September 2015 Little Shadows Box Kids Clothing Subscription Box Review

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little shadows box september 2015 box

For September Little Shadow Box subscribers could pick from a Willy Wonka Themed box or a surprise box!  Little Shadows Box is a monthly subscription box for babies and kids up to size 8.  Each month they send out a themed box that contains an outfit created from a remade licensed shirt (usually – sometimes they are right from scratch) and other small surprises for your child. The outside of the box indicates the theme (Willy Wonka!). This is an indie subscription and everything is handmade for your child’s age, gender, and size and there are substantial variations between boxes (and they are ALL cool!). Note that I am a subscriber but they also sent an extra outfit for us to review this month.

Little Shadows Box has updated their website and customization selection process! Now you’ll get an email like the one above (and October is either a spooky surprise or a Walking Dead theme!). You can also add on City Moccs moccasins. I’m going to add on a pair to my box next month – he’s walking now and these look perfect.

little shadows box september 2015 willy wonka review

Willy Wonka Box!

little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7483

Willy Wonka Romper & Bandana: OMG I die over this (and so did my husband). This is so awesome – not to mention that it’s a one-piece outfit that actually fits my child!


He’s so cute! We love this outfit! FYI – you do have to stick baby in through the top, which is not a finished edge, so it’s stretchy. If I can fit my 30 lb behemoth into this outfit, I am sure yours will fit just fine! He’s so chunky!
little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7481

There are extras included too. Some are display items for photos or treats, like the Earth’s Best Banana Blueberry pouch!

little shadows box september 2015 elmo review

September Surprise Box – Sesame Street themed!
little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7489

This box had an awesome Sesame Street design. It’s so cool! The neckband on this one is finished, but again, super stretchy and you just pop babies right in. Older kids get shirts, the rompers are really just for babies, but each item is this style.


This is how I roll! Happy all the time! little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7485

There’s also a cute DIY bib activity (this is in a box for babies but boxes go up to size 8/10, so I’m sure those boxes received different bonuses! In fact – they may have received different surprise shirts!).

little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7486

Along with a Sesame Street Board book.little shadows box september 2015 IMG_7487

This is a great box and I can’t wait to get the next month! I think they do a great job with the theme and this subscription makes it easy to get super cool one of a kind clothing for your baby, toddler, or little kid, and we love the super fun styles and I think it’s well worth the price of the subscription, and I’ve added on moccasins for our box next month.  This is curated hip indie clothing for kids (including shoes) with no hassle. Orders close on the 10th of the month so if you’re interested in signing up, be sure to do it right away. FYI – check out #shadowboxkid on Instagram to see more box variations.

Visit Little Shadows Box to subscribe or find out more.

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  • kimberly

    Little shadow ripped me and my child off. After preordering a shadow box from the company a month earlier I emailed to ask when the item would be shipped out. I waited al day for an answer and didn’t get one. I went on their Instagram page and wrote how I hadn’t heard from anyone and I didn’t like that fact that the company had my $54 dollars and couldn’t even send an response email about my purchased item. The owner Carrie Barnes did not like that I was inquiring about my purchased. After being attacked by your customers all night, harassing through instagram. I received an email the next morning saying rudeness= refund but in this case I would not get a refund or the merchandise. After countless pleas to her for the item because my 2 year old daughter waned them she blocked me from contacting her. I never received either. The clothes are made of cheap fabric

  • Jenny

    Ok you have to get the Walking Dead box since I really want to know how they make a kid shirt with that one. LOL This is a great idea and such a cute box.

    • Brandy

      We are getting the regular one. E (our middle) has issues with scary things. I might not even get that one besides that, I like cute halloween 🙂