February 2015 Le Parcel Period Box Review & Coupon

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Le Parcel is a period subscription box that will send you all the supplies you need for that time of the month plus a gift and some sweet treats. It’s $20 per box, including shipping, and you can save $3 on your first box with code GIFVE4. I received a Le Parcel box early in February for review. I liked it and signed up, but forgot to set it so I’d get it in March, so this is a February box, but I got different supplies (according to my own preferences) as well as a box variation.


All your period supplies come sealed up in these fun bags. You can choose up to 25 menstrual supply items – tampons, pads, and liners. You will also select the date of your last period as well as the frequency.

I was crazy impressed by the options of this period subscription box – I chose ultra, super, and super plus tampons.

These two items below were duplicates from the first Le Parcel I received (the first one was for review). A subscriber wouldn’t normally receive duplicates!


Kitsch Hair Ties – I love these shiny & sparkly black hair ties. These are super practical and a fun gift to receive.


Camo Wrap Watch – I think this is cute and funky – something I’d never buy but great to accessorize an outfit.


Knot Truffles in 3 flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and dark mint chocolate. I think the mint was my fave!


Puur Foot Lotion – in Fresh Peppermint. This is a fun pampering item. My other February box had a notebook instead. It’s good to know that there might be variations.


When I was checking out the features of the Le Parcel website last month I noticed that they offered light, regular, plus, super plus, and ultra tampons. I loaded up my parcel with 5 of each!


What woman wouldn’t want a rainbow of tampons?! I selected Tampax Pearl tampons. You can also select pads and pantyliners in a variety of brands and other options. I remain impressed by the user interface for this subscription and the ability to really customize my period supplies.

Visit Le Parcel to subscribe or find out more! You can also see more period and time of the month subscriptions in the directory.

The Subscription: Le Parcel
The Description: Choose a combo of 25 tampons, pads, and panty-liners and have them sent just in time. Le Parcel sends chocolate in your package plus a special gift.
The Price: $15 + $5 shipping per month
The Coupon: Save 20% off your first month with promo code GIFVE4. Exp 3/31.


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  • Heather

    I took your suggestion and ordered the $8 Tom Box (50% off $16) and it arrived today – very quick! And I love it! Got my fav tampons as requested but also got this adorable great smelling little goats milk soap, a leave-In conditioner, a pretty champagne colored eye shadow and the cutest bracelet with green beads and a little silver elephant – and it fits which almost never happens bc I have skinny, child size wrists!! Oh, but don’t forget my 3 fun size chocolates – all of which I love…peanut m&ms, Reese cup and nestle crunch – my husband laughed about them sending chocolate bc its so appropriate. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Heather

    I’ve been reading your reviews and can’t decide between Le Parcel, Tom Boxx or Avalai… what do you think?

    I actually only have my period about once per quarter or so (I control this based on how I take my bc pills and would choose never to have one but my body has other ideas!)

    I never remember to buy the products I need until I’m completely out so a subscription like this would be nice.

    • Brandy

      Get Tom Boxx while it’s still super cheap just to try it out. And I guess the next go round select one of the other two. You will probably want to settle on one that provides you a mix of items instead of a whole box. This is a really good point, I think a lot of women have quarterly periods now. Next time I talk with each of them I’m going to bring this up. I like Le Parcel and Avalai best!

      • Heather

        Thank you!!

  • jvergin

    I like how you color coordinated the tampons. There is only so much you can do to make them look good and this was quite creative.

    • Brandy

      🙂 Thank you. I felt that photo didn’t get the love it deserves at all.

      • jvergin

        BAHAHA! You know I appreciate it!