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I have been doing a ton of tweaking around here. Some of the things about my blog design were driving me batty.  Like the font size. Now just a skosh bigger for easier reading! But seriously if something I did is giving you a bad user experience when reading, totally let me know. I like making sure my blog looks and performs great for everyone! And yes I do 100% of the work myself.

You’ll also notice that I have added handy dandy disclosure buttons up underneath the post titles so you know immediately if I am using affiliate or referral links, if I received an item for review (or if I bought it myself), and if I have a coupon for it (because you want to know that too, right?).  They don’t quite always stay in the tags header (I don’t know why at ALL) but they’re always above the post. And obviously if you’re reading a blog about shopping (sometimes I do write about other stuff. sometimes.), you should probably know that the blogger is using these kinds of link to help fuel their own personal shopping habit. Yes. And while we’re talking about tags if you want to read more reviews about that box or item, click the name of the box in the tags section underneath the post title.

I also finally fixed the overflow problem that I’ve been having with some of the posts not staying in their boxes and if you have no idea what I’m talking about let’s just be happy that we don’t have that problem anymore!  I also switched comments to the wordpress system (not the inbuilt one, the one that uses your wordpress login).

The subscription box giveaway linkup is up and running if you are in to giveaways. That linkup is for bloggers giving away subscription box related stuff to share their giveaway. My giveaways are separate and both are located on the giveaways tab over the featured post slider. And speaking of giveaways look for more during the birthday bash next month. Which is in a few days. Better get my act together. I think the Birthday Bash page is going to show up under coupons and giveaways but it will have a home so you can find everything together all in one spot.

Aaaand one more thing. Sometimes you will see a post that is just informational about a subscription box. That’s how I get boxes into my subscription box directory. Today I added two – FabFitFun VIP & the Bouqs, and had a significant update to Stork Stack, so I pushed that through as a new post (which I can do now without breaking everything since I removed the dates out of my URLS. do you care that I made the URLs prettier? unlikely but it sure made me happy!).

I also moved my little notice board from a text box above the post to a topbar thingy that will slide down after a few seconds. And also I moved my email subscriptions to MailChimp. I think it’s a whole lot prettier and it sure is cheaper for me. But right now I’m recommending Feedly as a Google Reader replacement. If you want to check it out and subscribe to me in Feedly, please do! If you’re into Bloglovin, go ahead, but I don’t think it’s a robust solution like a real newsreader.


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