Pipsticks Kids Club Classic May 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription that sends new designs from their collection in a super shiny holographic pack every month! The stickers come in a reusable sparkly pouch and include sticker sheets, paper products, and Little Zippy, an exclusive sticker magazine. You also get 5% savings in the online store and more. You can choose to get stickers for adults (Pro Club) or kids (Kids Club). Both clubs come in Classic (15 sheets for $17.95 a month) or Petite (7 sheets for $11.95 a month). Shipping is free to the U.S., and Pipsticks can even be shipped worldwide for a fee.

C’mon. Who doesn’t love stickers? Any stationery lover, crafter or pen pal knows the true magic of these little guys. Stickers motivate, inspire, entertain and delight with unmatched simplicity.

The Kids sticker pack is totally child-friendly, they can do everything by themselves which means it’s a break for the parents – yay!

DEAL: save $5 on your subscription! Use coupon code FRIENDSROCK.

I am reviewing the Pipsticks Kids Club Classic! This is my first ever Pipsticks Kids Club pack and I can’t wait to see how it compares to the Pro Club pack (which is for older kids and adults). Each month I can expect to receive 15 sheets of stickers, a coloring postcard, an activity booklet, a chance to win the monthly raffle, 5% savings in the online store, and more!

Pipsticks includes an exclusive magazine called Little Pippy.

The booklet said the May stickers were inspired by classic tales and gave an idea for a sticker club. There was info on the new monthly giveaway.

Info on the coloring contest was on this page, along with a coloring activity and maze.

Decorate this page with some of your new stickers!

The back page had a puzzle.

My stickers and goodies were tucked into this fabulous holographic zipper envelope. The back of this envelope is shimmery gold stars!

Everything in my box!

Here’s the Coloring Postcard that can be decorated and then entered into the contest mentioned in the Little Pippy Magazine. You can find postcards and stickers, even past monthly kits in the Pipsticks online shop. The current monthly offerings should be in there in the following month, so look for all of these items in June, if they don’t sell out first that is.

The back of the postcard looks like a normal postcard.

Scratch n’ Sniff Mushrooms smell so sweet, like bubble gum!

Animals with Crowns look pretty cool, and the mini flowers are so pretty too.

Disco Pigs are partying with the Big Bad Wolf, and I love the detail – he’s blowing on a noisemaker!

Pretty Princesses are participating in various sports and other activities. These stickers are iridescent and change color with the light. Oh my gosh I just realized the guitar-playing princess has a lightning bolt a la David Bowie over her eye!

These Castles are also iridescent, and I love castles. I used to live near a real castle – you can see it at the end of an Ed Sheeran video!

Cutie Cups have adorable little animals inside teacups. They have metallic holographic accents.

I’m calling this sheet Excalibur since it has swords, crowns, and a wizard’s hat. Metallic gold and holographic touches make it shine.

Fairy Tales reminds me of being a kid, and also of last week. You’re never too old to get lost in a good book! Metallic gold holographic accents.

I’m calling this sheet Dragons Heart Pizza. Do you think they like their pizzas extra spicy?

Happy Hippos are super pretty in those pastel colors. Even the oxpeckers look cute!

Friendly Fairies have striking metallic accents in their wings and the stars shine too.

Story Books have that iridescent glow that changes color with the light.

Piggy Banks also have that shimmery color-changing quality.

Rainbow Strips have iridescence and I am excited to see that they are in cool pastel tones.

Puffy Heart is huge – about 3.5″ from one edge to the next.

It’s also thick and will look cool on a laptop.

I was exceptionally thrilled with my very first shipment of the Pipsticks Kids Club Classic sticker set! Pipsticks recommends this level (as opposed to their Pro Club) for younger kids but I am excited to use them myself! The theme was a classic, the puffy sticker was huge, and the designs, prints, and colors are just breathtaking. I love discovering those extra details that make these exciting, like the David Bowie reference. I will share these with my daughter but some will go into my planner for sure.

Are you getting any of Pipsticks’ subscription?

Visit Pipsticks to subscribe or find out more!


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