SO WHAT! Wednesday!

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sowhatidew_zps90902df1I don’t normally do this linkup but it seemed apt for me today. I’m linking up with SO WHAT! WEDNESDAY at Life After I dew

  • so what if i left wednesday capitalized up there? pllllft look i uncapitalized it to compensate
  • so what if i haven’t tried on the clothes i am supposed to wear to the wedding on saturday? i’m wearing my wedding dress (it’s blue, don’t freak out!) but i don’t want to touch it while i am contagious.
  • so what if i totally forgot my shoes for the wedding? it’s not like i would have worn my wedding shoes which i was only able to wear for so long due to copious amounts of alcohol
  • so what if i am totally sick and a contagion? IS THIS ANYTHING NEW? i am totally sick every time i come home.
  • so what if i blame my mother in law’s filthy house for my illness? i think she breeds strep
  • so what if that makes me a terrible person?
  • so what if i didn’t bring pants for my child for the wedding or a sweater for the other one? SO WHAT stop badgering me i have SICK BRAIN. I PACKED WITH SICK BRAIN. I HAD A WEEK LONG CLASS BEFORE THAT AND FOR THE TWO WEEKS BEFORE THAT I WAS STUCK IN MIL’S HOUSE GATHERING GERMS!
  • so what if i haven’t posted a review in like for-ev-ar? i have all the pictures uploaded. i just have to write them.
  • so what if i want to curl in a ball and die instead of write them?
  • so what if i’m happy i at least got to watch game of thrones before falling into a grievous illness?


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  • Rebecca

    LOL!!! She breeds strep! Haha!! Best MIL line ever!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Feel better soon :):):)