Luxe Box Summer 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Luxe Box is a quarterly beauty box curated by the same people behind Topbox. While the regular Topbox only ships within Canada, Luxe Box has a US version as well. Both boxes are $26 with free shipping and are sent out every three months. Luxe Box offers some customization options as boxes are being prepared, usually allowing subscribers to choose a foundation shade or a preference for nail polish, for example.

They have new packaging — the new box is shallower and they have eliminated the drawstring bag.

Everything in my box!

La Ritzy Lipliner in “Retro Red” ($18) I have received this lipliner before, so it’s a handy backup as it’s a universal red. La Ritzy cosmetics are paraben and cruelty free.

Medusa’s Makeup Witch Lash Mascara ($12) Medusa’s Makeup has a monthly sub with a long waitlist, so it’s exciting to get to try one of their products!

Sweet Suds Co Popsicle Soap ($?) While it’s nice to get a handmade item in the box, this didn’t really excite me very much. My friend loves funky soaps though, so she’ll love this.

Cake The Do-Gooder Dry Shampoo ($11) This travel size version of their dry shampoo is great for tucking into a gym bag or your purse for on the go touch-ups. I’m trying to cut down on how much hair washing I do, since my red colour fades the more I wash it. I’ll give this a try to freshen up my roots.

Paradise Pearlized Blush ($19) Manna Kadar is unfortunately a brand I am very, very tired of. Their products are fine but they show up so frequently it’s hard to get excited about a brand you already know. This cherry blossom shade has a slight sheen. No swatch as this one is going right to my sister!

China Glaze Polish in “Kill the Lights” I like how this polish is a neutral pink but isn’t too neutral, if that makes sense!

AvryBeauty Lavender Jelly Spa Bath ($2.99) This is a cool product: you fill a foot bath with water, add Packet 1 and the water turns to jelly! Then you soak your feet in the jelly, and finally add Packet 2 to turn it back into water for a further soak and safe to rinse down the drain. I’m not a lavender fan so this is going into a care package, but I would have loved to have tried the rose one!

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ($7.60) I saved the best for last! Belif is a Korean skincare line that is carried at Sephora due to its popularity. The Aqua Bomb version is a light gel cream which is suitable for normal, combo, or oily skin. I’m normal so this will suit my skin just fine.

Luxe Box tends to go through ups and downs in terms of consistency of quality, which is frustrating. The summer box was an improvement for my preferences — I’m excited about the dry shampoo, mascara, polish and the cream.

What did you think of the Summer 2017 Luxe Box?

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Luxe Box

Luxe Box members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items picked by our beauty editors and enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address. Members also get exclusive access to private events, product launches and beauty tips and tutorials to help them stay trendy, every season.

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  • Nicole

    I couldn’t agree more regarding wanting to see less eyeliner and more make-up samples. I would love to see some real quality, luxury make-up samples at least occasionally. Maybe a box with even just ONE full size BUT that full size makeup item would be luxe…Maybe a Tom Ford lipstick or YSL or a gorgeous Lancome or Estee palette then the rest being deluxe size skincare, polish and makeup. I’m beyond tired of off-smelling minuscule sized face moisturizers that MUST be ancient judging by the scent AND the itty bitty sizes are usually only good for max 2 real uses (if u plug your nose!) so even if the ONE full sized luxury prod was something like a decadently rich Estee Night Cream (can not recall the name but I used to buy it in a silver foil low jar with a gold lid) and it FELT and SMELLED luxe, leaving skin dewy, soft and renewed…mind u full size was $98! Then little deluxe makeup and polish…something like THAT…HMMM. MAAAAYBE….I wonder why no one has come out with a truly luxe monthly thats around $20/mo? Surely its doable by contacting high end luxury brands for participation!

  • Marcey

    Definitely one of the better boxes I’ve seen from them.

    • Valerie

      I definitely agree, Marcey! We have so few Canadian beauty-specific boxes that they need to be upping their game to keep things competitive. The dollar is so bad right now I don’t bother with Ipsy. I miss Birchbox, though!

      • Marcey

        I miss Birchbox too but then with their whole business model having changed would it still feel the same?? I see comments on the US FB groups all the time about how small the samples are from both them & Sephora Play and would love to see their reactions to Topbox!

        • Valerie

          That’s a really good point. I don’t know, for me personally I would rather have small samples of higher end products (since it takes me a while to get through them, especially after having reviewed so many boxes!) than full-size items that are either oversaturated (Manna Kadar, Bellapierre) or just lower end. My dream box would have a nice mixture of all three with a clear “hero” item and smaller samples supporting it.

          • Marcey

            Manna Kadar are at least good products although perhaps overpriced whereas Bellapierre is DEFINITELY was overpriced and poor quality to boot. I’d like to see more makeup samples and less eyeliners and hair products.