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Wonder Crate is a subscription that encourages kids to think big about the impact that they can have in the world by providing them tools to do it. Ideal for kids ages 7 to 11, each monthly mailer contains a book to inspire, stories of kids their own age, activities to empower, collectibles, and more. You can also choose one among the three available series: Innovators, Artists, and Activists. The first month’s box will include a metal carrying case. Monthly subscriptions start at $29.95. The subscription also gives back to the community by donating a portion of sales from each box to a child who is making a difference. Wonder Crate also has Jr. subscription with a board book instead of a chapter book!

This is the review of a box from the Artists series, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright!

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The box came in perfect condition.

Some of the materials were packed in plastic.

Every box includes a booklet. On the cover, it features this month’s featured activist: Frank Lloyd Wright!

At the back is a list of other boxes in the crate’s Artist Series.

Bouncing Back: Frida Kahlo and You!

King of Jazz: Louis Armstrong and You!

Renaissance Man: Leonardo da Vinci and You!

Inside, the booklet has a message from the founder of Wonder Crate. There’s also a list of what to expect from this month’s box.

Here’s a short story about Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous American architects in history.

It also contains different activities for kids, plus complete instructions.

Everything in the box!

Tote Bag. This month’s box includes a blue tote bag with a printed logo of Wonder Crate.

This cute bag will come in handy for storing the learning materials and other items from this crate.

This postcard features the Tree of Life art glass window design.

According to the back of the postcard, the design is made by Darwin D. Martin.

Also included in the box is a bookmark, and it has a list of interesting titles that features Aretha Franklin and Elton John.

It has other fun books at the back!

RX Kids Protein Snack Bar Chocolate Chip ($1.13) There’s also a delicious chocolate chip snack bar for the kids. This individually wrapped bar is a perfect snack to bring on-the-go.

It’s tasty because it’s made with real chocolate! Also included in the ingredients are gluten free oats, egg whites, and dates.

Collectible Cards. Every Wonder Crate box includes a Heroes collectible card that kids can play with.

They also provided instructions on how to play it!

How to play: Shuffle and deal all cards face down making a pile for each player to hold in their hand. Each player turns over the top card so only they can see it. Select a player to go first. That player reads out a category and its value from their card. For example, “Curiosity 58” or “Persistence 46”. The birth year of the hero can also be used. All other players the read out the value for that same category on their own card. The person with the highest number wins that round and collects the cards from the other players, adding them to the bottom of their pile. Play then moves to the player to the left.

This month’s box includes 4 Hero cards featuring Sally Ride, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, and Frank Lloyd Wright. There’s also a guide for the positive trait symbols on each card.

This is fun to play while learning new things about the inspiring personalities!

Build Your Own House. This kit includes all the materials for the build-your-own house activity!

It’s composed of cutouts plus the connectors in different colors.

There’s also a card that provides a link to other fun activities!

My daughter was excited to build the house!

My sons also joined in on the fun and started putting together the smaller parts.

Their house model is starting to take shape!

They even placed some toys inside after securing the stability of the structure. I think they did a great job were inspired by the book!

Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright? by Ellen Labrecque ($5.99)

Born in Wisconsin in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright became obsessed with a set of building blocks his mother had given to him on his ninth birthday. He grew up to become the father of organic architecture and the greatest American architect of all time, having designed more than 1,100 buildings during his lifetime. These included  private homes – such as the stunning Fallingwater, churches, temples, a hotel, and the world-famous Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  When asked how he could create so many designs, he answered, “I can’t get them out fast enough.” Frank Lloyd Wright was a man ahead of his time who could barely keep up with his own ideas!

The back cover lists some facts about Frank Lloyd Wright.

My son enjoyed reading the book about the life of America’s greatest architects!

It also included events that shaped his life as an architect.

It includes the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. After the incident, many architects took part in the city’s rebuilding efforts and it includes Frank Lloyd Wright.

The book is also filled with black and white illustrations.

My kids enjoyed this Wonder Crate box, which is filled with new learnings and inspiration! It tackled the life of America’s greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He is an inspiration for his persistence and dedication to his craft! My kids enjoyed going through the booklet, as well as doing the featured activity which is about building a house model. They also loved the book included in this month’s box, where they learned how Frank Lloyd Wright faced so many difficulties but was still able to rise up. There are even collectible cards that kids can play with! The concept of this activity box for kids is a really good one. It doesn’t just keep them busy and entertained with the activities, it’s also a fun way to learn and empower them at a young age!

What do you think of Wonder Crate?

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