Honest Company Diaper Bundle Review! Plus New Diapering Products and Coupon!

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IMG_4218I literally have Honest Company products in every room of my house and use them every day, but I’ve never done a straight up Honest Company Diapers Review! I decided to do one now because I just got the three new Honest Company diapering products – Diaper Cream, Soothing Bottom Wash, and Organic Baby Powder – it was time!! FYI, You can find all my Honest Company Reviews here and I always update this page with new Honest Company promo codes. Save $10 off a $50 order at Honest.com! Use coupon code INVITED10 after signing up.

Hint – if you sign up now and wait, you will often get special deals. Sometimes when I haven’t ordered for a while I will get a unique code for special savings. You can also order a free trial with $5.95 shipping. Remember to get all three bundle trials for that price, but you will need to call to cancel whatever you don’t want. You can move the date forward if you are still deciding. But let’s move on to the diapers & wipes bundle!

The Diapers & Wipes bundle is $79.95 per month (you can adjust the exact frequency and change the date). You will get 6 bags of diapers and you can adjust how many diapers vs. training pants you get, if you’re into those already, and select your patterns. Plus you will also get 4 packages of the wipes.

Honest Company Diapers


The Diapers are pretty standard looking but have adorable patterns! FYI if you use an oil on your baby’s butt/legs, like Weleda calendula oil, the blue dye will totally come off.


The diapers are standard and comfy with adjustable tabs and waist. I have found they are remarkably absorbent! They just do not skimp on the liner. They are premium diapers and you’re definitely paying for it. But the bundle is the best way to get them. The Honest Company diapers feature plant-based inner & outer layers, no fragrances, chlorine, lotions, or latex. They do have wheat/corn so if your child has a skin sensitivity to those, you cannot use them.

Honest Company Training Pants


I actually only get one pack of diapers in my diapers & wipes bundle, and 5 packs of Honest Company training pants. I do wish they were like Huggies/Pull-ups with the re-closable tabs on the side. Otherwise I find they hold way more.. Like my kid will pee out of a pull-up but never Honest Company Training Pants. I’m apparently a failure as a parent because my child is almost 3 and a half and still not potty trained. We’ll get there… Eventually!

Honest Company Wipes

(I totally forgot to take photos of the wipes, I got distracted by children, so I snapped a couple iPhone pictures!)


Honest Company Wipes are great. They are made of Oeko-Tex® certified medical-grade cloth and I have no idea what that means, but I do like the little nubs. I wish they were a tad bit wetter. The wipes include a blend of pomegranate (antioxidants), chamomile & cucumber (to soothe), and masterwort leaf (to moisturize). I have no idea if these things are useful. You can add extra wipes onto your order as an add-on (see below) or include them in an Essentials Bundle, either in the bundle or as an add-on. I often add on a 4-pack of travel wipes.

Honest Company Diapering Products

There are 3 new products reviewed below. I’m a totally huge fan of the healing balm already, and yes, I own a swim diaper. In fact, I think the only regular baby product I haven’t tried is the baby teether! With every single Honest Company Diapers & Wipes Bundle you can get up to three add-ons at 25% off and I suggest using that discount!


Honest Soothing Bottom Wash ($9.95) I was so excited about this product because my guy has been teething molars which has induced some interesting diaper results. It smells like many of the other baby products – Honest’s distinctive sweet orange vanilla fragrance – and is primarily aloe based. You can use it to help remove sticky poop, a cut & scrape cleanser, or a face cleanser. I can already tell you I’m going to be buying this product all. the. time. I love it! I have my eye on some of my sample size hair products to empty out and reuse the bottle for a travel size of this. I’m such a fan. GET IT.


Organic Baby Powder ($11.95) This is a talc-free dusting powder that uses cornstarch, kaolin clay, and arrowroot powder to absorb & protect. It includes aloe, probiotics, and clary sage oil. I know opinions are mixed on dusting your baby’s butt, and Honest does remind you to avoid the face. Honestly, the jury is out on this one. It didn’t feel super soft to me, like it could have been more finely milled. When rubbed in it felt soft though. Maybe worth a shot.

Honest Diaper Rash Cream ($9.95) Y’all, I was about to start sticking sunscreen on my child’s butt, because it’s basically the same thing. I have long been out of diaper cream but have plenty of Honest Company sunscreen hanging around. And they finally came out with this!  For some reason it doesn’t have calendula in it, I don’t know why.


Here’s what I’ll say. If you have an infant and need diaper rash cream regularly, get this. If you’re not going to use up the tube and just need it occasionally, like with a teething toddler, just use Honest Company sunblock. It’s a bit more per ounce but it’s basically the exact same thing.

IMG_4219And one final thing, because it was Mother’s Day, I got one of the new lip shimmers in my box! I find that around big holidays there’s some sort of promotion or freebie going on! Loved it, it’s super cute!

Bottom Line (haha) on the Honest Company Diapers & Wipes Bundle.  It’s easy, convenient, and has super safe products for my kids’ butts. I’ll be using it with my next child (and yes, I use the Honest Company prenatals, everything gets shipped right to me, it’s fantabulous!).  And y’all, you can email them from your account now. I think you still have to call to cancel but I have not needed to deal with them on the phone for the longest time. They are SUPER DUPER nice though but sometimes the phone wait can be long.

