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Ongoing coupon: Save $10 off at Honest.com Use coupon code GET10 to save $10 off a purchase of $25 or more (including bundles) from the Honest Company. New users only. You can get a free trial of the diapers or essentials bundle just click here and pay $5.95 shipping!

Honest Company is offering 40% off your first bundle through 7/20 – just use coupon code HONEST40!

I am an ardent user of Honest Company products and you can read all of my Honest Company reviews and my reviews of every Honest Company Essentials Product I have used (and I’ve used nearly every single one!), or my Honest Diapers & Wipes Bundle review.  My tips for making the most of your Honest Company order (including how to get free shipping every single time) are below! We love these eco-friendly and non-toxic items for our household. Don’t forget to see my list of green and eco-friendly subscriptions while you are here. I also recommend ePantry!

Honest Company Tips – Saving & Shopping

  • Be sure to spend at least $50 to get free shipping! I always make sure I add on items to my bundle to get to $50. If you’re going to spend $35 on products and $5 on shipping, just spend ten extra dollars and get $15 more in product. To do otherwise makes no sense.
  • If you call in to Honest, they’ll be happy to set you up with a training pants version of the diaper bundle. You can’t do it online but you can do it on the phone. Isn’t that awesome? Now you can do this online! Hooray!
  • If something isn’t right – even if you made a dumb mistake and put the dish brush and not the dish brush holder onto your essentials bundle, just call! They sent me a holder in my next bundle when I did that!
  • Break your sprayer handle? Just use the customer service link in your account to send an email – they’ll send another one!
  • Read some reviews of Honest Co stuff before ordering – or feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions for you if I know about that product! I am happy to share my own personal experience.

Past Honest.com Coupons and promo codes (for posterity):

