unlike the Twilight series, these teens are living in a city founded by vampires, and the main character spends her time trying to convince her friend that vampires do not make the best boyfriends. This is a spoof of the other vampire series, of which I read three before giving up on Bella altogether.

Readers who love vampire romances will be thrilled to devour Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan. Team Human celebrates and parodies the Twilight books, as well as other classics in the paranormal romance genre.

Mel is horrified when Francis Duvarney, arrogant, gorgeous, and undead, starts at her high school. Mel’s best friend, Cathy, immediately falls for the vampire. Cathy is determined to be with him forever, even if having him turn her could inadvertently make her a zombie.

And Mel is equally determined to prove to her BFF that Francis is no good, braving the city’s vampire district and kissing a cute boy raised by vampires as she searches evidence in this touching and comic novel.

Every box includes a bar of soap, and Debbie’s Handmade Peppermint Soap ($3.49) is in one of my most favorite scents ever!

It’s so pretty, too, and perfect for a December box! It smells so good, lathers well, and rinses clean.

Every box comes with a bath bomb or bath salts for your tub and this month I received The Preserve Company Steep Me Like Tea Bath Salts ($5?). These smell so wonderful, more minty freshness!

This mix of Epsom salts, fresh ginger, peppermint & chamomile essential oils, and mint leaves can be strewn in the bathtub as is if you like to have little floaty pieces of mint in the water or you can put in a reusable or disposable tea bag for a quicker cleanup.

I received a sample pack of dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub ($1.37). I wish I had this last week when I walked 750 feet underground at Carlsbad Caverns! It would have been great to try it out on actual sore muscles, but I went ahead and spread some of this cream on my non-achy arm.

This has that refreshing gum-like wintergreen smell, similar to other sore muscle products. It has a variety of herbal extracts and I urge you not to get your lips too close to your arm when smelling it or they will burn. Lesson learned: next time, test on my leg!

Swan Tea Strainer ($1.93) The packaging says this is a “music symbol spoon with tea strainer” but it is clearly a swan tea strainer.

This seems like something you might find in the dollar store. The holes look pretty big so I’m afraid the tea would come through the holes and I can’t tell if it’s BPA-free. I didn’t receive any tea in the box, except the bath tea. Perhaps the bath tea is supposed to go in here? But then it would just fall completely out of the holes before making it into the bath.

Bubbles & Books is a nice subscription for those who would like to soak their cares away. For the price, I would expect a current release book and/or higher value items. This month’s book was published in 2012. The soap and bath salts are standard items for this subscription, so if you like to take a scented bath then this is a nice monthly reminder to stop and take care of yourself. I found these items to have a value of around $17.77. Considering that this box is $27 with shipping, that is almost $10 under the price paid for the box. I feel like the value really needs to go up, and a new release book would help it get there. I would love to see some more personalization, maybe a couple of choices of books could be sent out for subscribers to choose from. I did love the minty goodies, those were nice touches and perfect for a December box, but the tea strainer will go in the recycling bin!

What do you think of this month’s box? Let me know in the comments! 

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