Squawk Box Subscription Box Review – August 2017

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Squawk Box is a monthly birdie care package of 4-6 bird treats, toys, and more delivered straight to your door. Because parrots, big and small, need a great amount of stimulation to thrive, Squawk Box will deliver a new selection of toys every month. Every crate is carefully curated to keep our feather friends happy and healthy!

The box is available in three sizes: Little Birdie (great for Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Green Cheek Conure sized), Middle Birdie (great for Quakers, Conures, Senegals, Pionus, Timneh Greys, Caiques, some Mini Macaws & some small cockatoos), and Big Birdie (Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, and Congo African Grey sizes). The monthly subscription starts at $24.95 for the Little Birdie to $34.95 for the Big Birdie, with significant discounts for longer subscriptions. Knowing that parrots have a long life ahead of them, and that they will destroy everything around them, the longer subscription is definitely a must!

Also, for each Squawk Box ordered, a percentage goes to parrot rescues. Not only do you provide fun new treats to your own bird, but you help other parrots as well!

This review is for the Little Birdie. My assistant reviewer is Kiwi the lovebird aka I-will-photobomb-every-other-review-but-mine.

Everything is hiding under layers of paper squiggles, perfectly safe for the bird to play with!

There is no information on the content of the box, but you get a nice DIY Parrot Treat that you can share with your favorite Human (chia seed chop), a Did You Know about a parrot’s taste buds, and the Rescue of the Month. For August, part of the money from the sale of each Squawk Box goes to Northeast Avian Rescue in East Greenbush, NY!

Everything in the box, blurry bird not included!

Chia Seeds. If you want to make this month’s recipe, you’ll need some Chia Seeds! Kiwi enjoys helping herself to my morning oatmeal, and I always include a good amount of chia seeds to it and she really enjoys them!

Gournet Treat Sticks – Island Fruit. It comes with a twist wire, so you can hang it pretty much anywhere in a cage. (Why not at the top of the cage so your bird can work upside down to get to its treats?) Kiwi doesn’t know what to do with those. She doesn’t like big seeds, so this one will go to her cousin Kip, a Quaker Parrot.

Almond Bread. This is the cutest and the most intriguing toy in this box. It’s a foraging toy, perfect to get your parrot active and happy by trying to get to a treat!

It has holes on the side to put almonds in (or any other type of treats), and your bird will have to work hard to get to the delicious nuts! There are more holes hidden by the piece of colourful wood on both sides of the toy.

The middle section is made of cardboard, so any bird with a beak can chew through it. Kiwi loves (or addicted) to millet and I’m thinking of trying to hide a small branch in it.

Wooden Pencil. This is a simple piece of wood, quite thick.

Kiwi uses it as a perch.

Bamboo Ring Puff. Made with a bamboo ring (in green), a lot of shreddable colourful pieces of paper are tightly held together through it. This is a big toy, maybe too big for Kiwi. She doesn’t want to be seen with it. Maybe she’ll come around and stop being afraid of it!

I’m usually a big fan of Squawk Box, so is Kiwi once she starts playing with her new toys, even though it can take her up to 3 to 4 weeks before being interested in one, but this was not very exciting for Kiwi. I’m not saying that this was a bad box, it’s perfectly fine, just not for Kiwi’s personality. She doesn’t like big toys, and all the toys in this box were too big for her. The Almond Bread with millet in it might work though, we never know with Birbs!

Kiwi and I still love Squawk Box as it is great to discover new toys, and maybe new favorites. I’m impressed by the variety of toys available out there as Kiwi has been subscribed to Squawk Box for a while now and she hasn’t received the same toy twice! It’s fun to get a box of new toys and treats to discover, instead of spending countless hours at the pet store in front of a very limited selection to end up buying the same toy over and over again!


Visit Squawk Box to subscribe or find out more!


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