Visit Honest Company to see all their products or to subscribe to a bundle. You can also see all my Honest Company reviews! If you have any questions about the Essentials products, you very well may find that information in this mega-review. Otherwise, ask away. I am always answering questions about Honest Company products and honestly happy to do it.


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  • Ckjacobs

    Do you know that kaolin clay is radioactive?

  • Dylan

    I have no opinion about the diapers themselves but I am very concerned about this companies business practices. We have had a very bad experience with customer service. After the fact we noticed this review which resonates with our personal experience.
    “The Honest diaper offers cute graphics, and are legitimately a health and earth-friendly brand. But the company has also engaged in marketing tactics and made statements in the past that we feel exaggerate, and in some cases completely mislead consumers in our opinion, into thinking their products are more green than they really are. We are also concerned about the number of users who have written to us complaining about feeling misled by the so-called “free trial offer” the company makes, and then are horrified to find they have been automatically subscribed to the company’s diaper service (only to find it then challenging to undo the subscription). In the end, it is our opinion that this company has a history of being less than honest in their marketing habits, and it is our opinion that the company appears to be more concerned about making a profit than in being fair and honest with their customers.”

  • roboex1013

    Random tidbit about the baby wipes – they make awesome makeup remover wipes. The fact that they’re not super wet and have those nubs makes them scrub the makeup off better than regular baby wipes and they don’t leave a weird residue like makeup remover wipes do. If I’m not wearing tough mascara or eyeliner I always use just them and if I am wearing lots of eye makeup I use a makeup remover wipe for that and then an Honest wipe afterwards for the rest and to remove the makeup remover wipe residue. Leaves my face feeling super clean without ever needing to use water. So REALLY great for traveling.

    • Brandy

      Ummmm that’s awesome. We are moving to temp housing today for 2 weeks and I didn’t pack any makeup wipes!

      • roboex1013

        I really prefer them to makeup remover wipes. I swear my skin stays clearer when I use the Honest wipes but seems prone to breakouts around my nose if I use regular makeup remover wipes on my whole face.

  • roboex1013

    Oh and I’m also really glad your reviewed the new baby products. I was debating on getting them myself before my due date (I’ve been telling everyone to NOT get me any bath/body products or diapers for my baby shower because due to my own allergies, including a latex one and one to pretty much all store bought scented products I won’t be able to use most of them and am planning to get all that stuff from The Honest Company) but I wasn’t sure if they were worth it. After all I can use the Healing Balm as diaper rash cream (I love that stuff…its also awesome at preventing shaving rash if put on after shaving) and the other stuff just looked like soap. The baby powder was the only one I planned to buy for sure.

  • roboex1013

    Here is a possibly TMI question about the prenatal vitamins. I have them, too but had to stop taking them. I found that while they didn’t make me nauseous (the normal ones seem to most people….I didn’t even try the normal ones from the DR….pretty sure they contain gluten and I wasn’t risking it) they still severely increased my constipation (an issue I already have no matter how much fruit and water based drinks I consume). I had hoped the Honest ones would do this but they did. Is that just me or is it an issue other people have had? Have you had any side effects from them? I just stopped taking them (I have an almost whole bottle I need to give away, sell or trade before they expire I suppose) and switched to the Honest Children’s chewable vitamins instead but ugh they taste awful. I wish they weren’t chewable.

    • Brandy

      you are probably very sensitive to the iron. i find that prenatals like honest company & rainbow light (VERY similar) ummm regulate everything for me because of the probiotics. my daughter won’t touch the honest kid’s vitamins.

      always talk with your doctor, etc. but try floradix. it is iron + b vitamins + c. gluten free too

      • roboex1013

        The OB office was unhelpful. They just told me to take them regardless of the side effects and to drink more fluids (ignoring that I had already told them I am VERY hydrated). They did say taking the children’s vitamins instead was ok, though. I’ve mostly just been trying to eat heathy and get my vitamins that way (I know if you eat right the vitamins really aren’t necessary…I only try to take them because I’m not sure I get enough calcium…although I prob do from leafy green veggies – I’ll find out once my blood work comes back from the OB). My still damaged digestive system is kind of sensitive to everything (including iron) and I have to be really careful and just can’t risk the constipation getting to bad (i had my entire digestive system shut down a couple times when I was a teenager and ended up hospitlized…which I told the OB people…they didn’t really say anything or offer any extra help.. maybe the actual doctor will be more help when I see them monday).

        • Brandy

          i would listen to my regular doctor for those matters to be honest. or i would go see a perinatalogist that might have better insight.

          • roboex1013

            Neither are an option unfortunately. I don’t have health insurance. Only medicaid and the way NC does medicaid now is that the kind I have only covers pregnancy related issues which means basically it covers nothing except my OB unless the OB refers me. I am going to try to get a referral to some Doctor that can give me a blood test for celiac and for food allergies, though. I may be able to talk to that doctor about all this (if the OB will give me the referral).

          • Brandy

            🙁 I have been there! In Florida it was super easy though. I even got to go to a chiro my whole pregnancy. That was awesome. The whole insurance thing is so confusing! I have a health exchange plan right now and it’s not bad, it’s just $$$$$. They tried to not cover one of my tests claiming that it was pre-implantation genetic testing. I wrote them back a letter either they were engaging in fraudulent anti-consumer practices or their reviewing physician was utterly incompetent (it was a 12 weeks test and it cost 6 grand!!) and either way I’d appeal it like mad and report it to the relevant regulators. They changed their minds right away!