Moustache Coffee Club June 2015 Subscription Review + Free Trial

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Moustache Coffee Club  is a coffee subscription box featuring freshly roasted single origin beans that are shipped the day they are roasted.

Moustache Coffee Club offers several different plans, depending on your coffee demands, as few as a bag a month to as many as one five-pound bag every week.  You can get your first bag free by signing up. You may cancel anytime and if you don’t like the coffee you can get a refund or double the coffee.

moustache coffee club review

 Moustache just debuted new bags to keep the beans fresher. I was happy to see the return of a printed card with more information on my coffee.


bag detail

Alana’s Coffee Roasters is one of Moustache’s frequently featured purveyors.  The roast is medium, possibly even on the lighter side, so the complex and interesting floral and fruit notes don’t Maillarded away.  I did notice that the beans were harder than the last coffee I ground (a darker roast), so much so that my hand crank burr grinder was hard to operate in a smooth manner, and I flung beans all over the kitchen with my jerky technique.  The brew itself was worth it, though.

Moustache’s tasting notes had me look for salted caramel, milk chocolate, honey, blackberries, and pomegranate flavors.  I noticed milk chocolate, but thought it was more of a chocolate milk, if the distinction makes sense — it had the smooth, light chocolatey character, but not the intense dark richness of chocolate itself.  The caramel notes were present, but “salted” may be a sop to trendiness and a bit of a stretch.  Honey and dark berry flavors linger in the finish.  My third day of sampling I noticed a cloying acidity that hadn’t struck me previously.  It added another layer of interest and wasn’t detrimental to the overall profile.  Overall, a good coffee, and an interesting Colombian, as it exhibited more of the light, honeyed milk chocolate and berry flavors I would expect from another terroir, eschewing the boldness and richness I would associate with a representative Colombian.

Visit Moustache Coffee Club to find out more, subscribe, or get a free trial bag. You can see all our Moustache Coffee Club reviews or check out all the coffee subscriptions in the subscription box directory

The Subscription: Moustache Coffee Club
The Description: Get amazing freshly roasted, single origin coffee beans every week! Beans are shipped the day they are roasted. MCC features high quality beans and lighter roasts to feature the beans’ natural flavors. Biweekly plans also available.
The Price: $19 per bag, includes free shipping
The Coupon: Sign up for the club and get a free trial bag.


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