Supernatural Box Fall 2019 Review

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The Supernatural Box is a quarterly subscription box filled to the brim(stone) with exclusive gear featuring characters and moments from the Supernatural TV series. Each premium box delivers over $100 worth of collectibles, apparel, accessories, and more. The box costs $49.99 per quarter, or $44.99 a quarter when an annual subscription is purchased in advance. This box is produced by Culturefly and contains items licensed and produced exclusively for this box – you can check out all of Culturefly’s other fandom boxes here!

Join the Winchester brothers and feel like one of the family with this amazing assortment of premium collectibles, apparel and artifacts from Supernatural, delivered four times a year, right to your doorstep. You won’t get these exclusive items anywhere else, not even in a  deal with a Crossroads Demon.

It’s the ultimate score for a Supernatural fanatic!

The box has a very polished feel, from the decorative shipping box, to the stylized info card.

The card presents a photo inventory of everything in the box.

Everything inside the Fall 2019 box!

Snapback Hat with Red Wings and Anti Possession Symbol. It’s an exclusively designed snapback hat! Made with denim-type fabric in red and black, this makes such a cool accessory for any casual day.

Embroidered on the front panel of the cap is a huge red wing design that also features the anti-possession symbol from Supernatural!

It’s a snapback hat, so it’s so easy to adjust! All you just need to do is to peel off the straps at the back, then adjust according to your desired fitting.

This cap is not just well-designed, it is well-stitched too!

Winchester Bros Brand Rock Salt Graphic T-Shirt. It’s a black graphic shirt made from 100% premium quality cotton fabric! It’s soft and lightweight, so it’s really comfortable to wear.

The shirt’s design is really awesome. It’s an ad for the Winchester Brothers and the kind of services they offer, which includes repelling of fairies, spirits, ghosts, demons, and even witches!

Etched on the bottom-left part of the tee is the Supernatural Join the Hunt logo, for authenticity!

Crowley Plushie. This exclusive plush toy is Crowley, a powerful demon who was the King of the Crossroads and the King of Hell. He’s surely a scary character, but this plushie at least gave him soft features!

Crowley here is cute and nicely detailed. It even has the exact same costume of Crowley, a black sophisticated suit with a necktie.

Mark Of Cain Charm. The next exclusive item is a charm featuring The Mark of Cain, a seal that is created to lock away the darkness. It comes with a chain and a lobster clasp, so you can attach it with your keys or on your bag.

In the series, this mark is the primary source of the First Blade’s power, the weapon that Cain used against the Knights of Hell. It’s a powerful and iconic symbol that looks like a three-bladed scythe!

Demon Eye Sleep Mask (Dean’s Eyes). This is such a unique eye mask, and a creepy one at that!

It features the eye of Dean in two different states, a regular one and an eye that is possessed by a demon!

The back of the mask is made with soft and foamy polyester fabric. It also comes with an elastic band that you can easily hook over your head!

Decal. This quarter’s box also includes a vinyl decal that features the logo of Supernaturals with Dean and Sam posing in the middle!

For Supernatural fanatics, this is definitely a great item that you can proudly show off by putting on your laptop or other gadgets.

Art Print Featuring Dean, Crowley, and Castiel. Another great collectible in our hands! It’s an art print poster that features Dean, Crowley, and Castiel!

At the back, it indicates that it’s licensed by Warner Bros. and exclusively made by Culture Fly!

Pint Glass with Handle. Do you know what is the best weekend scenario? Watching all the episodes of Supernatural while drinking a mug of ice-cold beer!

It’s a pint-sized mug made from premium quality clear glass with a specially designed side handle for a more convenient handling.

Featured on this side of the mug is Sam and Dean with a foreshadowed image of Crowley. It also comes with a statement from Crowley saying, “you two, at best, are functional morons!”

This was the only disappointment of the box – why all the printing on the mug? Too much!

Supernatural Box is the ultimate loot for any Supernatural fan! All these exclusive, well-designed, and high-quality merchandise are worthy of adding to our collection. We really love all the items we got this quarter, especially the shirt and mug. The plush toy is also nice, as it has awesome details that made Crowley a little less scary. With the series’ end in sight, it’s really great to have this subscription to make sure that they will all still live in our hearts forever!

What do you think of the Supernatural Box?

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