November 2016 Super Geek Box Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Super Geek Box is a monthly geek subscription box that is full of all kinds of fun items. The theme for this box is “IMMORTAL.”


DEAL: Use code SUPER for $3 off your first month!


The information card lists what is in the box and shows the variations.


Here are the items in the November Super Geek Box.


YOU B*ST*RDS! Decal. This 8-bit version of the main characters from South Park is a Super Geek Exclusive. Kenny appears to be dead which would prompt Kyle to say these now famous words.


Titanfits Divine Force Bracelet. This Super Geek Box Exclusive box looks great. I like that the gold symbols blend with the wood just enough. You still get a clear look at the symbols when the light hits just right.


November 2016 Immortal Pin. It’s great to have items to look back at and remind you how awesome your box was.


Health Energy Potion. Just what you need when you’re playing games and need to replenish your HP. Yes, you can actually drink this!


Deadpool Mystery Mini.  You never know which version of Deadpool you will receive.


Uh oh, it looks like we caught Deadpool at bathtime. I really like the enclosing casing he comes in.


Wolverine Iron On Pocket. This looks like Wolverine is coming out of planting pot more-so than a pocket. Seems like an odd look(Groot seems to make more sense). X-Men have been coming up in a lot of comic talk and Marvel seems to be getting ready for a big push for everyone’s favorite mutants.


“Humble Roots” T-Shirt. Rocket and Groot are such a great duo and I’, looking forward to seeing what Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has in store. They’re also a lot of fun to read in the comic books.


NerdCre8 Invincibility Keychain. A keychain that shows nobody can mess with you! I instantly hear the music from the original Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System when I see this keychain.

Super Geek Box is a ton of fun in a smaller box. I was surprised how well all of these items fit in there!  The cost is incredible as well!!!

What do you think of the November Super Geek Box?

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