Gwynnie Bee Review + Free Trial Month – July 2015

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gwynnie bee review
I have done a few Stitch Fixes, but while I wait for them to get more items in my size, I wanted to give Gwynnie Bee a try.  Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service. My body shape makes me a perfect candidate, as they specialize in sizes 10-32, and I am a solid 16.  I added about 25 items to my closet (it’s a lot like creating a Netflix queue back when DVD subscriptions were their main business model, except there is no specific order) and they sent me the first three that were available.

I really like that I have a lot of control – I pick the specific items that are in my closet.  I can go outside my comfort zone if I feel like it, or I can stay well within it. Overall, I put several items that would be a stretch for me in my closet, but also put plenty of items I think I will like so that any given shipment is likely to have something in it that I will wear.  This strategy worked well this time.  I got a cardigan that i really wanted for this weather – it is lightweight but longsleeved, which is nice for my air conditioned office – and two lightweight dresses.

gwynniee bee review july 2015 Kenley2

Lucie Lu: Kenley Dress in Turquoise Wave

gwynniee bee review july 2015 KenleyI love this dress and I am considering buying it if I can get it in a smaller size. I am typically a 14/16 on top and a 16/18 on the bottom. 5/10″, 215lbs. The sizing feature on the site told me to get a 3X.  It does fit, but a little more loosely than I want.  I can get away with wearing the 3X and I will, but if I were to buy it, I think I would want it a little more snug, so I am going to recloset it and try for the 2X.

The fabric is great, smooth, soft, in good shape. And yay – packable! The dress is an appropriate length for me to wear to work, with or without tights, which is nice.  I have a work trip to Colorado coming up and I think this would be perfect for the weather there in July.

gwynniee bee review july 2015 dots-belt

Lucie Lu: Fit and Flare in Mixed Dot Printgwynniee bee review july 2015 dots-sash

This dress fits me perfectly – two of my friends are currently trying to convince me to buy it. I think the sash belt it comes with is boring – no contrast – so I am wearing this with a wide black belt.  I used to have a thin red belt that would be perfect, but I can’t find it! I am considering buying this, but I’ll wear it a bit before I decide.  This is what Gwynnie Bee is perfect for – if I get bored with it, no harm done!

gwynniee bee review july 2015 cardigan2

Three Dots: Viscose Open Cardigan in Blue

gwynniee bee review july 2015 cardiganI love this cardigan. Looooove the color.  Looooove the fabric. I am trying to decide if I have enough things that work under it to justify keeping it.  For my styling, I would really only wear it over pants.  I should try it on with a dress, but I don’t think the shape is really going to be dress friendly for me.  I got an XL – it is a little big, but I also think that is just the style.

Overall, I am really looking forward to using Gwynnie Bee more.  I will probably hold onto what I got this time for a little longer, then let go of something so I can try out other styles from my closet.  There are a bunch of dresses in there that I really like. Currently when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for FREE, (no coupon code needed, just use the link) which is an awesome way to just try it out and see if you love it.

Visit Gwynnie Bee to find out more or to subscribe! Check out all our  or see more women’s clothing and fashion subscriptions in the directory and more plus size subscription boxes.

A couple things to remember (besides free laundry!):
  • you can mark your shipment as outgoing so your items ship out faster
  • you can purchase items that you love at huge discounts
  • use the community at Gwynnie Bee to help you select the best items for your body and the right size for that garment.
  • All the garments are inspected and I’ve never really had an issue with anything I’ve received in terms of condition.
  •  It’s also worth a mention that the clothes are higher end clothes, so they all have better construction and fabric than what you might normally purchase for yourself.
  • The plans are as follows:1 – $35 per month
    2 – $59 per month
    3 – $79 per month
    5 – $99 per month
    7 – $129 per month
    10 – $159 per month


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  • Mimi Retzkin

    Just a quick note — I live in Colorado. Our weather this year hasn’t been normal at all (not that it ever has). Be prepared for everything from 60s and rain to 100s, tornadoes, hail and everything in between.

    • Jen

      FUN! Thanks for the heads up. I have been in a lot of climates this year, but mountains will be a new one. I will plan for layers!