Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome May 2020 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal is an exclusive mystery box with non-gender specific goodies. The boxes vary monthly and there are no themes, but they promise to send items that are generally relevant to the season. It costs $24.99 monthly and shipping is free.

This month’s box is pretty huge!

Some of the items were packed with plastic and the others came in their original packaging.

Everything in my box!

Better Homes & Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin Candle. The candle came in a separate box.

Upon opening, I saw two rose gold-colored caps and they were separated with another piece of carton to protect them both from breakage during transit!

There are two scented candles! I just love how amazing the container looks. I’m sure I can repurpose them once I’m done with the candles.

They smell amazing! I can already tell that this will make the room smell like heaven once they’re lit up! Although, this scent reminds me of the holidays so I’m thinking of saving these for a few more months!

Vlanc + Piür Hand Sanitizer ($10.50) It’s a bottle of hand sanitizer, which I can use to keep my hands clean all the time! This sanitizer has aloe vera so it not only cleanses the skin but also keeps it soft and moisturized. The formula is fragrance-free and there’s also no need to rinse it!

Marvel Tumbler. To help us keep us hydrated, here’s a Captain America tumbler! This tumbler has insulation, so I can now keep my drinks cold or hot while I’m working.

I like that it has a clear lid so I can easily see if my drink is running low!

Joy Mangano Walter Filter. They also included this water filter in the box!

I got the complete set, along with the usage and care instructions!

The carbon filter included in the set removes 99.6% of sediment including bad taste, odor, and chlorine, making the water potable.

It’s eco-friendly and it can also save you lots of money because it gives you fresh and delicious water without having to spend too much!

I love how lightweight this is. I can bring it during travels as well!

114 Piece Furniture Pads. Here’s a set of furniture pads which come in handy when relocating or just simply redecorating the house!

It comes in different shapes and sizes so you can use it for your sofa’s footing, your tables and chairs, and even other furniture! You can re-arrange your furniture all you want without having to worry about damaging or scratching the floor!

I like that this came in its own packaging so I can easily stash it away and not have a problem finding it the next time I need it!

Solaray Waterproof Dry Bag. There’s also this very handy dry bag which is perfect for a day at the beach!

It came in its original packaging that has instructions on how to use it.

The size is big enough to carry around most of my valuables like my phone and a coin purse.

It has a “Get Out There” printed on it that reminds me to take on more adventures!

The bag itself is very lightweight and the material is durable!

This is the perfect bag to keep your precious valuables on when going on outdoor adventures which will most likely end up with you getting wet!

Creepy Wrapping Paper Book Gift Wrap. Lastly, we have a gift wrap book filled with creepy illustrations!

It contains twelve sheets of wrapping paper that are perfect for Halloween!

It has everything from creepy clown heads to bugs…

A pig slicing itself in half…

Worms and tooth extractions…

And even more bugs!

There’s also creepy doll heads that remind me of the movie Saw!

The quality of the paper is nice but you will surely give the creeps out to a friend when you wrap their gifts with these creepy wrappers!

Wow! That was surely random but everything was fun and neat in this month’s Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome! I really like that they included a hand sanitizer in this month’s box to remind us to always keep our hands clean. My favorite item from this box is the Marvel Tumbler because the design is cool and it even keeps my drinks hot or cold. Overall, it was an amazing box and the contents were surely awesome! Nothing here will go to waste!

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome?

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