PA Anna’s March ModCloth Stylish Surprise Dress, Apparel and Shoes Unboxing

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My ModCloth Stylish Surprise Package
ModCloth Stylish Surprise March 2016

Time to see what came in my March purchase of the Modcloth Stylish Surprise! Sometimes I receive items I love and sometimes I receive items that are quite the surprise.  I went with size XL for apparel and dresses to ensure that they will fit my chest area.

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Dresses – $20 (XS-4X)

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Apparel – $20 (XS-4X)

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Shoes – $15 (5.5-10)

You can buy as many as you want as long as they’re in stock – you select the size, and there’s free shipping at $75, so most people buy multiples.

I had my husband take pictures today despite my roots showing because the sun was out! My husband doesn’t notice little details that need to be corrected. All he does is take a photo.  The items are a surprise and may or may not fit. Enough disclaimers! Time for pictures.


I loved Brandy’s Coat from the January’s ModCloth Stylish Surprise Sale and was hoping to receive a coat. I received two! I was completely surprised.

CiSono Red Peacoat
Ci Sono Red Peacoat – Front

The Ci Sono Red Coat is a blend of 15% wool and 85% polyester. The liner is 100% polyester.  There is snow on the ground where the sun hasn’t hit yet, and the wind was whipping all around me. The coat felt warm and cozy. I am disappointed that it did not fit me. I could barely button it over my chest, and it was tight on my upper arms.

[From Brandy:

I had to text Anna about those roots!  Although I honestly like the look with the Hell Bunny dress. Whoops, spoiler alert! Let Anna know in the comments if you want to see her magical hair transformation on the blog! My vote is yes! Anna & I both use Madison Reed for our glitters!]

LoveDove Coat - Front
LoveDove Coat – Front
LoveDove Coat - Back
Love Dove Coat – Back

I’m not sure what to think of the Love Dove Coat. The coat fabric is 5% wool and 95% polyester. The lining is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I had no problems buttoning the coat across my chest. I am going to use the coat at the farm because it is machine washable. The two coats are a great example of how things can fit when ordering the ModCloth Stylish Surprise. The red coat is tight across the chest while the tan coat is loose around the stomach area.


Will I fare better with the dresses?

Hell Bunny Vixen Night Garden Eternity 50's Dress - Front
Hell Bunny Vixen Night Garden Eternity 50’s Dress – Front

[Brandy: See, I told you, it’s rad!]


Do I look like a Hell Bunny Vixen with my sneakers? The yard was muddy from the snow melting this morning so no shoes in this post. The Hell Bunny Vixen Night Garden Eternity Dress ($95.00) comes with a belt that needed another couple inches of material to fit me. I do think the dress has possibilities if I lose a little weight. It has been a frustrating winter activity-wise because of my osteoarthritis.

I decided to have a little fun with the accessories. The headband that you can barely see is from the Popsugar November 2015 Box. The bracelet on your left is from the Luxor March 2016 Box. The bracelet on your right is ‘Lovely Heart Bracelet’ offered as a Valentine’s Day 2015 special by Little Lace Box.  Lastly, I am holding the Brandon Blackwood Red Clutch from the Luxor 2016 February Love & Spoil Box.



The Mystic Sleeveless Dress was easy to put on and was comfortable to wear. I thought that this dress had possibilities until I went outside. The mirror lied to me! There’s no wind by my mirror blowing the dress against me, leaving every picture looking quite unflattering with the sun lighting my face strangely. We won’t even discuss what the back looks like without the wrap! I still like the dress. It is a warm sleeveless dress and is a great purple color.

I used a few items from subscription boxes to accessorize the dress. The wrap is from the Artistry Gifts December 2015 box. The bracelet is from the Popsugar Must Have Holiday for Her 2015 Box. The purse is from the October 2014 Little Lace Box.

Adriana New York Lace Boots - Front
Adriana New York Lace Boots – Front

The Adriana Lace Boots in Rust were easy to put on and felt comfortable while walking. I had a hard time walking down the stairs with them because there is no ankle support. I do not know if it is because I was afraid to zip the boots up that last quarter inch. They do look pretty.

