Snack Fever March 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Snack Fever Box March 2016 box

Snack Fever is a monthly subscription box that delivers all-your favorite Korean snacks, as well as other hard-to-find Korean treats. Each month, subscribers will get  5 to 12 Korean snacks and treats, depending on their subscription. Snack Fever is available in three boxes, the mini box, the original box, and the deluxe box, and the subscription starts from $11, $18, and $38, respectively, every month.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (1)

This information card breaks down the content of each box every month.  The Original Box has the same items that are in the Mini Box, plus several additions.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (2)

We received the Deluxe Box — it has one item that also appears in the smaller boxes, but the remainder of the contents are unique to the Deluxe Box.  This is because the packs are larger sized than the snack sizes found in the smaller assortments.  A word of caution on the info card — it didn’t seem completely accurate on several items.  For example, the Chlorella cup didn’t contain any green tea, the Snack Gim were topped with sesame seeds instead of almond, and the Coco Podo contains coconut pulp jelly, not grape.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 unboxed

The box is fully stacked from top to bottom.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 review

All the items in our Snack Fever Deluxe Box this March. If you judge by the cup noodles, you can see the packages are pretty large!

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (3)

Lotte Sunflower Chocoball:  This pack is wholly written in Korean, so we weren’t sure at first if it would be chocolate or coffee coated (because we ate it without reading the card!).  Its actually a very sweet and slightly chocolatey coating on these shelled sunflower kernels.  I liked that they weren’t salty.  The sunflower kernels were very mild and took well to the yogurt-like coating.

Crown My Chew Apple Candy:  These have the same fun, slightly rubbery texture of a HiChew, but the entire candy is the same sweet apple juice flavor.

Jelly Bap Chewy Jellies:  These jellies come in six seafaring shapes and four fruit flavors — green apple, orange, strawberry, and pineapple.  The texture is identical to Haribo Gummy Bears.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (4)

Maeil Enyo Yorgurt Drink:  This yogurt drink is flavored with real gold kiwi fruit juice and has a vitamin mix added to make it a “healthy drink.”  It is also sweetened with a liberal dose of high fructose corn syrup (plus some sucralose), which makes it the “healthy drink kids love.”

Lotte Coco Podo Drink:  A unique combo of grape juice and coconut jelly gives this drink a sweet, tropical taste and pulpy texture.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (5)

I-Yes-Mom Organic B-Chip Blueberry Flavor: Made from a blend of grains and 96% organic content, these chips are dark purple and have a nice, not-too-sweet blueberry flavor.  Black rice and blueberry powder create the beautiful hue.  The taste and texture is a bit like both LIFE cereal and senbei.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (6)

Mammos Soda Candy:  Each hard candy in this multipack was labelled as apple flavor, but it is a tart and tangy version that is a bit like ramune.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (7)

Paldo Chlorella Noodle Soup Savory Seafood Flavor:  Possibly the fishiest noodles you can get — these wheat-based noodles are made with chlorella powder (algae) and seasoned with flakes and powders from anchovies, seaweed, bonito, clam, and cuttlefish.

Mini Notepad (Bonus!):  The box included a rather thick little ring-bound unruled notepad as a bonus.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (8)

Snack Fever March 2016

Buljjampong Kotgaelang Baked Chips:  Spicy seasoning and mixed seafood make these crispy chips a fun version of shrimp chips.  They are shaped like little crabs!

Snack Gim Chilli Flavor:  Thick seafood wafers flavored with chili, beef, and garlic.  They are topped with sesame seeds for added crunch and umami.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (9)

O-Taste Bulgogi Bibimbap Amazing Cup Rice:  This microwave-friendly rice bowl has a topping of bulgogi and glass noodles.  It’s like two Korean classics in one:  bulgogi and bibimbap.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (10)

Market O Real Cheese Chip:  These hearty crisps combine potato and cheese into a delightful, crunchy snack.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (11)

The cheese chips have a bit of a Pringlesque flavor, but they are much thicker and have a puffier texture.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (12)

Cube Bites White Chocolate:  Cereal-like biscuit coated with a white chocolate glaze.

Snack Fever Box March 2016 (13)

The biscuits are like little cereal croutons, but the white chocolate gives them a dense and creamy texture.  And indeed, the white chocolate being seeped into cracker can make you enjoy great flavor. I loved these!

This was a fun snack box with lots of surprises.  Being a Korean box, I expected a few fish and noodle items, but I was pleased to see all kinds of goodness in here, ranging from drinks to candy. We did have some box envy from the mini & original boxes, so we’re checking out Original next month (when we’ll inevitably feel box envy over the Deluxe!).

Visit Snack Fever to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% on your first original box. Use coupon code  NEWSF10.

The Subscription: Snack Fever
The Description: SnackFever delivers SURPRISE Korean snacks in a box to your doorstep once a month – anything from the popular Pepero, Choco Pie, candies to even seaweed and noodles! We’ll carefully handpick the snacks for you. Each box contains at least 10 FULL-SIZED snacks even including Ramen & Chapaghetti. Mini box available for $12 monthly.
The Price: $20.00 per month


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