it’s Monday! Citrus Lane & Urthbox Mini-Reviews! + Kiwi Crate Free Trial

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I need a new router. BAD. I have an ollllld Airport Extreme & Airport Express and they just aren’t cutting it. I think I need a total upgrade! What to do??! Do I need to pay for one of these AC routers? Also, the new house has two floors. Just tell me what to buy!

My daughter just asked me if I have ever seen a weiner dog sit before. And my honest answer is no. No I have not. Do they sit?

We went to IKEA twice this weekend. It was food rebate weekend so we ate there twice. I tried to keep it healthy with salads and soups but you know, some chocolate cake MAY have made it in there. Nothing really exciting – shoe racks & garage/basement shelving.  Thought we would take advantage of the deal while we live so close to one! And also cinnamon rolls. YUM.

Kiwi Crate has this awesome free trial going on… And it includes the star punch!!!! Um, sign me up, hello! You will get THIS for the free trial – get in on it while it lasts!! Remember that you’ll be signed up for a regular ongoing subscription after this box but you can cancel.

Monday Mini Reviews!

We love mini reviews!

July Citrus Lane Mini-Review – 5 Year Old Girl


I was psyched to see “add to box” actually shipping IN THE BOX. Lisa’s box (she’s Canadian, I get her box and send to her) had her add-on inside too. So much less waste!IMG_6036

My 5 year old girl’s Citrus Lane box was substantially the same as my 3.5 year old boy’s Citrus Lane box! Instead of the truck we got this great ballerina tooth fairy! Can you believe we don’t have ONE tooth fairy thing? Well we do now! YAY!  To save $20 on Citrus Lane, just use coupon codeTAKE20OFF when you check out. The groupon deal for CHEAP shop credits to stack with those freebie coupons is STILL GOOD! I explain it in the most but if you need help understanding it just LMK.

July Urthbox Mini-Review

  • UrthBox: Every month get 12-15 fantastic full size products that must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing standards. Select from Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Diet Box Options.Cost: $25 per month. See all my UrthBox Reviews!


Always packed full – great alternative to Conscious Box!IMG_5986

These are the foods in my husband’s pile.IMG_5984

And these are MINE MINE MINE!  I really need a Somersaults Subscription. One of my VERY fave brands!

Visit UrthBox to subscribe!

Have an awesome week, Happy Monday!


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  • sam

    Urthbox has the worst customer service ever.

    I just moved and I changed my address on the website the only place you can change it. I get the tracking info for my August boxes, I’m subscribed to three boxes, and I check to see where my boxes are. Tracking info says they’ve been delivered, they shipped them to the old address though.

    Obviously I’m pretty disappointed so I email them letting them know what happened. They respond saying that I should have emailed them to change my shipping address and that if I want my August boxes I will have to pay $6 more per box for them to be shipped to the correct address, the address that I had already changed on their website which says NOTHING anywhere as far as having to email them to change your shipping location.

    I let them know that I thought it was pretty messed up how they were handling this situation considering it was their error and their website issues that caused it to happen. To which they let me know that they would be adding a note to their website to email them if you need to change your shipping address. Yet are still requiring that I pay them another $18 on top of the already $70+ that I paid for my August boxes.

    Now they’ve stopped responding to me and are censoring me from their Facebook page.

    This is a terrible company with terrible standards, they will not last long.

  • Tara

    Yes wiener dogs sit, I have 2, but sometimes you can’t really tell: )

    • Brandy

      Lol!!!! I thought it was very perceptive of her!!! I am so glad I got an answer to this question!!!

    • Brandy

      Ps I have had a really grumpy past hour and you made me smile!!! Huge!

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    As soon as I saw the seaweed snacks in my urthbox, I thought of you and how much you dislike them! 2 months in a row seems a bit much, doesn’t it? Those little chocolate cookies are good, though. I seldom like the gluten-free cookies in boxes, but these are different. They have interesting flavors on their website, too.

    • Brandy

      I started sending all the weird stuff (seaweed, vegan pate) up with Tom when he visited to give to his sister in law, but now I’d have to mail it to her. He will probably eat the crackers, because he will eat anything. He won’t enjoy them. But he will eat them. I totally inhaled those cookies. I think everything in “my pile” is gone now, except for the chia squeeze. I liked the popcorn but not as much as the cobra corn from the other month!!!

  • Brandy

    the airport express i think is my problem. i had one before that they replaced. they degrade because they are too hot and stop working. i am one of those people who has constant problems with wireless networking on my mac. but i think i need something with antennas.

    half the house is seafoam green. it’s…. astonishing. i should do a post with the pictures, but then i’m like, what if she sees it??? i would be so embarrassed!

  • jvergin

    I need house details stat!

    Wait until you move to see how the internet works there. Your normal cable router might be just fine.