Olfactif Men’s Niche Fragrance Subscription Box Review & Coupon – September 2015 Debut Box

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olfactif men's september 2015 box

The Olfactif Men’s collection has arrived. Olfactif  is a monthly unisex fragrance discovery subscription box. You’ll get 3 samples in your box, each containing 15-20 “wears” of an independently designed perfume. With every box, your account will be credited with an $18 voucher to use on fragrances from the store. Olfactif‘s focus is on niche fragrance, so you’ll see different & unique scents, higher quality and hard-to-find ingredients. The regular box is unisex meant to be worn by women and men who enjoy niche fragrances.  Because it features fragrances intended to be wearable by both sexes, it only occasionally indulges in the heartier scents typically associated with Men’s fragrance.  The Men’s box is centered around traditionally masculine fragrances, all from the niche world.  You will still see the same creative spirit and defiance of convention, but the focus will be on the yang.  Subscribers also receive an $18 credit toward the purchase of a full bottle every month, so a monthly purchase essentially makes the sampler subscription on the house if you choose to purchase a full bottle.

olfactif men's september 2015 inner

Olfaction Men’s comes in the same cool packaging as their flagship subscription.  It is attractive and the flap retracts within the box when you pull the ribbon.

olfactif men's september 2015 welcome

This is the very first men’s subscription from Olfactif.  It makes the niche fragrance world approachable for more men by anchoring each selection with an unmistakably masculine element.

olfactif men's september 2015 unboxing

Olfactif has the most unique & awesome packaging.  The information card for the fragrances is tucked inside.

Today, the past is everywhere. Wet shaving? Check. Whiskey? Check. Chuck Taylors? Check. Maybe it’s because our modern, increasingly virtual world makes us long for simpler times; or maybe it’s because some things from the past are just plain awesome.

That’s why our inaugural men’s collection features three scents that bring the past to the here and now. Our first scent captures the essence of Ernest Hemingway, the ultimate guy’s guy. Our second scent is a modern splash cologne in a vintage citrus blend that returns to perfumery’s roots. Our third scent features one of the world’s oldest and most precious perfume ingredients. It’s all proof that the past never dies—it just gets better with age.

olfactif men's september 2015 IMG_7495

The fragrance notes give detail on the composition of the fragrances, but the prominence of each element changes as the scent ages on your body.

olfactif men's september 2015 review

The September Theme is Past is Present. In that order below!

  • 1899 by Histoires de Parfums:  Inspired by Ernest Hemingway, this fragrance is both sweet and biting.  Orange blossom and iris fade quickly, but slightly astringent juniper and bergamot remain throughout the life of the scent.  Black pepper and cinnamon contrast with the sweet base of vanilla, which gives way to a lasting vetiver and amber.  The scent is warm and sweet, but retains some astringent and peppery notes.  Reminds me of brunch on the veranda — fresh linen tablecloth, Earl Grey with a side of Beefeater, orange trees, cracked peppercorns, and fresh cinnamon rolls.
  • Eau Moderne by Thirdman:  Andalusian bitter orange and bergamot lend a complex citrus tone that is warm without being bright.  The gentle botanical scent of the iris root adds a clean base upon which the other scents hover.  The call of the fragrance reminds me of some Hermes Orange Vert eau de toilette I once had, except the iris root adds the smell of violets to the melange.
  • Santal Wood by Montale:  The dry sandalwood dominates throughout the life of the scent, with the sea water adding some astringent and briny notes.  The oakmoss hides in the back, lending some musty herbaceous depth.  Reminds me of summer on the Gulf Coast — the oaks baking in the sun, heavy with Spanish moss, everything permeated by salt thick in the air — last night’s gin and tonic oozing from your pores.

This inaugural Olfactif Men showed an impressive diversity of fragrance with distinctly masculine character.  I would wear any of these fragrances without concern that they would present as a woman’s fragrance.  Floral notes were well-placed and not overplayed.  I was most impressed with the subtlety of the fragrances — they established decidedly masculine profiles without calling upon musk, leather, or other stereotypical scents.  That said, they are certainly niche fragrances, possessing a warmer, lighter essence than the overpowering musks in stores.

Visit Olfactif to subscribe to the Men’s box or find out more. Use the code 4MEN to receive 15% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, or 15% off the first month of a recurring subscription. Works on either box.

The Subscription: Olfactif
The Description: Get 3 niche, unique fragrances curated around a theme. Purchase a full bottle that month and credit your box price against the cost of the fragrance.
The Price: $18 per month
The Coupon: Use the code 4MEN to receive 15% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, or 15% off the first month of a recurring subscription. Works on either box.


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