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  • Amber Fannin

    Does anyone know why I can’t pick the Phat Mask or the goop sunscreen? I’m in Canada if that helps?

  • Lauren Berichon

    I used to love this subscription box but over the years it’s been repetitive – I have a few favorite items I was introduced to through this subscription but I hate how much skincare face washes and other various treatments / serums and I never use them. I wish we had more choices as to what we can choose – I most likely will cancel my subscription after this spring box even though I’m contemplating canceling it now… trying to give it another shot. And in experience it seems like the fall and winter boxes are way better abs thoughtful – the best fff box I got was this last winter box with the unhide grey faux fur blanket and the cozy warm robe – those were awesome (and still are) – wish I guess they would have options totally opposite of one another – like house hold items – I love those blue tie dyed bowls I got before – and wish there were more options than just hundreds of different stuff you are supposed to apply to your face –

    • AJ RN

      They are actually giving more choice options with the 2021 summer box. Annual members get to choose all the items in their box and seasonal members will now get 4 choices instead of 3.

  • Dotty Lala

    Supergoop is US ONLY?!

  • Jennifer Neumann

    This is exactly why I am canceling. By the time seasonal members get to customize there is nothing left but the junk $3 to $5 items and leftover items no one wants. I have gotten duplicate items in the last 3 boxes, my last summer box had nothing left so I got an editors box with half the items and what I was given I already had or was basically junk. Some people can’t swing $200 at once so the seasonal box allows for us to enjoy this too. It seems you only chose to cater to the annual members even though the seasonal customer is your biggest base. Economics and customer service are obviously not your strong points. I will be canceling my subscription and trying another subscription box. You don’t value your seasonal customers and I’m tired of paying for junk. I would pay attention to the comments on social media most of your customers are unhappy

    • Rebecca B BETEAG

      I am sorry to hear you have had an issue with FFF. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I am an annual subscriber, in fact, I have two subscriptions and often pick up a box from the edit sales as well. Really helps with gifts for friends and family. I have found the online chat folks to be awesome and very helpful. I have utilized this when picking up an extra box. They are very receptive and will let me know what items are still available. Have you reached out to them regarding your duplication issues? I also gifted my daughter a subscription. This December, her winter box was showing at the same location for 6 weeks. They sent her a replacement box and told her to keep the other box when/if it arrived, not to bother returning. Let CS know of your problems. They are easy to work with.

    • Elizabeth Rush

      You know this is not the fab fit fun site right? Like they are not going to read your post. I am annual now but when I was seasonal I never had issues with things being sold out. Did you log in right away to customize?

      • AJ RN

        Right! I was Thinking the same thing. If things were sold out it’s because someone waited until the last minute to customize. They send out tons of reminders for customization dates and add on sales.