Fit Snack Subscription Box Review & Coupon – June 2015

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fitsnack box june 2015 review box

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box delivering healthy nutritious snacks directly to your door. Every month expect 7-10 full size items plus samples of the delicious and healthy snack foods.


Boxes are only $23.90 per month, a bit less if you subscribe to a longer plan. Get a neat burlap sack as a bonus with your subscription order.

fitsnack box june 2015 review exercise

Nice and full – and it’s a big box, too!  The back of the card features a workout. Here’s the Fit Snack curation criteria:

  • Each product always containing two or more of the following: GMO Free, High in protein, low in sugar, gluten free, organic, raw, vegan and all natural.
  • Plus, we add in bonus items such as energy boosters, nutritional supplements, or refreshing beverages.
  • Finally, we find a little space for exclusive workouts, workout gear or other active lifestyle inspiration.

I am pretty happy with any combo there!

fitsnack box june 2015 review information card
There’s a large information card with the photo, name of the product, and a bit of information about each one.

fitsnack box june 2015 review review

A bit of variety in the box — crunchy, sweet, meals, snacks, and condiments.  I like that they send multiples of most items that come in more than one variety or are individual serving sized.

fitsnack box june 2015 review tuna

Safe Catch Tuna:  tuna was once heralded as the ultimate protein, because it was fairly cheap and had less cholesterol than eggs, less fat than meat, and none of the antibiotics of farmed meat.  The high concentrations of heavy metals found in many fish relegated tuna to a once or twice a week food.  Safe Catch tests every fish and only cans those that meet their rigorous purity standard.  Tuna is now back on the table as a preferred protein!

fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5593

Coco Hydro:  Vikram Yoga and other sweat-intense sport enthusiasts have long praised the benefits of rehydrating with electrolyte-packed coconut water.  Coco Hydro brings those benefits to a more packable, portable form, so you can mix your own on the go or on demand.

Bonus Item — Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar:  This “Blonde” sugar is similar in flavor to light brown sugar, but it has a super-low glycemic impact.
fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5594

Ips Chips with Protein:  High protein diets are replete with drinks and chewy or dense, crunchy options.  Ips lets you have some light and crispy, too.  Egg whites allow for a puffy, crispy chip.  Our box came with both sweet cinnamon and savory barbeque flavors. Brandy did not let me eat these. She loves them!

fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5595

These are denser than normal cookies, but I quite like the chewy texture and wholesome taste.  I’m an add-protein-powder-to-my-pancake-mix guy, and I think the addition of protein actually helps the texture of some baked goods.  Also, I didn’t get any heartburn with these, something that happens occasionally with butter-based baked goods.  Beware, though, the 18 grams of protein is for the whole bag — three servings, each or which is not low-cal.
fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5597

Bear Naked Granola:  light and crunchy textured.  The box came with a semi-savory flavor and a sweet variety. The curry flavored granola is definitely up my alley.

fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5598

FitMiss Delight:  at 16 grams protein per 90 calories, this tracks MuscleMilk Lite (20 grams  protein per 120 calorie serving).  Good for on the gow.

fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5599

Sweetwood Cattle Co. V HAB Seasoning:  Vanilla and habanero.  Together!
fitsnack box june 2015 review IMG_5600

OneBar:  Each bar has a serving of fruit and makes a great substitute for a granola bar. This one has baobab for antioxidants and chicory for fiber.

I was impressed with the number of items included in the box.  Nearly all the food offerings were gluten-free, vegan, or otherwise a cut above normal snack fare health wise, and I think this is well worth the value as they tend to send higher value items. One of our favorite healthy snack subscriptions!
Visit Fit Snack to subscribe or find out more. Currently there’s a $3 off coupon – no code necessary, just use this link to subscribe! See all the snack subscriptions in the directory.

The Subscription: Fit Snack
The Description: Each month Fit Snack sends you a delicious, healthy box of 7 – 10 amazing full-size and deluxe sample items that support your active lifestyle! Enjoy first hand the tastiest and healthiest snacks on the market.
The Price: $23.90 per month
The Coupon: Get a bonus item with your subscription!


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