Alltrue Fall 2022 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the Alltrue Fall 2022 Box – now available to order! ICYMI, Alltrue is now “under a new ownership and has resumed operations.” You can read the full announcement here!

FYI – this subscription had serious shipping and customer service problems over about the past year. Most of these seem to be resolved, but a number of customers still have yet to received a box since they went under. We encourage you to reach out to them for assistance in correcting any outstanding problems.

Autumn is a season of transition. While change is ever present, it becomes most visible in the fall, vividly and delightfully embodied by the turning of leaves and welcome chill in the air. 

As we move away from the whimsy of summer and toward a reflective winter, we carry a shift in perspective that only autumn can bring. We’ve come to know the lightness and ease of life, renewed by weeks of warm sun, sparkling iced drinks, and socialization. But as much as we work to preserve it, we know that time doesn’t stand still and we’re grateful it doesn’t. As summer’s final days come and pass, we savor each one, freezing the final harvest of herbs, late season peaches, and memories of long, warm nights, before ultimately giving way to autumn’s offerings: baked apple hand pies, fresh squeezed citrus, and bundled up hikes.

Right now, Alltrue is going through a similar transition. After a challenging spring, we were recently assumed under new ownership. We know the feeling of wanting to preserve, but like the seasons, transition brings necessary growth and change. It’s with new perspective and lessons learned that we step into the next chapter of Alltrue, carrying our core mission forward as a force for good in the world — starting with this Fall Box.

Boxes may include:

  • Silicone Kitchen Bundle by Kaluns
  • Turkish Towel by The Loomia
  • S’well 17 oz Drink Bottle

Visit Alltrue to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Nina

    even if they changed management, I was an annual member until they went bankruptcy, I had to cancel as I did not want any future charges, after they reinstated their new management and not giving me my remaining boxes that was, I thought was ridiculous, I cannot get a chargeback from my bank as it was past 90 days. I just lost my money. NEVER will subscribe again. I am FFF member, and I am way more satisfied with FFF company that truly cares for their business.

    • Maria

      Did you use a credit card? I had the same issue, went through my credit card company and they disputed the charge and credited the money back on my card.

  • Kym

    Same issue – paid for my 3rd year annual sub to be redirected POST 90-days of payment and 3 boxes short… haven’t had the energy to deal with PP or the bank yet. incredibly irresponsible org considering their roots and ‘promise’.

  • Karen

    Yeah, I’m going to have to go with DO NOT SUBSCRIBE too. I heard things about Allure before I subscribed the last time a few years ago. I should have listened to all the people that said not to subscribe to this box. I almost lost my money. I would never subscribe to this box again.

  • Chele

    Absolutely NOT!
    I auto renewed for a yearly at Spring (actually though I didn’t renew until fall, but I guess whatever at this point). So I was charged $200+, the company goes bankrupt, but I don’t discover it until it is 90 days past the charge. I was unable to get the chargeback and cancelled my subscription so it wouldn’t auto-renew NEXT year. And here I am, out FOUR boxes.
    This company will NEVER get my money again. I could tolerate the ridiculously slow shipping and receiving products at the end of season because I as getting FFF but this company and they’re business practices went way too far. Never again.

    • Rebecca

      I was able to get refunded past the 90 days through my bank. It took a while, but it was under ‘goods not received’ which allowed the time extension. My auto renewal went through in October of 2021. Also have read that Alltrue was not fighting any charge backs. I would suggest calling your bank and escalating your claim to a representative and make it clear you were supposed to get items quarterly, which means you prepaid for deliveries that never arrived. In my case, I had to wait 45 days (Alltrue’s response time window), and since they did not dispute the charge back in that time frame, I received a full refund.

    • Trish

      Yes disgusting. I too am out my annual subscription payments and 2 boxes. I cancelled when they went bankcrupt and then when they became active again they would not re-instate my membership and send me my boxes.
      I think its disgusting what they did to us annual members.

  • Joy

    Chiming in to say they screwed me too. The old owners and new owners delayed updating subscribers or responding to their messages long enough that refunds through PayPal and credit cards were no longer available for many long-term subscribers like myself. I don’t care what deal they offer, I will never trust any box put out by the old owners or the new ones. Do not support shady businesses.

  • Misty

    This box company makes me sick to my stomach. I would never give them another dime. They owe me 2 boxes but THEY cancelled my account and no one with a cancelled account is getting their order fulfilled. I couldn’t do a chargeback because I no longer have the card that was charged to begin with. How DARE they try to offer me “special pricing” on something I already paid for.

    Please, just as the others said, DO NOT get this box. FabFitFun is far superior in terms of quality, diversity, choice, and oh, they actually deliver their products. Eff “Alltrue” all the way to Hades.

  • Stephanie

    If anyone is thinking about getting this box – DO NOT! This box declared bankruptcy a few months ago screwing thousands of subscribers out of their money and didn’t pay any of their suppliers causing a couple of them to close down. Their friend bought the company and is sending out boxes of products they never paid for because it’s ‘new ownership and they don’t have anything to do with past debts’.

    • Rebecca

      Totally agree! I was a very loyal subscriber for over 3 years. I had 2 subs of my own and gifted one to a friend. All three boxes for spring were listed as ‘Awaiting Shipment’ for several months. Because I requested (and got, thank goodness!) my bank involved to refund the $420 charge to ‘continue your subscription at the current rate,’ the $67 market order and the $215 automatic annual renewal charge, Alltrue cancelled my account. I had a total of 4 boxes due, so lost out on those. I did get an offer to buy the boxes with a coupon for a discount. So they offered me boxes already paid for once for a special sale price. They could have handled this so much better! I would have remained a loyal subscriber if they had honored my paid for boxes. As it is now, if I saw anything on their site that was interesting, I would go directly to the manufacturer. Alltrue . I don’t think so. All lies and smoke and mirrors. There are ethical companies out there. Alltrue is not one of those.

      • CC

        I like what you said: “go directly to the manufacturer” if you like something. The Loomia towel looks great and is a company I follow on social. Would be happy to directly support them.

  • Angela

    Do not subscribe to this box or give them ANY of your money! They stole money from me and many others and goods from vendors they didn’t pay for! The “new” owners are from Loot Crate and stole from subscribers there too!