Simply Earth Essential Oil Box April 2023 Review – Cleaning!

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Simply Earth April 2023 Essential Oil Box was themed Cleaning! It included recipes and extras to make a dish soap, foaming hand soap, oven cleaner, and more. One of the bonus items was a Swedish dish cloth! Simply Earth aims to help teach subscribers how to make their own beauty products and cleaning items – read on for more info!

Deal: Receive a free big bonus box with your first box, plus get a $45 gift card for your next box or future purchases.

Black Pepper Essential Oil ($12.99) I’m so excited to have a new oil to add to my collection, as I didn’t have this one until now! Actually, I had no idea there was even a back pepper essential oil, what a surprise. This is made out of the spice that I think everyone in the world has in their kitchen. It’s supposed to promote circulation and help with digestion. Yes, it smells like pepper. No, it didn’t make me sneeze.

Clean & Fresh Essential Oil Blend ($12.99) This blend is supposed to smell both citrusy and like the great outdoors. It has fir needle, lemon, grapefruit, and neroli and smells like Southern California, like I’ve strolled from the mountains straight into a citrus grove.

Homebody Essential Oil Blend ($15.99) This blend contains Ho wood, amyris, copaiba, and vetiver so it actually smells warm and kind of manly. It’s supposed to help one feel calm and centered.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Blend ($7.99) Here we have the aroma of a freshly peeled orange, sunny and bright. It supposed to help lift the spirits and leaves the home smelling clean when it’s been used in a cleanser or room spray.

Swedish Dish Cloth Sometimes new items will be added to the Simply Earth online store the month after they appear in the box, so keep an eye out if you want this cloth or the items below. I’ve used Swedish dishcloths before and they are sturdy and re-usable. I just throw them in with the towel load when they get dirty.

Laundry Detergent Sheet Here is another item I’ve used before – soap for the clothes washer that comes in a thin, lightweight sheet!

Dishwasher Tablet will be used to clean the oven door of all things, who knew?

Castile Soap ($19.99 for a full bottle, $1.25 value) is made from saponified plant oils and is often used in natural beauty and cleaning products.

Pre-scored stickers make it easy to label your creations, and you can even note the production date (because they will go off sooner than heavily preserved products).

Each month we receive six new recipes to add to our collection.

Sometimes the cards have a recipe continue on the back, but this month all of the cards had information about the subscription on the back.

A pamphlet in the box says that there are new items being added to the Simply Earth online store, such as the dishcloths and laundry detergent sheets.

Below are a few of the projects I completed with this month’s recipe box and supplies!

I always start off by using the diffuser recipe first. This one is called Spic and Span and called for all of my new oils. I dropped the required number of each oil into the diffuser, topped it with water, and pushed the on button. This recipe is a keeper, it reminded me of a warm cabin in the woods, rather than the expected citrus blast. Very nice.

Next I made the rollerball recipe. I placed a pre-scored label on my rollerball (from the Big Bonus Box), dropped in the listed amount of oils, topped it with coconut oil (also from the BBB), and then pushed the rollerball top in securely.

Again, I loved the scent, which was warm and a little spicy.

Next it was time to clean the oven window with a dishwasher tab, some oils, and some water. My oven isn’t that old, I bought it about 1.5 years ago, so my before and after pictures didn’t really look all that different so I didn’t include them. I must say I was worried I might scratch the glass so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into this activity.

I’ve used laundry detergent sheets before so this was an easy recipe to follow. I placed a few drops of Clean and Fresh onto the sheet and placed it in the washer with my laundry. I didn’t notice any residual scent after using so I don’t know the point of using the oils in this instance.

I don’t have a foaming soap dispenser so I couldn’t make the hand soap. I will use the castile soap in another recipe since I don’t plan on using it for dishes (which was another recipe from the box).

I thought it was really neat to see what ideas Simply Earth came up with for their latest Cleaning box! Some of these recipes are a way to introduce us to their new product line, such as the laundry sheets and dishcloth. I liked the two blended scents and I was thrilled to add black pepper to my collection, and can always use more orange. Simply Earth makes it easy to learn about how to use essential oils safely, and subscribers can take the online Essential Oil Hero Course to learn even more. Need help making a recipe? Start by watching the monthly recipe videos on YouTube, they are very helpful!

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription that sends high-quality essential oils along with recipes and ingredients to make natural beauty and home products! Each box comes with 4 essential oils, containers, extra ingredients to make the recipes, and 5 – 7 recipes on recipe cards. When you sign up (and every 6 months thereafter) you will receive a FREE Big Bonus Box full of extra containers and ingredients needed for the recipes, such as carrier oils and bottles. Simply Earth is $39 a month. They feel strongly about giving back and donate 13% of all profits to help end human trafficking. Simply Earth’s essential oil subscription made our list of the best green & eco-friendly subscription boxes!


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