Vegancuts Snack Box April 2023 Review: Sustainable Snacks for Spring

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April 2023 Vegancuts Snack Box was themed “Sustainable Snacks for Spring”. I received 12 items and some of them had multiple servings! Read on to see what I received!

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Here’s the card and it says proceeds from this box supports Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Florida!

Drizzilicious Cookies & Cream Bites ($4) Hmm, I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a chocolate rice cake before now. I like the Birthday Cake and Salted Caramel flavors from this brand, but this one is a new take on cookies and cream, with a light candy drizzle over top. I feel like it’s missing that something extra that takes the other flavors over the top, I guess they’re not as exciting to me but you can eat like 21 pieces and there’s only 90 calories in that serving.

Rishi Tea & Botanicals Valerian Dream ($11) I didn’t see this listed on the card so it must be a bonus and it’s a whole box of herbal tea bags! I received a single bag last month so here’s what I thought of it then: One of the ingredients in this herbal tea is valerian, which is said to help induce sleep and improve the quality of your zzz’s. Some of the other ingredients in here are licorice, fennel, and rose petals. I tried this tea before bed. The tea had a hint of fennel and while I dislike licorice, I was able to finish the cup and didn’t need to add sugar.

Brami Italian Snacking Lupini Beans ($3.12) Inside this pouch is damp (but not drippy) pickled lupini beans that are flavored with chili and lime. If this was pasta I guess it would be al dente, they’re not super soft like canned beans, maybe more like cooked edamame? They were salty and spicy and there’s 7 grams of fiber in this serving.

Halo Cleaver Backyard BBQ Sauce ($7.99) I usually buy Stubb’s Sweet Heat BBQ sauce but it is full of molasses and brown sugar and white sugar and I need to get away from sugar. This one is sweetened with apple purée, apple juice, and pineapple juice so technically it has no added sugars. The label was placed on it in a funky way but whatever. It’s a tad acidic but the hickory smoke was strong and there was some nice heat on the palate afterwards.

Food Alive Nutritional Yeast ($1.99) I don’t think I’ve tried this before but you sprinkle it on pasta or popcorn or wherever and it’s supposed to taste like cheese! Next time we have popcorn I’m going to give it a sprinkle and see how it turns out.

Solely Fruit Jerky ($1.67) I was looking forward to trying this, as I love natural fruit jerky and the fact that this is made of just pineapple, coconut, and cacao. Unfortunately, I think the coconut was bad/rancid, and the product tasted like something really unpleasant and I spit it out. Products made with coconut are hit and miss, mainly because once the coconut is bad, it is really bad (Google “coconut tastes like vomit” and you’ll see I’m not alone). I don’t blame Vegancuts for this problem: the product isn’t expired yet. I saw similar comments on Amazon and on the brand’s own website.

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix These sticks can be mixed with still or sparkling water to help replenish electrolytes lost through illness, sweating, or daily life. I’m generally not a fan of “hydration” drinks due to their sodium content but usually reach for Grape Powerade when it’s needed, so I tried the grape-flavored drink from this trio (the others are lemonade and raspberry). The sodium was much lower than similar products and I usually get the one flavored with sugar (this has stevia and is very sweet) but the vitamins and minerals are different so I can’t really compare the two other than flavor. This tastes similar to grape Koolaid (which I like) and is colored naturally (also a plus) but I’m not a fan of the stevia sweetness and aftertaste, but being lower in sodium is also good. Since it isn’t a product I reach for regularly, I will stick to Powerade for now but this is a good choice if you are looking for that type of supplement.

Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Chips ($1.39) Not only did I like the sweet and tangy flavor of these chips, the texture was very close to tortilla chips made of corn. Plus, there was a good amount of fiber too. These were a hit with my taste buds!

Hippeas Veggie Straws ($1.39) I didn’t see this one on the card so I’m guessing it’s a bonus item. These are “veggie” straws with a sour cream(less) and onion flavor that I like – it’s kind of salty/sweet/umami. They are crunchy and have a hearty texture thanks to the yellow pea flour base.

Hippie Snacks Cauliflower Crisps These are interesting, and yes, they have a hint of cauliflower flavor. They also have pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, and brown rice flour plus seasonings. They are crunchy and denser than my usual crackers and chips, and they weren’t salty or spicy but they tasted good.

Bakery On Main Monster Cookie Decadent Granola A cereal from this brand shows up in every box, but luckily they are quite tasty! This version tastes like a yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and can be eaten like trail mix or layered with fruit and yogurt to make a parfait.

Bearded Brothers Lemon Cashew Food Bar I like snacks that are minimally processed and that are made with simple ingredients and this one was the perfect example. It’s similar to a LARA Bar, one of my favorite snacks, and is made of just dates, cashews, almonds, lemon powder, and salt. It was chewy and sweet, and the lemon flavor was nice and natural. This made a great start to a busy day, a perfectly portable breakfast.

I thought the April Vegancuts Snack Box was a good one, I kept oohing and ahhing as I opened it up! I was surprised to find that a few of the items had several servings, like the BBQ sauce, chocolate rice cakes, nutritional yeast, electrolyte packs, and box of teas. There were also some grab and go snacks that went into my work bag so I would have tasty snacks on the go. The tea, sauce, and rice cakes had a value that was almost equal to the price of the box so the rest were bonuses to my mind!

Vegancuts Snack Box is a monthly vegan food subscription that delivers 10 or more organic and vegan treats each month. Snacks can include a pantry item or drink and most snacks are gluten-free. Each subscription box costs $24.95 monthly, or save a bit with a longer pre-paid term.


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