It’s Wednesday

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Whew – Yesterday was a terribly long day for me. I did a lot of work on the blog and I can’t even tell you what I did. It was one of those days. I was so thrilled to get my Le Metier Box and review it finally!

A head’s up that there’s an awesome deal on Bespoke Post right now!! It’s basically dirt cheap and you should snag this one if you are a new subscriber! I’m so excited that we’re getting the Hemingway box so I can add to my fountain pen collection (which I do have!).

My Bloglovin’ Button is fixed. Thanks Madison!!!

We went out for a quick Costco run (really, I’m obsessed with Costco, if there weren’t already awesome Costco blogs I would have started one). My LMdB box was delivered precisely as we were leaving! So I had to wait because froyo was on the menu for the kids! I also got our Plated box (try FIRSTPLATED for 4 servings for just $10!) in yesterday and we will cook one of the meals for lunch after school time!

*** And because I sound like an infomercial below, yes, I do own Costco stock. A Teensy Weensy Bit.. Really, piddly. ***

I was really exciting and bought Coke Zero & a hard drive. The kids lobbied hard for the Vitamixer. If for some reason you are interested in buying one, the very very very best price is to wait for it to show up at your Costco. The second best is to buy it online *at Costco*. As far as I know anyways!


It really is a great mixer! Anyways, I have a Macbook Air and the drive was completely full so I finally moved my photo library off onto an external drive, thus negating the idea of an ultraportable laptop entirely. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about that! I may just start a new library and use the old one just to make photo books? The 3TB HDDs were super cheap if you’re looking for one.


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  • Beeb Ashcroft (@hardertobreathe)

    Costco can be a great place to shop. I reaaaally need to do a backup soon!

    • Brandy

      CRASHPLAN. trust me on this one.