Honest Company Organic Baby Formula Review

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Honest Company has introduced the new Honest Company Feeding Line – which is totally non-descriptive until you realize that it’s feeding products for babies. Most importantly, they’ve debuted the new Honest Co Organic Premium Formula. Hooray! None of my babies were able to breastfeed so they are all formula fed. You can read the Honest Co info on breast/formula/combo feeding. I love their honestly judgment-free perspective! I was excited to see an organic baby formula in BPA & PVC-free packaging. I wasn’t sure what to think on the separate DHA.

The new Honest Feeding Line includes options for breast, combination, and formula feeding.


Because we are formula feeders, I ordered the new Organic Infant Formula + DHA Bundle ($119.95). You receive 4 tubs of formula plus a bottle of DHA. Right now my baby would go through a bottle of the DHA in about a month (he’s very large – in 12 months size), so in later months we’ll order extra DHA if necessary. The bundle is a $20 savings over the individual prices, and you can add on additional items from the “gear & more” category as well as the “feeding” category. The Infant Formula alone costs $29.95 per tub.


Like all baby formula sold in the US, the Honest Company Organic baby formula adheres to all FDA standards for baby formula, plus to the standards for organic products.


It mixes well and was palatable to my baby. I really can’t say more than he liked it just as he likes all other baby formula and he had no gastric issues. I do prefer brand name formulas (including Honest) over generics because they mix better – they are more finely milled.

Honest Company Infant Formula is

FREE of artificial growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), antibiotics, steroids, gluten, flavors, colors, peanuts, tree nuts, radiation processing and potentially harmfully pesticides or herbicides. We purposefully left out DHA/ARA and instead offer Baby DHA, a liquid supplement sourced from pure, premium fish oil that also contains Vitamins D3 and E.

Honest Company shares quite frankly lot of details on their infant formula here. I particularly liked that they source all their milk from the United States (part of the container is sourced in Canada, and the palm oil is from outside the US, otherwise everything is sourced domestically). I love that this product has zero HFCS – found in way too many baby formulas. I believe that Honest Company formula is manufactured by the Vermont Organics factory, which has been operating for over 30 years and is FDA approved.


Honest Company Baby DHA ($19.95, free in the bundle) I have to admit I scratched my head over this one, but now that I understand why Honest Company doesn’t include it in their baby formula, I agree! There is no requirement to include DHA in formula, but the one that is approved (yes one) uses hexane extraction methods. Algae is harvested and then the DHA is extracted by drying it out with hexane, a gas-refining byproduct. Then the hexane is removed but may leave some level of residue. This is obviously the subject of much debate. I did find one toddler formula with hexane-free DHA (it probably cannot be used in infant formula).

The Honest Company Baby DHA has a light citrus flavor (tangerine oil) and uses rosemary extract as a preservative.


Honest Company Natural Feeding Baby Bottle ($14.95) This is a silicone bottle that’s BPA free. The bottom part is squishy!  These are a nice bottle and an excellent easy to clean choice.


It includes a silicone covered plastic collar so no plastic touches the milk (it’s necessary otherwise you wouldn’t be able to screw on the cap). We had no problem heating it in our Dr. Brown warmer (the best one ever seriously – buy it! I have two and they’re worth every penny!) though the fit was a bit snug. The bottle includes 2 slow flow nipples and I forgot to order bigger ones (baby uses Dr. Brown’s number 2) so I asked Honest to stick them on an upcoming diaper bundle.


My husband got super cute and duded baby F up in his little Honest Company onesie. Yes, we regularly use the towels as a bib. We just lay it on him. We’re easy like that.  If you look closely you can see a pack of Honest wipes on the floor too. Pretty ridiculous. BTW, Honest has new swaddle patterns in stock!


So happy!

If you haven’t tried Honest before, you can also get a free trial of the health & wellness bundle, the essentials bundle, and the diaper bundle for $4.95 shipping!

Check out the new Honest Feeding Line and the new Organic Infant Formula + DHA Bundle!

Read all our Honest Company Reviews. you can also see our Honest Company Diaper Bundle Review or check out the Honest Company Coupons & Promo Codes page to see if there are any current savings! If you haven’t joined Honest Company, click here for the free trial offers and a coupon for $10 off your first $50 purchase. Please note, Honest Company trial offers enroll you in an ongoing subscription. They are easy to cancel but you must use the phone.


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  • mike fitzpatrick

    ooops. Guess their Perrigo sourced product with same packaging as all the other Perrigo sourced items wasn’t so organic after all. Problem being, Honest Co. has a bunch of people working for them who do no digging into the supply chain and simply listen to sales people. How does a product manager not have the USDA required and restricted items for an organic product not sitting in front of them and spot check every product to be sure their Organic claims are accurate and true. Even more so, how do they not have a complete, and regularly spot-checked testing to assure product composition. Like this is the first time? No, they keep getting nailed for not knowing what is in their own products and having no clue what should be in and not in a product. I imagine there is a pathetic loser in their HQ blaming a supplier right now, that person would be a good start at who needs to be fired. Any others not thinking it’s the brands’ responsibility to know, verify, spot-check, and guarantee what is in their products should be shown the door post haste. Oooops, there goes the CEO, he’ll be having a long weekend. Guess it’s not a like building websites this whole integrity thing . . .

  • Beth Glaeser

    Do you mix the dha right into the bottle of formula or do you feed it separately?

    • Brandy

      We tried putting it in the bottle but that didn’t work for us. So we just did it separate. Now that image is older we feed in applesauce/fruit squeezy pouches.

  • Cori

    I recently switched from Earths Best Sensitive to Honest formula and I couldn’t be happier. This formula mixes so easily as opposed to the EB which left clumps that clogged the nipple no matter how you mixed it. EB also was very foamy, even just from the air going back into the bottle and there was always lots of residue left in the bottle. Not the case with Honest. So happy I changed to this formula!

    • Brandy

      That is good to hear! We don’t have any problems with foaming or clumps or anything. We have been using it since February and he’s very happy! The separate DHA is a pain but healthier I think!

    • Brandy

      This is great to have the comparison! Thank you!

  • vexingcircumstance

    I love the onesies. I bought my daughter one but i wish I bought more. They seem to be gone from the website now.

    She’s allergic to milk or we would try the formula. She just started on Elecare. Which is amino acid based formula for severe allergy. She couldn’t keep anything else down.

    • Brandy

      that’s so distressing. my middle child needed alimentum. i think it smells like old cigarettes stubbed out in a bowl of boiled potatoes.

      • vexingcircumstance

        We tried alimentum and she threw it up too. She’s on Elecare now and omg the smell of it. It very literally smells like cat poop. We’ve been having to mix it with watered down rice milk and a little karo syrup to even get her to drink it. But she keeps it down and has been in such a good mood since she started it. She’s more alert and interactive too. I think its probably the best she has felt since she was born.