ENSOMA Box November 2017 Subscription Box Review

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ENSOMA Box delivers a monthly subscription box filled with items that encourage you to be happy and have balance in life. The box appears very plain from the exterior, marked only with a stamped “E,” but the inside is very elegant.

The contents are cushioned gently in wood straw, and lovely gilded enveloped greeted us as soon as we opened the box. The interior of the lid always has a little label that notes the packing date, who packed it, and what they were doing at the time. Aymii and Mark, the box’s founders, always seems to be having a good time while packing.

Contents are always nicely cushioned and protected.

Every box has a lovely envelope containing the informative materials.

I love the raised, stenciled lettering.

It contains a secret code granting access to ENSOMA’s online resources. Online, you can access the box materials for any previous box, plus some cool extras. Previous boxes have had YouTube interviews, drink and cookie recipes, game instructions, and other materials that help you enjoy your box. There is also a link to Aymii’s blog, where she shares additional reflections and life lessons.

The theme for November 2017 is Get Organized. This month’s letter was written for them by a professional organizer!

The information card gives you the list of items in this box, with a little insight on each one. This was a super-focused curation.

Everything in my November 2017 box!

Cocoon Grid-It Grip Organizer ($15.38) Keep yourself from being messy and being a mess with this Grid-it grip organizer.

It comes in different sizes that will surely fit your lifestyle, or how much mess you need to organize. And we got the small (S) size.

This rubberized woven elastic object retention system can be kept inside your car, drawers or even inside your bags so you won’t have to look for stuff or gadgets that easily gets lost.

Tested it out with my Sharpie and scissors — it looks cool and really grips the stuff!

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker In Black ($0.65) This permanent ink marker is really an organizing-must have. It’s great for labeling plastic bags or boxes, or just writing some important notes on stuff that needs some administration.

Big Clear Short Bags. And what else is greatly needed in organizing stuff? Of course, some durable plastic bags!

These short bags can be labeled, and even without labelling, the clear sides mean you can easily tell what’s inside for better arrangements.

They’re durable, too!

Datexx Cube Time Maker. When cooking or doing anything that requires time management, this cube is the perfect companion.

You don’t need to use any buttons to set it — it starts counting down from whichever number is facing up.

Flip it to 0 to turn it off.

It has a loud unmistakable alarm that will ring when the countdown has finished and the blinking red light indicates that the timer is on, while a digital counter shows the time remaining.

Pre-set time comes in 5-15-30-60 minutes. There are so many applications for this, whether timing workouts, clean-up sessions, or kid’s study time.

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles ($0.71) This is a real reward from this box, and I’m definitely loving it!

This dark chocolate truffles really has smooth, rich and gourmet taste. Yum!

This is another awesome box from ENSOMA, as it contains really great stuff for organizing. I love the Cube timer and the Grip-it grid organizer (just what we need for our gadgets in the car), and everything is so useful! Being organized is such a good trait one must possess and this box will really help a lot. And the reward that comes after is marvelous! This is really a valuable and fun box, perfect for busy people like me, to remind myself that no matter how busy I get, I still need to keep stuff in their proper places.

What do you think of this month’s curation?

Visit ENSOMA Box to subscribe or find out more!


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