Wanted Black Boots - Front
Wanted Black Boots – Front

The Wanted Black Boots fit over my jeans with ease! They are comfy and will be used in the winter. I am happy with them.

ModCloth Stylish Surprise is either hit or miss.Now that the weather is warming up, or maybe not since it did snow, I should be more active. I do think everything will fit much better once fall arrives.  I am almost disappointed that I did not receive another wedding renewal dress. I am not feeling their prices and will order only one or two items the next time the sale rolls around.

What do you think of my ModCloth Stylish Surprise purchase?  What did you receive? Share below!

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  • Wendy Sparkman

    I just received my one apparel box in 4x (no dress option left and they cancelled my second box) and I’m pretty happy. Although the color isn’t my favorite since white gets dirty too easily, I received a lovely white dress coat that fits my broad shoulders, large bust, big upper arms, AND wide rear. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the sleeves which are too long as usual – no one makes wide shouldered coats for short girls. I think this might be the first ladies’ coat I’ve owned. I usually have to buy men’s. The coat has a very pretty lining also. It will be a great fall/spring Sunday coat, although not warm enough for true winter in interior Alaska. Thanks for the tip about this sale.

    • PA Anna

      Your coat sounds beautiful. Interior Alaska sounds cold. Brr.

  • Ks

    I love both of those dresses on you and both of those boots are lovely. Coats…yeah…it’s not just the sozing issue…it’s the cut. Definitely not designed with a woman’s body in mind.

    But those dresses….?

    • PA Anna

      Thank You 🙂 Sigh! Those coats. I want them to fit properly!

  • Virginia

    The printed dress was a lovely dress and very flattering on you. I hope you kept it. Loved the boots also. I live “down east” in NC, am hot natured so boots are not an item I can wear but I still love to look at them. Yes, I want to see the hair transformation on the blog.

    • PA Anna

      Thank You 🙂 I decided to keep all the items. I have to take care of my roots soon. I can’t look like a mess while I am out celebrating my birthday!

  • Jordan

    I think the mystic dress looks really great. I actually think it would look great dressed down with a longer cardigan and some leggings underneath, but I love it with the boots.

    • PA Anna

      Thank you 🙂 I am going to try it out!

  • Annabella

    Are their clothes and shoes true to size (meaning the size you normally wear)? I resisted this sale but may surrender next time.

    • PA Anna

      IRL today I wore my regular winter coat which is a size large and fits fine even when I am wearing a sweater. Much different than the size XL red coat in the picture.

      ModCloth carries a variety of brands. I do not find them to be true to size for me at times. Sometimes I need to order a size up when I order a dress from their website. I noticed with the Stylish Surprise that items fit better in the chest area if I sized up.

      Anyone else has thoughts?

    • AngelaR

      I have gotten some clothes and shoes from ModCloth before. It seems with shoes almost always runs true to size in my experience. As for the clothing size it is a little more tricky. With the stylish surprise clothing I order small. To me it seems to fit like the larger half of extra small/ smaller half of small. On the stylish surprise page they do have a link to a size chart to help choose a size. But if you feel like between size go with the larger size especially if you are busty or have a bubble but.

      • PA Anna

        I forgot about shoes! I never had an issue with shoes being too big or too small.

  • Heat7918

    Apparently I like ModCloth winter clothes much better than summer ones – I like the style on all of these pieces! Both dresses look great on you especially the purple!

    You’re right about fit being the tricky part, that’s why I still prefer shopping at a store and trying things on rather than ordering clothes online…

    • PA Anna

      Thank You 🙂 I hear you about ordering online! I like the winter clothes better than the summer clothes too.

  • AngelaR

    You look pretty in your dresses. I especially like the Hell Bunny Vixen Night Garden dress. I love your boots that you got.

    • PA Anna

      Thank you 🙂

  • Erin

    I actually love both those dresses on you! You look gorgeous and I hope my stylish surprise is as good!

  • Summer

    You look amazing in the hell bunny dress! And I love the red pea coat. I only ordered one item, and it was completely disappointing.

    • PA Anna

      Thank you 🙂 What did you receive? Curious minds want to know!