June Bespoke Post Review and Coupon

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So, I totally forgot to skip Bespoke Post, which we don’t get all the time, and we ended up with a June Bespoke Post box! That’s ok, because it’s a giant block of salt, and I am indeed nuts about salt. I carry a salt shaker with me.  Yes, seriously.


But before I get to that, Bespoke Post is currently letting 100 people sign up at 40% off, who knows when it will disappear, try using coupon code SUMMER! And thanks for using my link!!

 June Bespoke Post?

I loved this information card. I thought it was really cool and also it has all the actual information you need to use the salt block.  And scary warnings about your salt block exploding. Whatever.


A giant block of salt!  THIS TOTALLY BLOWS MY MIND. I really wanted to cook a hamburger on it, but I think it might get gross. I can’t wait to use it though. I love salt. It’s ten whole pounds of salt to infuse in my food. I might be good for a whole year on salt. And Pink Himalayan salt is awesome. I find that it really enhances veggies. And yes, I have a giant container of pink himalayan salt already.


Himalayan Salt Block, 8″x8″x1.5″, SaltWorks $35
Profi Plus butterfly turner or Profi Plus slotted turner, 12.5″ length
Habanero & Sweet Onion Sugars, 1oz – I bet these are awesome combined with the salt block! (Duh, that’s why they sent them, right?) Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend eating them without salt or heating them. Because sweet onion sugar is weird. I preferred the habanero. 🙂

You can’t use this straight on electric burner coils. WAH WAH. A wok ring is about 5 bucks on Amazon. This is the one I bought. If you want to check out  Bespoke Post, thank you for using my link!


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