JK Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate November 2017 Review + Coupon

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from Loot Crate is the bi-monthly and official Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts subscription box. For $34.99 every other month, you’ll get 5-7 unique and officially licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, so there’s no need to go to Diagon Alley!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

The theme this month is Secrets of the Wizarding World.

I love how the box transforms into the MARAUDER’s MAP.

Mischief managed!

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We received a folded letter with a faux seal on the back.

I thought it was my Hogwarts letter that came in really late! Been waiting for years!

This box has everything we need to start a new year at Hogwarts or just get everything ship shape at MACUSA.

Here’s a 10% off coupon code from Loot Crate!

The letter tells you how magical this month’s items are – the stars denote that the items are exclusive to the box! Each item is an exclusive this month.

All the magical loot in the Secrets of the Wizarding World crate!

I Am Lord Voldemort Magnet Set. I have to commend he-who-must-not-be-named on this one!

This cool magnets can form words other than “I am Lord Voldemort” I suppose. I’ll try to do that on my my fridge! They’re very thick – but a bit of an odd-duck item.

Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup Pin. I won’t have to break in Bellatrix’s Gringgotts vault and face (and ride) that half-blind dragon anymore (and leave the bank in ruins)!

Helga Hufflepuff’s cup is one of Lord Voldemort’s horcruxes. This will be a very classic and stylish accessory to a jacket or a tote!

The design is exactly what’s described in the series, a small golden cup with two finely-wrought handles with a badger (the Hufflepuff house’s symbol) engraved on the side plus a few jewels.

The Blind Pig’s Coasters. We’re happy that the box contains merch from Fantastic Beasts as well!

The two sided coaster will protect any surface from drips and water marks. The Blind Pig is a fictional wizarding speakeasy and jazz club located in New York that operates during the 1920’s, during Newt Scamander’s time in the US. It’s where the Goldstein sisters brought him to meet Gnarlak. Now, I just have to get some gigglewater!

Ariana Dumbledore Secret Compartment Picture Frame. Hung at the Hog’s Head Inn, we can now enter the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts without getting caught!

The enchanting picture frame came with a photo of Ariana, Albus (and Aberforth) Dumbledore’s youngest sister, who died during the duel between Albus and his good friend turned dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald.

It’s not just a picture frame, it has a secret compartment too!

And when you open it up, there’s the room of requirement where you can keep stuff, or practice magic in secrecy with Dumbledore’s army!

12 Grimmauld Place Collapsible Tote. I guess this tote was protected by the Fidelius charm too!

“Tucked away in northwestern London, a twenty minute walk from King’s Cross Station, lies number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Both Unplottable and hidden behind a Fidelius Charm, the house is invisible to all but a few. Though the neighbouring Muggles don’t even know the building exists, it was for many years home to the Black family — one of the wizarding world’s oldest pureblood families, and extremely proud to be so.”

The cool tote can be collapsed to become a pouch (the tote pocket in front), protected by a charmed zipper!

The muggles were used to the error in numbering of these townhouses, as they didn’t know number 12 actually exists, as they can see number 13 after number 11. The ancestral home was left unoccupied by the Black Family, and Kreacher the house elf took care of the place, then the Order of the Phoenix took over.

Glow In The Dark Marauders Tee. Here’s another cool wearable from this month’s box!

It features the Whomping Willow, a tree planted on the Hogwarts grounds that serves as a secret entrance to the Shrieking Shack located at Hogsmeade.

Just like the tree being a secret passage, the shirt has some very cool secrets too as it looks plain and normal on regular light, but once the lights are out, the shirt reveals the Marauder’s animagi! There’s Wormtail the rat (Peter Pettigrew), Prongs the stag (James Potter), Padfoot the black dog (Sirius Black) and Moony the werewolf (Remus Lupin)!

The secrets of the Wizarding World were really revealed on this box! We just missed the wand pen (we’re hoping to get the elder wand actually). This is such a fun box with all the secrets and that wonderful shirt! The Whomping Willow design is great but the glow in the dark animagi makes it twice cooler! Every other item is functional too.

What do you think of this month’s Wizarding World box?

Annnnnd if you must know, braving the EXTREME crowds was totally worth it!

Everything had great decorations (sorry, I’m not a theme park blogger, I’m terrible at taking pics when there!).

Visit J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World to subscribe or find out more!


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    Awesome box and that shirt is fantastic. How creative.