July 2015 Prospurly Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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prospurly july 2015 box

My mail carrier delivered this straight to my arms and gladly got rid of it. Sorry for the poor photos, there was a mishap!

Prospurly is a monthly subscription box featuring 6-8 luxurious products in each box, with an average $80 value. Items include gourmet foods and bath & body essentials, plus fun gifts and games to share with friends. Prospurly features organic, handcrafted, and sustainable items! If you’d like to subscribe, you can save 10% off for the life of your subscription with coupon code SUMMER.

prospurly july 2015 review

The BBQ sauce broke everywhere. Prospurly said they’d replace the BBQ sauce and send something extra for the mess. I was a little disappointed in that because I dislike citronella – so I can’t gift the candle! (And yes, they had this photo). Fortunately everything else wiped up.

prospurly july 2015 sauce

The top basically just blew off the top of the sauce – it wasn’t wrapped in bubble wrap.

prospurly july 2015 IMG_6885

The information card. There were quite a few items in this box!prospurly july 2015 IMG_6882

My mail carrier was not happy with me.

prospurly july 2015 items

The July theme was Bonfires and BBQs.

Your Wingman Honey BBQ Sauce ($7) Handmade in Oregon. It smelled great but I wasn’t interested in tasting the spilled sauce.

Larry’s Bag-of-Smoke BBQ wood chips ($5)  This is a cotton muslin bag filled with 100% natural aged Texas wood in either Texas Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan. You just poke it and soak it and throw it on the grill. I think this is an awesome idea! We never end up using wood chips because they are messy, but these stay contained, and it says they’re reusable too. Also received this in my Texas Market box – I think it’s an ingenious product!

Vicara Refresh Aroma Face Mist ($12) Essential oils of Oregon Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon and Sandalwood in distilled water with Witch Hazel. I love face mists so I’ll use this one.

CLNS No. 1 by Pom Cleanser ($15) with Green Tea, Willow Bark, Lactic Acid and Sea Salt. When I saw this I waved it at my husband and told him it would be great for his skin! The description says “Lactic Acid helps exfoliate the skin and reduce pH levels to lessen proliferation of the P.Acnes bacteria. Willow Bark Extract has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe the skin and reduce swelling.” I have dry skin but his is always a tad bit angry. He’s going to give it a shot!

Lot 450 Citronella Candle Mason Jar ($16) I don’t care for the smell. I usually gift citronella items but this one is stained with BBQ sauce, which went all up under the rim of the jar too.

McFadden Farms Organic Grilling Herbs ($5) Organic Grilling Herbs ingredients : Garlic, Onion, Black pepper, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Chili flakes. After cleaning these up, these looked really nice! I am always happy to see organic herbs and I think they would be great in a marinade or rubbed straight on.

Solid Maple Wood Muddler ($24.95) The price on this is a “let’s get real” thing for me. You can get a hand-turned one on Amazon for $15. This one is stained and I don’t know what’s on it, so I don’t know about using it on food/drinks. It was protected from the explosion by a plastic wrapper at least. It appears you can purchase this particular muddler on Ali-Baba for $5.38. The existence of an item on Ali-Baba isn’t a deal killer for me at all – but valuing it at 5 times the cost to the consumer is a bit ridiculous.

Again, I apologize for the crap photos, but nobody wants to drag a box leaking bbq sauce upstairs! I’m happy that our broken BBQ sauce is being replaced, but I felt it should’ve been packed better to begin with. The rest of the items fit the theme nicely and as always, there were a nice mix of different kinds of items in the box. If you would like to see the normal presentation of this box, please read one of our previous reviews.

Update: I was told by Prospurly “We’re so sorry to hear about the BBQ Sauce break! We’d be happy to send over a replacement with a little something extra for the mess. Also, our customer service team works independent from social media, and we ask you allow at least 1-2 business days for a reply 🙂 We promise we’ll fix this poor experience for you!” 3 weeks later I received a replacement hot sauce – shipped, unbelievably in a bubble mailer (more unbelievably – it made it!) – and no something extra. Note that I don’t care about the something extra, but see no reason why they said – on their own – that they would, except that they wanted another renewal.

Visit Prospurly to subscribe or find out more. Save 10% off for the life of your subscription with coupon code SUMMER.

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  • Erin

    A replacement box would have been a better move. Who wants to wash BBQ sauce off all your stuff. YUCK!