Doki Doki March 2016 Subscription Box Review

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doki doki crate march 2016 box

Doki Doki is a new monthly Kawaii subscription box from Japan Crate. Every month you’ll receive super cute Japanese items – accessories, stationery, plushies, and other adorable Japanese goodies.

Read about Japan Crate’s self-admitted supplier issues for Doki Doki here. (Essentially they bought a bunch of bootleg items and sourced them all in advance). Doki Doki promised no counterfeit items in this box – let’s see if they delivered!

doki doki crate march 2016 unboxing

The branding for this box is really super cute!

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6931

Each crate comes with a manga-style booklet to help you figure out what each item is (that means it’s bound on the right side instead of the left!).

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6932

The middle of the booklet contains all the information about the items. There’s a little comic and a contest too.

doki doki crate march 2016 review The March box theme was Foodie Fun and contained all sorts of cute food related accessories perfect for making a bento lunch!

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6934

Kawaii Notebook: The information booklet said this was a small spiral notebook with a loveable character on the character. Cute character, check, but no spirals!

The insides were cute and you can use them to ensure you never repeat a bento!
doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6938 Omg I die! A set of little animal sauce/condiment squeeze bottles ($2.85) (complete with funnel) and Kawaii space-themed food picks ($3.25) from Mama’s Assist.doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6939 Two mini squishies: a green frosted donut with sprinkles and a blue paw print. The donut is smelly – supposedly like a donut but smells like an almond to me. I’ve heard a couple complaints on the quality of the cat paw squishy. Mine isn’t perfect, but fine, although I’ve seen a few that were somewhat chewed up.

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6940 There was also a set of 3 disposable bento boxes. I would have preferred something to keep but these are super cute and there are times when you need something toss able and this fits the bill!

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6941

The back shows the three cute patterns and colors!doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6942 There were 2 sets of vinyl decals included: onigiri birds and eggs that look like Gudetama (but aren’t and don’t pretend to be).  These were created by the cover artist Kata, and the in-house artist Tomo, respectively!

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6943

Geisha Pens: To memoralize your favorite bentos! I could totally see my husband using these in the book to sketch out a bento plan. I don’t think bento lunch for the kids every day is in our future, but he would totally be into doing it every once in a while!

Mama’s Assist Bento Box Food Cups (~$2.50, link to similar) Use these to separate the different foods in your bento!

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6944

Re-Ment Onigiri ($4.25)

Re-Ment Curry Plates ($7.16)

YES I LOVE TINY FAKE FOOD!doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6947

Each box contained a gum (it’s terrible, don’t eat it), the tiny food, and a mini poster showing all the possible variations. Which ones did you get??

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6948

I got yellow & white rice (with black bean paste on top?) and what looks like an orange curry. Plus a toasted onigiri with…. water chestnuts?

doki doki crate march 2016 IMG_6949

The curry set came with a little placemat. Yum yum. There is a whole line of the mini food and accessories and now I want a whole playset.

This was a fun box with maybe about $36 in value (on the generous side). I was ok with it, because I got lots of cute bento themed items that will be really fun to decorate my kids’ lunchboxes with (or my own food, I’m kind of spoiled), a bit of a savings, and no shipping. There weren’t any wow licensed character items, but the Re-Ment items appeared to be authentic. I’m hoping that Doki Doki can put out a few solid boxes, improve their subscriber base, and start getting big ticket licensed items in their boxes!

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    Your notebook is totally different than mine. I did get a small spiral one as described in the box. .

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    Very cute box!!

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    This box is so adorable!! 😀