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Cloth & Paper offers a monthly subscription box of their planner supplies, inserts, and writing instruments. The items look sleek and Cloth & Paper believes “there is luxury in simplicity”.  The Planning + Stationery box is $39.99 a month but drops to as low as $36.99 a month when you sign up for a 6-month term. The Penspiration box is $21.99 a month but drops to $19.99 a month for the 3-month plan. The Penspiration AND Planning + Stationery combo is $54.99 a month and drops to as low as $49.99 a month when you choose the 6-month term.

I am reviewing the Penspiration and Planning & Stationery box combo and will show the stationery part first; the pen part will follow near the end.

Our combination Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box features contents from both of our subscription boxes. The perfect choice for planner people and pen aficionados who love surprises and savings! You’ll receive unique pens and exclusive Cloth & Paper planning and stationery items. Get ready to elevate your planning!

  • Beautifully designed, curated and wrapped boxes make for an unparalleled unboxing experience – and are a great gift!
  • Features between 8-12 planning items in your planner size and 5-7 unique pens, pencils, and/or writing instruments monthly.
  • May include: Planner Inserts | Planner Dashboards | Page Flags | Sticky Notes | Notepads | Stickers | Notebooks | Journals | Journaling Cards & more!
  • Includes Prompt Card designed to inspire deep thought and personal growth as well as a Pen Pouch for storing and organizing your writing instruments.
  • Includes exclusive digital content sent with shipment confirmation each month. You don’t have to wait until your box arrives to start enjoying your monthly happy mail!

DEAL: Get 10% off your first box! Use the coupon code HELLOSUB10 at checkout!

This is my first time reviewing Cloth & Paper! The items were wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker — sleek and simple.

Looking good!

I found a card that told me what I would find inside this month’s Planning + Stationery box.

The back of the card had a picture list of the items, which is very helpful because this is a new brand for me and I’m not sure what is what yet. When you sign up, you will get to choose the planner size that you own (there are 13 options) and then you will receive products that will fit appropriately. If you don’t own a ring or discbound planner, then there is also a 14th option, to receive a coordinating bound or notepad stationery item instead. Cloth & Paper has a website with tons of stationery products and you can find a planner there if you are in need.

Everything was wrapped in plastic to keep it nice and tidy. The Penspiration items are in the box marked edit.

Everything in my box! This is the Penspiration and Planning + Stationery boxes combined! Again, you will need to have a planner of some sort and Cloth & Paper has lots to choose from on their website and in a variety of price points. If you don’t want or need a planner, your items may differ from what I received.

Planning + Stationery

Collage Dashboard The dashboard goes in the front of my planner and I received two that can be used alone or layered with each other. This one is made of cardstock and like all of the other items, is pre-punched. I like the purple rectangle, it adds a pop of color to this sheet.

Reason Dashboard This one is made of transparent paper/vellum. You will see both of my dashboards and the layered look they created at the end of this review.

Product Inventory Inserts From what I can tell, a different set of inserts made their way to subscribers throughout the year. I am just joining here in the home stretch but imagine the collection one would have after 12 months! For those who selected that they don’t have a planner, they received a 32 page notebook version of this item instead.

There are 34 pages in my version. Cloth & Paper says “transform your organization and create stock of your favorite supplies and products with our new product inventory inserts“. There are two pages that list “Favorite Products”.

There are 26 pages that look like this and have space for swatching page flags and stickers.

At the back we have 4 pages for taking product inventory of items such as clothes, electronics, whatever!

Some past inserts from this year included a 30-day journal, mental wellness inserts, mind mapping, packing lists, and more.

December Horizontal Weekly Inserts It looks like Cloth & Paper sent horizontal inserts for 2021.

This is the final set for the year.

Here’s what the full weekly spread looks like.

There’s both blank and grid sections for daily planning and 12 sheets in all.

Accessory Case An accessory case is supposed to help us keep track of small items like stickers and page flags as well as cards. It’s transparent with a button closure and measures 7.6″ x 4.7″.

There are 20 “pages” inside and each one will hold 3, possibly 6 items per page. The demo video showed them holding page flags but other small items can fit.

Dashboard Card Set is meant to go inside the Accessory Case to help it look cool.