  • Honest Company is on RueLaLa! It’s a voucher deal site and you can get an essentials bundle for $25 or dipes/wipes for $59. Search for Honest Company on the RueLaLa home page. Exp 1/6 at 11am Eastern.
  • 10% off all gift cards! Exp 12/27, click here and use code GIFT10
  • Save $25 on $100 plus order Visit Honest Company and use code GIVEBACKexp 12/20
    • Get 20% off $50 with code COZY20
    • 30% off $75 with code COZY30
    • 40% off $100 with code COZY40
  • 50% off first Bundle: Use code 2NDCHANCE Exp 12/3.
  • BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY HONEST COMPANY DEALS for 2015!: 40% Off New Bundle: code MONDAYFUN40Exp 11/30! Add freebie item to existing bundle: Code GIFTED Save on Gift Bundles: Up to $150 off.
  • 35% Off New Bundle: code BUNDLEFUN35Exp 11/29!
  • 11/27: 50% Off New Bundle: code BUNDLEFUN50Was only good until noon.
  • 10/1: Save 30% on your first bundle – click here and use coupon code THIRTYOFF. Exp 10/4.
  • 8/17: Save 35% on your first purchase of an Essentials Bundle with coupon code WOKEUPWITHTHIS. Exp 8/31.
  • 8/25: Save 40% on the first month of any bundle. Good for 2 bundles! Use code 40OFFBUNDLES. Exp 8/27.
  • 7/2: through July 5th, 2015 11:50pm PT,  receive 25% off your first bundle with the code HAPPY4TH. This offer applies to any type of bundle, including wipes and diapers new summer prints!
  • 6/22/15: Honest Company is on Zulily through Friday 6/24. They do sell out, don’t wait. First time on Zulily in four months. Save up to 50% on bundles – no single items this time.
  • June 16 & 17 only: 50% off on your first Bundle Order with the code SUMMERSHERE at checkout.
  • 4/27: Free Aromatic Soy Candle with first bundle purchase with promo code CANDLE4MOM at checkout. Exp 5/10
  • 4/20: Use code PLUM35SPRING to save 35% on your first diapers or essentials bundle! Exp 4/27
  • 3/26 & 3/27: 25% OFF SITEWIDE* ON HONEST.COM Code: SHOP25OFF.
  • Free gift with $35 purchase enter code SPRING at checkout. Only valid for 3/20
  • Take 35% off any first time Honest Company bundle purchase with code MARBUNDLES35OFF! Exp 3/15.
  • Use coupon code PLUM35FEEDING to save 35% on your first Feeding Bundle (Honest Company Baby Formula Review). Expires 3/18. Should work for current Honest Company customers as long as you haven’t purchased this bundle.
  • Limited time – Get a trial FULL SIZE container of Honest Company Organic Baby Formula for $12.95! (Go to the Infant formula page and look for the trial offer – read my Honest Company Baby Formula review for more info).
  • 2/20/15: Honest Company is on Zulily through Saturday 2/21. They do sell out, don’t wait.
  • January 17 ONLY: use coupon code BIRTHDAY to get free shipping on any Honest Company order of $20 or more! (No subscription necessary).
  • Save 25% on your first order when you sign up and use code HONESTLYFAB at checkout. Exp 12/31, first purchases only, does not include orders/bundles with Collective items.
  • se code PLUM35WINTER to save 35% off your first Honest Company bundle! Exp 12/6
  • Use code HOST to save 30% off your first Honest Essentials bundle. Exp 11/23.
  • The Honest Company  Black Friday/Cyber Monday Coupon: see total details on my Honest Company Black Friday 2014 Coupon Page
  • Use coupon code PROTECT to save 40% off your first Wellness Bundle. Exp Unknown.
  • Use coupon code PLUM35FALL off to save 35% off your first Honest Company bundle! Note that if you want to make a bigger order, use the next code! Exp 11/15
  • Two Groupon Deals: $19.95 for a health and wellness bundle ($35.95 value- vitamins) OR $20 for $40 worth of eco-friendly baby, personal-care, cleaning, and wellness products (shop credit)
  • Get a Zulily Voucher for an Honest Company Bundle for $19.95! Ends 9/18 at 6am pdt. Could sell out faster!
  • Save 35% on your first bundle! visit Honest Company and use code PLUM35OFF! Expires 9/10.
  • Use code UBER40 to save 40% on your first Honest Company order (order or bundle). Expires July 30!
  • 6/27 update – No new general codes but I’m pretty sure Honest sent out a ton of personalized codes over the past 2 days. This is why you should sign up  and wait as I say below. Sometimes it is the ONLY way to get a code!
  • Get a free Honest Company Water bottle with your next bundle or $35+ order. Details here or use code #HonestDad if you know how to do it! Ends 6/30 if supplies still available.
  • Use coupon NB40% to save 40% on your first purchase!! Unknown Exp. You can use this on multiple bundles in your cart!! You can different bundles, 2 of the same kind, etc. great coupon!
  • Use coupon code EARTHDAY to get a free reusable tote with your next Honest Company Bundle (go to account page, go down to promo codes, input it there) – Must enter by 4/30, ship bundle by 5/16. You can also use it on an Honest.com shop order of $35+
  • 3/20 only – try code SPRING14 for 35% off your first bundle!
  • Honest Company is on Zulily right now! Get an Honest Essentials Bundle for $19.95 (normally $35.95) or an Honest Diapers and Wipes Bundle for $49.95 (normally $79.95). Love this Zulily deal! And FYI, that stain remover makes an excellent carpet cleaner!
  • Unknown expiration – use code FRESH for 20% off. I think it’s off a new bundle, not sure!
  • Get free shipping on your order with a lip balm purchase. Use coupon SMOOCH. Expires 2/9.If you are a new customer take advantage of the $10 off $50 purchase with code INVITED10 instead. It’s a better deal.
  • Save $50 on the crib. Expires 2/9 – use code TOTL$AP63FZ
  • Save 20% on your first wellness bundle with code TOTL%3DU66P. Expires 2/10
  • 12/9: Get $15 off a $50 Honest Co shop purchase when you use code PM15off50! Expires 12/23.
  • 12/9 Save 20% off with code NETTED20Also expires 12/23, excludes The Collective.
  • 11/7: NB40 will get you 40% off. Off what, I don’t know, but a reader confirms that it was working! “Your first purchase!” Not sure if applies on bundle deals or not. Please report back in if you use it!
  • Looking for an Honest Co Black Friday Coupon? Go Here! Good for current subscribers too!
  • 11/12: PLUMOFFER40 will save you 40% on your first Honest Co bundle! Expires November 27, 2013
  • 11/15: Use code TRAVEL2013 to get a free Essentials Travel Kit! This sale only lasts until 11:59pm Sunday! Must spend $35 on bundle (may work on new bundles, doesn’t work on existing bundles) or products. This is probably Pacific Time!
  • 10/14: free Halloween tote with order.
  • 10/1: I hear that INVITED10 is working for free shipping on sample packs. Use my Honest Company link  to try, though taking $10 off a big package is a better deal. Read my tips below how to score free shipping.No clue when this will vanish!
  • Unknown expiration: Use SHIP$RDZP85 to get all three trials totally free.
  • Until 9/22 use code HONESTWAYS20 to get 20% off essentials (including existing customers)
  • Until 9/19 Get 40% off your first bundle with coupon code PlumB2S40 !!!!  Go to Honest.com to redeem!
  • Until 8/24 9am Eastern Honest Company is on significant no-subscription required discounts at Zulily!
  • July 16 only: Use code FB40%OFF to save 40% off your Honest Company Bundle! When the special codes aren’t working, my Honest Company link will always get you $10 off your first $50 order on Honest.com. Read on to see how to save even more.
  • Use coupon code WITTLEBEE to score 40% off your Honest.com order!

