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Dropps is an eco-friendly company focusing on household products. They offer laundry detergent pods, scent booster pods, fabric softener pods, dishwashing detergent pods, oxi-booster pods, mesh washing bags, and even baby-friendly items. You can purchase items normally, grab by Bundle or by Bulk, or get a recurring subscription that ships automatically every 4 months and gives you a discount on every shipment. You can also easily pause, cancel, or delay shipments right in your online account.

One-time item purchases range from $25 to $30 per box. You’ll save more if you get a Wash Plan which ranges from $17 to $21 per box, depending on the household product you choose. For even bigger savings, Bulk purchases start at $180 for a one time purchase or a $126 with a recurring subscription. It brings down the price of each load to as low as 13¢.

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This review includes Lavender Eucalyptus Bundle (Dropps Stain + Odor Detergent Pods and Scent Booster Pods) and Citrus Clean Household Bundle (Dropps Stain + Odor Detergent Pods and Dish Detergent Pods).

They ship items in a recyclable, repulpable, and compostable cardboard box.

Dropps was awarded the 2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It means they passed the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard with strict human and environmental health criteria. Their products are free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates, enzymes, and optical brighteners.

The boxes open up to reveal the product info and there’s another opening for the product itself.

Everything in my box!

First, we have the Lavender Eucalyptus Bundle which includes Stain + Odor Detergent Pods and Scent Booster Pods ($30 for retail, $21 on a subscription).

Laundry Stain + Odor Detergent Pods – Lavender Eucalyptus. These laundry pods are compatible with all machines, whether HE/high efficiency, standard, front loaders, or top loaders. They’re lightly scented using essential oils and botanical extracts that are gentle on the clothes and on your skin. We have 32 pods of this in the box.

Ingredients include alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylated, glycerin, alkyl ether sulfate, sodium salt, water, subtilisin, alpha amylase, polyethylene glycol monododecyl ether, eucalyptus oil, lavandin oil, lavender oil, cornmint oil, and polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) with bittering agent.

The formula fights tough stains on your clothing while removing nasty odors. One pod is enough for 1 load. To use, make sure your hands are dry and then add the pod to the back/bottom of the washer drum. Then, add clothes and start the machine. There’s no need to unwrap or cut open the pod because it dissolves in water.

Our pod membrane is a water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). When the film dissolves in your washer and enters the water stream micro-organisms (including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi) that commonly exist in water treatment plants are capable of breaking down polyvinyl alcohol to water and carbon dioxide.

Laundry Scent Booster Pods – Lavender Eucalyptus. To go with the detergent pods are these scent booster pods! This product not only boosts the scent of your existing laundry detergent pod but also helps soften your clothes naturally. Of course, we also chose the lavender eucalyptus variant. We have 32 pods!

Ingredients include bentonite, sodium chloride, eucalyptus oil, lavandin oil, lavender oil, cornmint oil, and polyvinyl alcohol film.

Just like the detergent pods, the scent booster is also compatible with all machines. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and it doesn’t leave any residue either. To use, just add it along with the detergent pod in the back of the washer drum, add clothes, and then start washing.

We also have here the Citrus Clean Household Bundle which includes Stain + Odor Detergent Pods in Clean Scent and Dish Detergent Pods in Lemon ($30 for retail, $21 on a subscription).

Laundry Stain + Odor Detergent Pods – Clean Scent. Just like the previous laundry detergent pod, this eliminates tough stains and nasty odors without the use of harsh chemicals. The only difference is the scent. Clean Scent is light, refreshing, and definitely not overpowering. We have 32 pods of this variant!

Ingredients include alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylated, glycerin, alkyl ether sulfate, sodium salt, water, subtilisin, alpha amylase, polyethylene glycol monododecyl ether, orange oil, fir needle oil, and polyvinyl alcohol film(PVOH) with bittering agent.

It also has a biodegradable formula and the best thing is that it doesn’t leave any irritating residue on fabrics.

Dish Detergent Pods – Lemon. These dish detergent pods are formulated to cut through grease and other food particles, leaving plates and glasses sparkly clean. We have the lemon-scented variant and it smells really nice! The box contains 32 dish detergent pods. One pod is good for a regular load of dishes and two pods for a heavy load that includes pots and pans.

Ingredients include sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium citrate, Itaconix CHT 122, alcohol alkoxylate, polycarboxylate sodium salt, sodium metasilicate anhydrous, subtilisin, tetraacethylenediamine (TAED), d-Limonene, alpha amylase, and polyvinyl alcohol film.

These dish detergent pods fit all kinds washers. They’re also pre-measured and more concentrated compared to other pods. To use, make sure your hands are dry and place pod in the main dispenser cup then close and begin cycle.

This is what the water-soluble pods look like! They don’t produce a lot of suds, but that’s fine because their cleaning power is still impressive. Also, more bubbles don’t always mean greater cleaning. Dropps has an explanation for that:

On a psychological level people like to see something happening, but all you’re seeing is soap molecules trapping air in spherical pockets. Trapped air in pockets doesn’t clean. The soap molecules in the water are what’s cleaning. Regardless, many commercial and soap manufacturers add chemicals specifically to create bubbles throughout washing, just to satisfy people when they look in their machine.

So worry not! Your Dropps are doing their job, even with low sudsing.

Dropps has an amazing lineup of household products! For our first box, we decided to try the bundles which include laundry detergent pods, scent booster pods, and dish detergent pods, and they didn’t disappoint. They were made with gentle ingredients and they are all vegan as well. The laundry detergent pods in Lavender Eucalyptus scent are amazing. I love the calming smell it leaves on our clothes. Meanwhile, Clean Scent is pretty refreshing. It’s more subtle than the lavender, but it’s there. Both did a great job in keeping our laundry clean and fresh, no icky residues involved! The dish detergent pods are also great. Since they’re small and concentrated, we didn’t have a hard time loading it in our dishwasher. It also left our glassware and flatware looking spotlessly clean. Overall, I’m really quite satisfied! Dropps is committed to giving us only the best products for our home without harming the environment and we could really see that in the quality of the products we’ve tried so far!

What do you think of Dropps?

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