FanMail Favorites Supernatural Limited Edition Holiday Box Review

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Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 boxFor 2015 FanMail offered limited edition holiday boxes – FanMail Favorites! I ordered the Supernatural Box ($50 + shipping), because I’m a fan!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 unboxing

Here’s what the box promised:

This holiday season, you can get a limited edition Supernatural FanMail box that will be full of items from your favorite show about two brothers doing what they do best: hunting monsters and having angsty conversations in the Impala.
The box will be filled to the brim with Winchester goodies, including two Funko vinyl figures (at least one a recent Pop! exclusive) as well as other items that are readable, displayable and blingable!
Get this gift for yourself or the Supernatural fan in your life – featuring $100 worth of items – for only $50.

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 review

Everything in the box!Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 badges

First off, Sam and Dean’s Homeland Badges as Ken Gregg and Michael Harris. I also got an International Demon Hunting Permit for the year (a sticker), and Castiel’s upside down FBI Badge!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 postcards

Motel Postcards! The brothers always stay at a wild and wonderful motel!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 postcard backs

The back of the card shows the episode and location!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 magazine

Supernatural Magazine Issue #10 ($26) Wow! This is a variant photo cover of the magazine that goes for $26! This is quite a score for collectors!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 comic

Supernatural Rising Son #3 ($6 aftermarket)

The sacrifices John Winchester has made for the “greater good” of hunting are tremendous, but he finally takes the biggest step of all: arranging a first “hunt” for his older son Dean. Is the young man ready for the horrors his father has hunted for years? Will he finally “connect” with an emotionally distant father in the only way possible?

I’m really excited to read this one because it’s a prequel!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 funko pop crowley

Supernatural Join the Hunt Funko POP! Crowley Vinyl Figure – Hot Topic Exclusive! ($22.98 on Amazon). I love it! I’m super excited by this one!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 IMG_1617

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 IMG_1619

Funko Mystery Minis Supernatural Join the Hunt ($5.99) This is my third, I’m psyched! I got Lilith!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 IMG_1620

I just need a few more boxes so I can collect them all!

Fanmail Supernatural Limited Edition Box 2015 IMG_1621

Cinequest Supernatural Dean Winchester Micro Bust – From “The Magnificent Seven” ($30) I’m not going to lie – I think this is pretty weird.


Dean’s Amulet (also shown on the bust!) – Sam gave this protective amulet to Dean (it was originally intended as a present for their dad).  It will burn hot in God’s presence. DEAR LORD WILL THIS BE THE SEASON OF HIS RETURN?? 🙂

I had really wished for a wearable from this box but it was a great collection of items and perfect for Supernatural superfans! My husband is sitting behind me sorting through everything excitedly too!

This box is no longer available, but you can subscribe to FanMail’s monthly box. See the December 2015 Fanmail box spoilers here!

Visit FanMail to subscribe or find out more! Get $2 off your first box on any subscription level with code: GOTMYFANMAIL

The Subscription: FanMail
The Description: FanMail is a mystery box designed for lady geeks (by lady geeks!), which means that each box is filled with amazing products from the fandoms you love!
The Price: $21.99 + $6 shipping (to me)
The Coupon: Get a pop culture t-shirt in your first box when you sign up for a 6-month or 1-year subscription


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  • Jenny

    That is the weirdest bust I think I’ve seen in a SPN item. It doesn’t even really look like him that much. I haven’t watched yesterdays yet but I can’t wait to see if God comes back this year and then if it really is Chuck or not. I love the actor who plays Chuck so I’d love to see him back. I know Lucifer was on yesterday so that has to be good too. Oh my I just love this show and I really could watch it all the time over and over again. LOL

    • Brandy


  • Sarah

    Good god, those cheekbones! I can’t quite get past Jared Padalecki as Dean from Gilmore Girls, which makes me think of Rory, which calls up some sort of Pavlovian desire to punch faces every time I see Sam Winchester. It kind of harshes my enjoyment of the show. I basically just want Castiel in every scene.

    I really need to catch up on Supernatural. I think I’m on season 8 or 9 now, but I’m so sporadic about it that I keep forgetting what’s happened and having to go back.