Mosaic Foods Plant-Based Meals Review + Coupon – Soup Bowls!

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Mosaic Foods is a frozen meal subscription that offers healthy and delicious meals. The subscription starts at a $70 minimum order per box (to avoid unsustainable shipping) and comes with free next-day shipping for a $100+ box. Their meals are healthy, single-serving portions that feed an average adult for one meal. The meals are complete, balanced, healthy, and most of all, satisfying. They are packed with plant-powered protein and fiber, and provide the energy a person needs to go on with their day! Currently, they offer veggie bowls, soups, and oat bowls. Even better, all of Mosaic’s packaging is recyclable and sustainable – even the plastic film.

This is the review of Mosaic Soup Bowls.

All of Mosaic’s soups are easy to prepare, feature clean ingredients, and have 10+ grams of plant protein. We were excited to try these – we’ve tried a lot of frozen food, and some of the best meals we’ve had are from Mosaic!

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The items arrived in great condition!

Everything in my box!

Miso Soba Noodle Soup. This is not your ordinary miso soup because it contains soba noodles, making it a filling meal on its own.

Aside from the noodles, ingredients include fiber-rich shiitake mushrooms, vitamin A-rich bok choy, and anti-inflammatory ginger. For a spicy kick, they also added togarashi, a red Japanese chili.

According to the packaging, this dish only contains 300 calories!

To prep, simply peel off the plastic film and pop it in your microwave! You can also heat this up via stovetop, but I was going for convenience.

It’s nice that it has a best before date so we can take note of that when stocking up.

This looks really good! There are tons of shiitake mushrooms on top.

Here’s how it looked like after heating. The soup was really good! It’s flavorful with a good amount of heat which I think is what sets this apart from regular miso soups. Everything is well balanced and this noodle soup bowl is actually quite filling!

I also liked how chewy the soba noodles are. Despite coming in frozen, I’m surprised that it still had a nice texture and bite after reheating. That means that they good quality!

Ginger, Quinoa & Veggie Soup. This is a level up from the usual veggie soup, as it contains fiber-rich quinoa and the soothing flavor of ginger!

This one has 270 calories per serving.

Just like the others, just make sure to peel the plastic sheet before popping it in the microwave.

Look at the generous amount of sweet potatoes on top of the bowl! When heated, this turns into soothing broth, especially because it contains a blend of ginger, turmeric, and lemon in its soup base.

It smells so good! I also like that this soup had a generous amount of spinach. This green, leafy vegetable contains a lot of nutrients that the body needs including iron and calcium.

The broth itself was nicely seasoned. The quinoa also added a bit more texture and made the soup more filling along with the sweet potatoes.

Pozole Verde. Next up is a Mexican soup called Pozole Verde! It’s traditionally made with pork and hominy with a flavorful broth. This version has no pork, but still tasty!

I’m surprised to see that it only has 260 calories!

It came nicely packed and sealed to ensure safety.

Whether you love Mexican food or you just want a warm and nourishing meal, this soup bowl is a good choice. It contains hominy, which are corn kernels that underwent nixtamalization or a process where it was treated with an alkali.

It looks and smells really good! The soup has the traditional Mexican flavors from fresh tomatillos, plus a blend of jalapeno, cubanelle, serano, and poblano peppers, making the dish feel like it’s homemade!

Aside from hominy, this soup also contains hearty black beans and bright yellow corn.

Tomato, Rosemary & White Bean Soup. Tomato soup is another perfect comfort food! For Mosaic’s version, they used San Marzano tomatoes and they slow-simmered it with rosemary, garlic, and onions.

This soup has 370 calories!

If you wish to prepare this on a stove top, simply put the contents in a pot and add a few tablespoons of water then let it simmer over low heat while stirring every once in a while.

Look at that bright orange color!

This may look like your ordinary tomato soup, but its flavors isn’t. It contains agave for a touch of sweetness, plus red pepper flakes that give it a kick of heat!

The Great Northern Beans were firm and nutty, and they also made this soup a hearty one! Another thing to love about them is that they are low in fat, and rich in iron and dietary fiber.

Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Soup. The main ingredient of this velvety soup is cauliflower which is rich in fiber and B-vitamins. The roasted garlic makes it flavorful, along with the harissa powder made from paprika, cayenne, and acerola berry.

This soup has a total of 380 calories.

To make it more filling, they even added protein-rich chickpeas and garbanzo beans.

The taste of roasted garlic didn’t disappoint. I could taste its deep savory flavor in each spoonful!

The cauliflower seems to have been incorporated to the soup which makes for a thicker consistency!

Curried Lentil Soup. Last on the menu is a curry-based soup! They used thick and creamy coconut milk for this one, mixed with curry powder and coriander.

This soup has 460 calories, the highest calorie count among all the soups in this box. To make it healthier, they added carrots, tomatoes, and protein-rich red lentils.

Once heated, this soup turns thick and creamy!

It has a nice texture from the lentils and it’s very hearty. It somehow reminds me of Dal which is an Indian dish.

The greens on the bowl is the lacinato kale, which is rich in vitamin A, K, and C.

Mosaic offers a good range of plant-based meals, and this time, I tried the soup bowls which are perfect for anytime I need something warm and nourishing. Each of them offers a different flavor. Some are spicy while some are savory, but they’re all delicious just the same. They also offer soups inspired by international cuisines, like the Pozole Verde which is inspired by Mexican flavors and the miso soba noodle soup inspired by the Japanese staple. These soups were very satisfying yet I can eat a whole bowl guilt-free since they’re vegan and they have a low calorie count! Another thing I like about these soups, as well as the rest of Mosaic’s plant based meals, is that they are easy to prepare. Heating these soup only takes a few minutes in the microwave or by using a stove top. If you want to try plant-based food but don’t know where to start, you can check out what Mosaic has to offer! Aside from soups, they also have oat bowls, noodles, veggie bowls, and more!

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