Miss MuscleBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2020

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Miss MuscleBox is a women’s subscription box tailored for women who want to get fit, tone up and get active. Each month, you will receive new apparel (shirt, leggings, shorts, sports bra, etc.), gym equipment, snacks and other goodies to keep you motivated at the gym. A monthly workout will also be included to add some variety to your gym session. The box is $22.99 + shipping a month. The company also offers a box geared for men (MuscleBox) and the Protein Box, a box entirely focused on proteins.

DEAL: Get $10 off your first box! Use the coupon code HS10 at checkout.

Everything in the box!

The information card only includes information about the main items : the Miss Musclebox “Never Give Up” T-Shirt on one side.

And the Skipping Rope on the other side.

This month, the included workout is all about skipping rope!

The workout card’s welcoming words tells us a bit more about the greatest fitness accesories there is : the skipping rope. Just one minute a day can five you all the health benefits of increasing both your fitness and coordination.

Skipping rope can help so many things : strengthening the cardiovascular system, helping weight loss, improves coordination, training abs and sculpts the legs. What’s not to like?

There’s also a skipping terminology to help us understand this month’s workout and also gives us ideas of what to do with the skipping rope beside the usual!

We even have a guide of how to get into the proper position to get the best out of skipping. So much information about skipping, I love it!

And then we have 4 different workouts using the skipping rope for the month, so you can’t get bored!

HYPR Skipping Rope.

This is a simple adjustable skipping rope.

The rope itself is made of a very soft material (PVC or Vinyl) and the length can be adjusted by popping off the cap of one handle. The rope can then be cut and put back in place.

The wire rotates freely in the handles. I had wire skipping rope before, but I always go back to this kind of simple rope. And seeing as everyone in my family ends up stealing my rope, I’m glad to have a new one!

Miss Musclebox “Never Give Up” T-shirt.

This is a very nice Racerback tank top and I really like the golden writing on black fabric. Although the info card says it’s made of a blend of high-quality fabrics, I don’t know the exact type of fabric used. It feels a bit rough like cotton, but it’s still quite soft.

Shrewd Food – Protein Cookies Oat & Chip. Delicious one bite cookies, they are almost as crunchy as a cracker. They are perfect enjoyed with a cup of coffee. They contain 8g of protein (for the whole bag) and they have probiotics, prebiotics as well as 2g of fiber.

Munk Pack Protein Cookie Double Dark Chocolate. This soft baked cookie is gluten free, soy-free and vegan. The 18g of protein comes from the peanut butter, brown rice and pea. The serving size is half a cookie (for 9g of protein), but I couldn’t resist eating the whole thing for the full 18g of protein and 360 calories. Worth it.

Shrewd Food Protein Puffs – Brick Oven Pizza. Little round puffs that really tastes like brick oven pizza. Mostly the tomato-garlic of the sauce with some cheddar cheese flavor. My husband stole the bag, letting me taste only one puff, and he found them very satisfying and the perfect late afternoon snack. One bag has only 90 calories for 14g of protein.

This was another great box for me. I like the mix of delicious sweet and savory protein snacks. The tank top was great and perfect to wear even outside the gym and I’m happy I got a skipping rope, the perfect fitness accesories especially for home workouts as you don’t need a lot of room to get a great workout!

What do you think of this subscription?

Visit Miss Muscle Box to subscribe or find out more!


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