MasterClass Howard Schultz Business Leadership Class Review

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This is a review of the Howard Schultz Teaches Business Leadership class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz begins this class by talking about how entrepreneurialism has changed since he first began to expand his company. He also talks about the importance of a lack of self-doubt at your willingness and desire to start your business. You may have self-doubt about how successful you may be, but you should not have any doubt about how much you are willing to sacrifice for your goals. So he encourages viewers who are ready, to jump in, take calculated risks, and bring their fantastic idea to life.

For those who are not familiar with Howard Schultz, he was the CEO of Starbucks for over 40 years. When he bought the small Starbucks company, his goal was to create a revolutionary global coffee chain, where values and profits were not at odds with each other.

After seeing his injured father be tossed aside by his employer, Howard made employee dignity a top value for Starbucks. Under Howard’s leadership, Starbucks became one of the first U.S. companies to offer health insurance and stock options to part-time workers. This value also helped the company finally achieve success in China after almost a decade of struggle. Starbucks knew family was a core value for the Chinese, so it created a new benefit: critical illness health insurance for the parents of its partners.

In this class, Howard Schultz not only teaches viewers how to take an idea and create a lasting business, but how to create a company that takes care of its employees and takes pride in its values. The class focuses on how to take the leap by being curious and trusting in an entrepreneur mentor, how to build a company from the ground up, and lastly how to be the best leader to ensure success for everyone in the company.

Business Leadership – Who is it for?

This class is for anyone who is ready to learn how to start their own business. Howard is very up front with what it takes to succeed when starting out, but he has created a class that demonstrates how to take that leap of faith and create something new. Howard’s method of teaching is perfect for anyone with any experience level. His explanations are rarely filled with lots of business jargon and when he does use certain terms he makes sure to define them in the workbook.

MasterClass Howard Schultz – Main Themes

  • Jump In
  • Values
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration

MasterClass Workbook – Howard Schultz

The workbook for this class will be your guide to applying the lessons in the video to your own startup business. Each video lesson has a review where the main points are outlined and easy to reference back to. Along with this review, there is a section called “Ask Yourself” and “Take Action”. The “Ask Yourself” section has probing questions that will help guide you to develop your own business plan, while the “Take Action” section provides more prompts or activities for you to complete to improve on certain topics.

MasterClass Business Leadership Key Takeaways

Howard Schultz has created a really in-depth class full of great advice and insights on how to build your business from the ground up. This class uses Howard’s experience as the CEO of Starbucks to guide viewers through the process of developing their own business plan. He also takes the time to talk about the importance of a company’s values, consumers, and employees. Lastly, the class focuses on how to build a team that shares your values and has a skill set better and stronger than your own.

There is no straight line. You’re going to have challenges and issues. But many of the challenges and issues are things that intuitively you already know you can solve, things that aren’t in the textbooks, things based on your life experiences that have prepared you for this moment.

What I really liked about this class was Howard Schultz’s ability to really share his knowledge and experience. He uses Starbucks for many of his examples, but he also outlines things, like how to find the right investors and the importance of understanding what is happening financially with your company, in a way that is easy to understand no matter how much experience you may have in business.

Final Thoughts Howard Schultz’s MasterClass

This class had my attention from the very beginning! Howard Schultz has created a detailed and honest class that really provides great insights and advice that can be applicable for any startup company. If you are looking for a class that will inspire you and help you build the confidence you need to jump in and start your own business, this is the class for you!

What do you think of this MasterClass?

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