Dome Sticky Notes A set of four dome-shaped sticky notes, each with 25 sheets, is next.

I love this color palette! If you want, you can remove the sets and slide them into the accessory case. Also, you could swatch them in the Inventory Inserts.

Journaling Cards There were four journaling cards — clockwise from top left: Start Vellum Quote Card, Function Matte Quote Card, Month View Clear Card, and Month View Matte Card.

I was lost on how to use these but luckily Cloth & Paper is big on making helpful YouTube videos. These are mostly decorative and if you have a planner with credit card slots you could place these in those slots, otherwise, you can either clip them to a dashboard with fancy paperclips or use a clear pocket sheet with credit card openings.

Accessory Stickers Accessory Stickers are supposed to help us organize our planning accessories and I suppose they can be stuck on a file folder or storage boxes.

They are transparent and there are 4 blank stickers at the bottom that can be customized with the next item.

Oil Based Ink Pen A permanent marker is the last item from the Planning + Stationery box. It is oil-based and can be used on transparent products.

Here’s the thicker tip. Flip it around and you will find a fine-tip version on the other end.


The next items are from the Penspiration box, which is available as its own subscription box or as a combo with the Planning + Stationery box.

Prompt Card This card is kind of like a mini journal.

The back has a writing prompt at the top.

This card shows what inspired the ideas behind the Penspiration box this month.

The back has space for testing the pens, and you can see that near the end of this review.

My pens were in a box labeled edit.

There’s the definition.

Five ink pens were inside and they have different colored barrels and .5mm nibs. I think Cloth & Paper can say it better than I can but also keep in mind that some of the barrel colors may vary and they don’t necessarily line up to the order I have in my picture:

Less Is More Pen | Silver

The perfect companion to everyday writing. Pair with your  Less Is More Pen in pink  from the August box. Soft silver barrel. Black ink,  0.5 mm needle point nib. Retractable.‎ ‎

Kaco Pure Soft Touch Gel Pen | Eucalyptus 

Explore your inner child with a vivid and fun pop of color for your pen collection. Bright green barrel. Black gel ink, 0.5mm conical rollerball nib. Retractable.‎ 10 variant colors.

Zennyth Piloting Vintage Gel Ink Pen | Borealis

  An elegant evening time pen to sign off those fancy dinner checks. A soft, smooth night blue barrel. Black gel ink, 0.5 mm conical rollerball nib. Retractable.‎ ‎ 5 variant colors.

Zennyth Piloting Morandi Gel Ink Pen | Ice Blue

Brighten up your days with a light and airy note-taking pen. Light blue barrel. Black gel ink, 0.5 mm conical nib. Retractable.‎ ‎

Zennyth Dawning Pen | Stone

 A sleek and minimalist pen to always have in hand for last minute plans.  White barrel. Black gel ink, 0.5 mm conical rollerball nib. Retractable. 2 variant colors.

They all had covers over the nibs that need to be removed before using.

All except one had black ink inside. They write very smoothly and I have them in a holder on my desk and reach for them often!

Please note that this Clear Vinyl A5 6-Ring Planner ($29.90) isn’t part of the subscription box but is a good starting point for those who are new to monthly planners.

All of my inserts were customized to this size but Cloth & Paper has many other options, including leather planners, discbound planners, and more and that when you sign up you will need to indicate the insert size you need or go for the planner-less option. I didn’t realize it at the time but the elastic closure is supposed to fit into the black metal part on the middle right, but I figured it out eventually. You can see my layered dashboards in this picture.

I was a little overwhelmed at all of the new planner supplies and accessories I received in my very first Cloth & Paper Planning + Stationery and Penspiration box combo but thankfully the picture card, Cloth & Paper website/blog, and their YouTube videos helped me figure it all out. The aesthetic is simple and elegant, and very minimalist. The colors are mostly subdued but with a pop of color here and there. I was really happy to see that the October box had items for December so I have plenty of time to get them in the planner and mark those important dates ahead of time. There are tons of accessories available at the Cloth & Paper website to help customize the planner even further and in such a way that works specifically for my needs. I look forward to seeing how this subscription works over several months. I would expect the November box to have items for January 2022!

Visit CLOTH & PAPER to subscribe or find out more!


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