Sensory TheraPLAY Box Review + Coupon – November 2020

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Sensory TheraPLAY Box is a monthly subscription that delivers sensory toys designed for 5 to 9-year-old children. Each box is curated by a pediatric occupational therapist. While the box is ideally suited for autistic children, those with sensory processing disorders, and those who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and behavioral issues, it’s also just a really fun toy box for anyone interested in playing and exploring, although there may be a few items that are really sensory-specific. Boxes cost $40.95 each. Discounts are available for longer prepaid subscriptions.

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Every month you will receive a random surprise assortment of sensory toys and items for your child. This wonderful sensory box is intended for children on the autism spectrum and/or children with sensory processing issues, but it has anything but a clinical feel — it is packed with bright paper squiggles and is fun to dig into.

All the items are hidden under the white squiggles. How exciting!

This month’s box included a little postcard-sized print with a quote from Winnie the Pooh.

The things that make me different are the things that make me, me!

We also received another card that features all the items included inside the box!

At the back of the card is a detailed explanation of each item and its common therapeutic use. Examples of items include putty, textured tactile toys/ fidgets, craft activities, light up toys, drawing utensils, etc. They also note the retail value of each item.

Everything in the box!

Glitter Poppin Hopper ($1) This toy helps enhance a kid’s hand-eye coordination. It’s handy and very easy to play, all you need to do is flip the popper in and out for it to snap and pop, then let your kid catch the hopper mid-air!

Super Mochi Squshamal ($5) It’s a super soft and squishy hand fidget for kids!

It’s a llama, a small and cute one at that!

Squeezing and pinching this soft little toy can help relieve stress and provide a calming effect. It also helps improve focus and concentration during school-related activities.

Senso Band Chewable Armband ($16.95; $11.99 on the card) Senso-Band is a unique bracelet made from phthalate-free and dishwasher-safe rubber.

It’s an engaging armband accessory with a unique textured design, which your kid can rub to increase their concentration and reduce stress immediately.

Squish N’ STretch Textured Twiddle ($5.99) It’s a textured, stretchable, and squeezable sensory toy made from premium-quality rubber that stretches up to 5 feet.

These are created for creative therapy!

Inside the box are 3 different types of strings, with unique textures and colors. One is green, the next one is yellow, and the third is red. They are flexible so kids can form them into different shapes or knot them together!

Aside from creative play, these strings can help redirect focus and self-regulation skills!

Expanding Giraffe + Dog ($3.99) Here’s another long and stretchy sensory toy for kids to play with! This time, it’s made with flexible plastic materials.

There are 2 animal-themed stretchy toys in the box. One is a purple dog and the other is a blue-colored giraffe.

These toys produce a satisfying clicking sound every time you pull and push the toy’s body. It also works on bilateral coordination skills and upper body strengthening.

EeBoo Spottington ($21.99) This unique multiplayer board game features the village of Spottington, and it’s made using 7 interchangeable side boards together with 250 spotting cards.

Each time you play this “Looking Game” The board is never quite the same! Be the first (sometimes it’s hard) To find what’s pictured on each card.

All the items are neatly curated inside, most of them came in their own plastic packaging.

Featured on the box’s flap is all the information you need to know to play the game. It includes the game’s objectives, rules, and more!

This game can be played by six players, making it the ideal indoor toy for siblings or the whole family!

Each of the spotting cards contains different figures or images that you need to find all over the board. All you just need to do is gather the players, set-up the board, flip the cards, and find the image on the card.

This game helps kids improve their patience, as they surely need to wait for each of their turns. It also improves their fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

It’s been a while since our last box from Sensory TheraPLAY! They still send high-quality developmental toys and this month, it includes a great lineup of squishy, stretchy, and exciting fidgets. My kids loved all of them and their favorite is the board game because they can play it together! Some of the sensory toys from this box can be enjoyed by adults as well. If you’re looking for the best developmental toys, this one makes it easy for you by sending new ones every month!

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