MasterClass Ron Finley Gardening Class Review

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This is a review of the Ron Finley Teaches Gardening class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Ron Finley

This class opens with an inspiring appreciation for mother nature, along with a lesson on the power that comes with growing your own food. Ron Finley talks about how he got started and how growing your own food gives you freedom to control what you put in your body while also allowing you to help others do the same. For those who are not familiar with Ron Finley, he is a community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener”. Ron began by turning a narrow strip of soil between the street and the sidewalk in front of his house into a garden because he was tired of having to drive 45 minutes to find good vegetables that had not been treated with agrochemicals. His small garden did so well that it not only feed himself but became a food source for his neighbors.

“For the last 10 years, I’ve worked to turn this food desert into a food forest,” Ron says. “I wanted to show people the possibilities of what could happen with this land that was just being used for people’s dog shit. People leave dressers and toilets and whatever. They just discard all their trash on their parkway. I wanted to beautify this. I wanted to show people they could do the same thing.”

In this class, Ron’s goal is to show you how to create your own gangster garden and all of the possibilities that come with growing your own food. This class will show you the tools any gardener needs to have on hand and how to turn household items into containers for your plants. He talks about everything from how to compost, plant a herb garden, and how to not kill your plants!

Gardening – Who is it for?

This class is for anyone who wants to start their own garden! Not matter how much space you have, Ron shows viewers how to make any space into a garden where you can grow your own food. This class goes over everything from finding the right soil to growing herbs, greens, and sweet potatoes. This class is mainly geared at those who have none or only a little experience with gardening, but for those who have more experience and are looking for some great extra insights the workbook for this class has lots of excellent details about everything from companion plants to seed saving.

MasterClass Ron Finley – Main Themes

  • Control what you eat
  • Food is medicine
  • Respect for mother nature
  • Inspirational
  • Community

MasterClass Workbook – Ron Finley

The workbook for this class has a lot of great information! It has a summary of every lesson, along with additional information to help viewers understand their climate, companion plants, and so much more. The workbook also has assignments after each lesson that encourage viewers to plan out their garden based on climate, space, and preference, and how to plant and harvest your own garden. Each chapter also has a section that defines any lingo used in the lessons.

MasterClass Gardening Key Takeaways

Ron Finley has created an inspiring and educational class that is really for anyone of any experience level. The class goes through all the fundamentals so no matter where you are, you have the tools to grow you own food. He talks about composting, how to turn household items into plant holders, and how to not kill your plants. The class also goes through how to grow and harvest kale, legumes, sweet potatoes, and herbs, while also providing tips that apply for a wide variety of plants.

“With my garden, I’m taking some of my power back,” says Ron. “A garden represents freedom to me.” In his view, cultivating vegetables is about changing your life. It’s an education—and a catalyst. “Gardening has taught me more about myself and this planet than I could ever learn from any book.”

What I really enjoyed about this class was Ron’s personal story and how he places emphasis on the importance of being able to grow your own food. Growing your own food not only provides you freedom to choose what you eat, but it allows you to help feed your family and your neighbors, help save the climate, and create something beautiful. He also talks about how gardening creates community and brings people together, while also creating a more beautiful and safer place to live.

Final Thoughts Ron Finley’s MasterClass

I loved this class from the very beginning! Ron Finley has created an energetic and educational class that really shows how important and easy it is to start your own garden and control what you put in your body. If you are looking for a class that will teach you how to start your own garden and help improve your community, this is the class for you!

What do you think of this MasterClass?

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