June 2016 Taste Club Sample Box Full Spoilers + 50% Off Coupon!

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Find out what’s in June Taste Club Sample Boxes from Eat Feed Love!

In addition to the Taste Club Sample Box ($22 per month), Taste Club has the Pantry Box ($45) and Snack Box ($35)!

Coupon: Save 50% on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code HelloSubscription.

Here’s everything appearing in the June 2016 Taste Club Sample Boxes (item sizes will be samples):Inline image 1

Blood Orange Honey
This honey crème has an unusually sweet and fresh taste that I wouldn’t generally expect from honey – which is what I love about it. The citrus flavors from the blood orange is what really separates it from your everyday run of the mill honey and it makes it more versatile and fun to experiment with. I am a grilled cheese sandwich fanatic and will use any excuse on the planet to make one – so testing out this blood orange crème honey seemed like just as good an excuse as any. Turns out my impulsive desires were right on target. I used blue cheese for mine (for those of you grossed out by blue cheese – I don’t understand you. And you can use cheddar if you must), and one bite in I was hooked. The harmony of flavors and the cheesy sweetness of the aftertaste was bliss between bread and I have successfully found yet another way to fancy up this childlike sandwich that we all love.  For those of you don’t love a grilled cheese (I understand you less than the blue cheese people) this honey is fantastic drizzled onto a fresh fruit concoction. When tossed all together it tastes like a bowl of sweet juicy fruit goodness!

Inline image 2

Hazlenut Cacao Butter
This nut butter is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It’s a fun trip away from regular peanut butter and much more of a treat I think. I love that it’s made with coconut sugar because, apparently, it’s lower on the glycemic index so you’re not going to get a huge sugar rush/crash if you eat a ton of it (which you will, I guarantee).  Inspired by something I saw on the artisan’s website, I made a charcuterie board with toasts and cheese and nut butter on top and the cheese flavors mixed with the hazelnut and coconut sugar were out of this world exquisite. You can do a ton of things with this nut butter – pour it over pancakes, mix it in with granola, use it as a dip for fresh strawberries, or, what I do: eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. 

Inline image 3

Tea Seed Garlic Oil & Black Pepper
I can never get enough garlic. If a recipe says use 2 cloves of garlic I use 4. If it says use 5 I use 10, if it says no garlic, I use a whole bag…  you get it. So, naturally, this oil makes me very happy because it adds even more of that sensual and addicting flavor I love so much. The good news is, for those who may not have the same love affair with garlic that I do, the flavor is not overwhelming. Unless you HATE garlic you can use it as a substitute for most oils and not taste a huge difference – but why would you hate garlic, really? I used this oil to sauté onions for a marinara sauce and just the smell wafting up from the pan alone made me swoon. I used the exact same recipe for pasta sauce I always used but swapped out extra virgin for the tea seed and there was an apparent and delightful elevation in the flavor. It was peppery and smoother and of course, I could taste the garlic but that could have been because I used twelve cloves (the recipe called for six). Without the added cloves, the garlic flavor is there. It’s subtle and not overwhelming, but it’s there and it’s delicious. 

This oil is also incredible as a bread dipping sauce – The garlic oil with some strands of sautéed garlic and sea salt and ground pepper? Oh my yum. 

Inline image 4Wild Blueberry Jam
This jam was long gone before I had a chance to use it on everything I had planned to use it on. My spoon was the first victim of this sweet, juicy and delicious jam. I realized I had almost gone through the whole jar before putting it on anything and I feared being able to make a proper assessment, since jam should be paired with something besides silverware. But, there was enough to scrape off the inside to add it some to a piece of toasted rye bread with some goat cheese and it was the BEST. I don’t love store bought jam because it’s always too sweet and preservative-y tasting for me. At a diner I will usually stick to butter than table jam for my toast – but this handmade blueberry is good old fashioned jam that should be sitting on top of a window-sill pie somewhere in the South – or in Vermont, since that’s where it’s made – or on a homemade biscuit in my kitchen, preferably.

Inline image 5Baker’s Spice
I love most things all-purpose for the obvious and simple reason that it works for everything, which makes life easier, which makes me happy. I myself am not an avid baker so this spice is the perfect partner to my pantry because it has everything I need to bake on a whim when I get in an every-now-and then baking mood and my sweet tooth runs rampant. For the sake of testing it out I got myself in the mood to bake and I whipped up the most gorgeous cinnamon bread by smothering it in the baking spices – in addition to some cinnamon on its own – and then topping it with a little butter once it cooled. The aroma coming from my oven was so intoxicating that I almost pulled a sleeping bag in there so I could fall asleep in it.  I found a few other ways to use this spice without baking. If you’re a fan of tapioca pudding, which I have been since my Dad took me to Jerry’s Deli when I was kid, use these spices as a topping for that – it’s delicious and much healthier than dumping brown sugar all over it. It’s also great in oatmeal or cream of wheat and a small dash in your morning coffee is a nice little change up from sugar. 

Inline image 6

Bourbon Smoked Pepper
I consider myself a savory savant so pepper is a crucial spice in my life. I put it on absolutely everything, including things that it shouldn’t be on – like watermelon and ice cream. I believe it makes everything better and this particular pepper makes actual pepper better.  It doesn’t taste like the regular common ones you find on the tabletops of restaurants and the very slight citrus-y flavor makes it super unique and delicious. I also love the remnants of smoke flavor it has, it adds a real nice bite to whatever I’m seasoning it with (everything). I’m a huge fan and my pallet is very pleased I have this pepper in my pantry!

 Save 50% on your first box of any of the Taste Club subscriptions with coupon code HelloSubscription.


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