Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company Winter 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company is a quarterly subscription box that focuses on storytelling and invites immersion in a fantastical world through hand-picked objects plus custom-designed story-making ephemera. For only $72.00 per quarter, you’ll get a mystery box that includes wonderful objects like limited edition art, wearable treasures, scents, baubles, and a lot more!

There’s a hot air balloon printed on the box tape, reminiscent of the iconic ballon that brought the “Wonderful” Wizard to Oz.  Similarly, Wonderful Objects endeavors to transport you to an equally enchanting world of fantasy.

The items are wrapped by a blue tissue paper, and the mysterious envelope entreats you to read the place-setting introductory letter prior to revealing the objects within. An hourglass!

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The “Open Me First” envelope is sealed with a “W” emblem.

Do note that before receiving this box we received the “teaser” package in the mail – see everything in that mailing here!

What if you could time travel? A letter from this “W” character sets the scene. Looks like we’ll be tripping the light and dancing in fractals. In fact, it appears that I may have already time traveled before.

I’m not sure why but I’m suddenly reminded of the great Connie Wills time travel novel, To Say Nothing of the Dog. It mixes the Victorian and time travel in a fun, unique way, and I think it’s a good match to the box – I recommend reading it if you’ve already traveled.

The information card gives you a list of all the items inside the box!

Looks pretty peculiar from here!

Everything in the box!

Looks like I picked up the local broadsheet on one of my travels! This construction pattern will help anyone build a Wave Trap to resolve their time tuning issues!

I wish I’d kept the whole paper – the contents look excellent, but the bottom reminds me that my copy will be delivered each quarter by subscribing to Wonderful Objects. There’s a brief health article on the curative effects of drinking chocolate and bath salts for time fatigue. Perhaps I ought to write to find out about becoming a Time Carrier – the return address is Wonder Caverns, OR.

Illustrations of Natural Philosophy: Optics by John Emslie Print: A proper grounding in physics is quite necessary for a time engineer! This 1850 illustration from show how light is bent and focused using different types of lenses and how it is applied to telescopes, eyeballs, and basic cameras. My time travel touchstone – the dandelion necklace – is also a glass orb. Should you gaze through the orb, you’ll find the world flipped upside down.

Pavonia Confections Drinking Chocolate ($6) Seasoned travelers apparently know that a steaming cup of drinking chocolate repairs the molecular structure of your body.

My husband was apparently suffering ill effects from too much travel when he opened the container. Fortunately, our caretakers were thoughtful enough to include nearly black drinking chocolate.

Calliope Estelle Apothecary Organic Trio Bath Salts: As noted in Dr. Pim’s newspaper article, botanically infused bath salts are highly recommended to cure the aches and pains of traveling.

38 minutes at a minimum in a bath of Jasmine, Clementine, and Rose if you’ve traveled to the past. Lavender for future travel, and for focusing on the present – rosemary, mint, and peppermint will do the trick!

Cavallini Celestial Pocket Notebook ($5.95) I’m quite curious – is time travel possible beyond our planet? This journal is perfect for keeping my notes and observation on my various trips through time. It has a flexible cover, so it shan’t get in the way.

It’s lined neatly inside, plus a letter was tucked within the pages:

Madeline again – it seems she’s unwell and suffering some long-term effects, as evidenced by her use of the term “pickles and cashmere.” A good reminder that self-care is important, no matter what time you find yourself in.

Eclipse Home Decor Beeswax Candle By The Hour: With my lessons and tools for my return, it must be time to travel. I noted that juvenile travelers stick to day hours, while adults are cautioned to stick to hours when the moon is out. I think I’ll be safe – this candle is approved by the Time Carriers Coalition.

This timer candle is marvelous, and it will surely keep me on track – just short of an hour for my journey. I’ve never seen anything like this, but I’ve never time traveled either (or have I?)!

As the instructions note, each inch burns 20-25 minutes, and you should pull out about 2 inches – anything more and your trip may last too long, and who knows what will happen then?!

Opening a box from Wonderful Objects is just like stepping into a story. Everything is wonderful and magical and once you add the slightest touch of imagination and suspend your disbelief, you’ll be transported right into the story – or into another time! All the objects are lovely and useful standing alone, but paired with the custom ephemera you’ll really just want to be in the story! One of the things I love about this subscription (besides the fact that it’s unlike any other) is that it encourages you to create instead of just consume.

Wonderful Objects has a children’s box that shares similar themes with the grown-up version and is designed to pair well with it should you unbox as a family activity. Are you a Wonderful Objects objects subscriber? We’d love to hear more about your past journeys with this box!

Visit Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company to subscribe or find out more!


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    This is a little too complicated for me but it sounds like so much fun and I enjoy reading the reviews. Be sure to subscribe so I can keep seeing the reviews.