MasterClass Sara Blakely Self-Made Entrepreneurship Class Review

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This is a review of the Sara Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely starts her class with an introduction to how she became the successful business woman she is today. When she started her now billion-dollar company, she had $5,000 in savings, no experience in fashion or retail, and had never taken a business class. All she had was an idea about how to address a gap she saw in women’s clothing.

For those who are not familiar with Sara Blakely, she is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the founder of Spanx, an intimate apparel company. She started her company because she found that women’s undergarments were not being made with consideration for the comfort of the woman wearing them. So her original idea was to create a comfortable and invisible undergarment to wear under white jeans.

Sara Blakely had no fashion, retail, or business leadership experience when she invented Spanx in the late 1990s. All she had was $5,000 and an idea. Today, Spanx products are available in major chains ranging from Neiman Marcus to Target. Sara is on the exclusive list of billionaire business titans, alongside Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Virgin Group mogul Richard Branson (whom Sara met when she was a contestant on Branson’s reality TV show, The Rebel Billionaire, in 2004). She’s also number 23 on Forbes’s “America’s Self-Made Women” list.

Sara Blakely has created a very detailed and inspiring class that focuses on strengthening your mindset and your entrepreneurial strategies. The class explores many different topics including how to develop your mindset, find your purpose, get your idea to the markets, and lastly how to create a good business culture.

Self-Made Entrepreneurship – Who is it for?

This class is for anyone who has an idea but may doubt themselves, because they think they don’t have the funds, or the business experience. Sara Blakely has created this class for everyone. No matter how much entrepreneurial experience you might have, anything is possible. The only experience she had when starting her company was selling fax machines. This class really goes through her entire process, which includes everything from the practical side of creating a product to how to adapt your mindset to achieve your goals.

MasterClass Sara Blakely – Main Themes

  • Stay connected to your why
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Aim high
  • Take calculated risks

MasterClass Workbook – Sara Blakely

The workbook is a great addition to this class. It breaks down each lesson into its subchapters and provides assignments for each subchapter. These assignments help viewers brainstorm ideas, find their entrepreneurial mindset, and move the idea through the entrepreneurial process. The workbook also includes suggestions for further reading that showcases great entrepreneurs and inspiring writers. Sara has also included notes about some of the best networking and events for women, starting sites for manufacturers, and some great interview questions when hiring.

MasterClass Self-Made Entrepreneurship Key Takeaways

This class goes through Sara Blakely’s entire entrepreneurial process by developing a mindset that allows you to get your idea to the markets. She takes the time to focus on prototyping, working with manufacturers, selling your product, pricing, and how to build a culture for your company. She also includes a few case studies which look at her own company and other successful companies to provide insights for topics like hiring and pricing.

I started Spanx as a frustrated consumer. I just wanted to be able to wear white pants to a party and have nothing show underneath.

What I found so inspiring in this class was Sara Blakely’s ability to speak to her strengths and focus on her purpose throughout her journey. She describes purpose as a combination of something that brings you joy, what are you good at, and how you want to serve the world. Once she found her purpose, it allowed her to tackle everything from prototyping to advertising her product, because she knew why her product was revolutionary and would benefit so many women.

Final Thoughts on Sara Blakely’s MasterClass

This class is filled with inspiring stories and great insights to the world of entrepreneurship. Sara Blakely has created a class that is really for anyone. She breaks down her journey and uncovers the mysteries of entrepreneurship to show that anyone can start their own business and be successful. If you have an idea or want to be a self-made entrepreneur, but you are afraid you don’t have the experience, this is the class for you!

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