May Bulu Box Review

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I didn’t realize I was still getting Bulu Box, but here’s the May Bulu Box Review nonetheless! Last month I spent all my rewards points and I got 3 boxes of Xyloburst gum and stevia sweetener tablets. Here’s my review on the Xyloburst: It’s awesome. It’s very tasty and has 1g of xylitol in each piece. Some xylitol gums only have half a gram and you are supposed to take 6-8 grams of xylitol per day. I have been really happy with the value I got out of Bulu Box. If you use my link use coupon code DISCOVER to get your first box free!

What’s in the May Bulu Box?


Fitmixer Amino. Tri-Flow Amino Blend reduces fatigue and improves muscle recovery. This is a 25 calorie drink mix to help you recover after a workout!20130602-233339.jpg

Plantiva AllerDX. Bulu Box seems really obsessed with allergies. I get an allergy item in every single box. Does anyone besides me think that’s weird? I must be the only person in the world that isn’t allergic to anything. Fortunately my husband is an allergy train wreck and I save all these items for him.


Promax Fit ‘n Crisp Protein Snack. OMG IT’S A PROTEIN RICE KRISPY BAR. Seriously do I need to say more? It has a tad more sugar than I would like – 10 grams – but still. What a great choice if you must have a krispy thingy. You can buy boxes of these on Vitacost. If you’re not a customer, this is my Vitacost referral link. You will get $10 off of $30 if you are a new customer and use the link. I digress. I’m going to eat this on my birthday. Or maybe at the wedding I’m going to next week. Kids ate it. They loved it!


Artisana Superfood Nut Butter. To be honest, I was disappointed when this wasn’t coconut butter (which you can also get on Vitacost, you’re welcome).20130602-233342.jpg

NeoCell Beauty Bursts. Two of these chews together have 40 calories, 2 grams protein, and 6 grams of carbs including 4 grams sugar. They have collagen – “the body’s beauty protein”, hyaluronic acid for skin hydration, and vitamin C to help boost collagen. Hmmm you know I appreciate this sample but I think I’ll stick with chicken soup made from a carcass.


Should you splurge?

As I said, I’ve gotten a lot of value out of this box because of the rewards points. And I’ve found some interesting products like the Promax Bar. I don’t quite get why Bulu Box is obsessed with allergy medications but maybe that’s just my own problem 🙂 Sign up for Bulu Box here and don’t forget – use promo code DISCOVER for your first box free!



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