Even if there’s no coupon you can sign up and sample the Honest Company essentials products, or even place an order for baby shower gifting! (You can do 1, 3, and 6 month gift bundle orders and there are also diaper cakes.) There are also one-off “collections” for gifting purposes like for a housewarming.

I have really liked everything I’ve used from the Honest Company and my favorite is the body oil. Read all my Honest Company reviews! One plus – Honest Company isn’t resting on its laurels. They have been improving their product formulations and regularly come out with new products like toothpaste & soaps & vitamins.  They’ve recently added glass cleaner. This is a fantastic eco option, for both busy people AND those who find it hard to locate eco-friendly cleaning, bath, body, and home products. We even take Honest Co products like the laundry detergent, healing balm, and sunscreen with us on our vacations, and sometimes ship a box straight to our hotel! Honest Company supplies are quickly becoming my go-to option for household needs in my carless household. I would love it if you used my link to sign up!

Even  though I was really crabby in March about the insane phone wait, it’s been fixed (they just didn’t have enough CS people on the phone, and now wait time is about a minute, and I randomly call and ask them weird things and they’re really nice), and I have ordered a ton of Honest Company supplies since then. I particularly love the floor cleaner, but you can see every Honest thing I’ve tried and my thoughts!

p.s. A tiny tip for the bubble bath (and this goes for any bubble bath!)- adding some glycerin helps increase the staying power of those bubbles! I find that the more natural bubble baths don’t stay as long but I will not use ‘conventional’ bubbles on my kids’ delicate parts. I use NOW Solutions Glycerine derived from non-GMO palm and vegetable oils. Of course you can also use the glycerin to make bubble blowing solution!

My hint with the essentials bundles – order the three extra items and make sure your add on total is $14.05 after the discount. It will snag you free shipping. That’s what I do 🙂  Diapers & Wipes bundles ship free due to the price. If you order the Diapers bundle AND the Essentials bundle the shipping will automatically be free on the Essentials Bundle. There’s also the new Wellness Bundle with the prenatals, toddler, and kids vitamins.

As always, I appreciate it when you use my referral links. It helps keep my blog going and helps to bathe my wasteful children (ummm that bottle right there? What was missing was ONE bath’s worth! Ok ok, there was a spill/tantrum.)! If you’re wondering what to buy, be sure to read all my other Honest Company reviews.