Breo Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Fall 2019

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Breo Box is a lifestyle subscription that arrives in a handcrafted customized wooden box every quarter. Each box contains 6-high-quality products for men and women, revolving around categories such as health, fitness, and lifestyle essentials. Boxes are also curated around the season. The box costs $159 for the first quarter and less if you’re getting consecutive boxes. Shipping is free in the US and $45 to Canada.

DEAL: Get $15 off your first box! Use coupon code HS15.

Inside the brown box is a smaller wooden box containing all the items. There’s also bubble wrap to cushion everything!

The color of the boxes changes every quarter. This time, it’s in yellow!

Instead of lifting up the cover, you have to slide it to reveal the contents!

The items inside the wooden crate came with their individual packaging as well.

There are lots of interesting items in the box!

The box includes a black envelope sealed with a Breo Box sticker.

Inside, there is a sleek black card.

The cover features Breo’s logo.

Inside, it lists all the items and their retail value. I wish it’s more informative and detailed though.

Everything in my box!

Air Lock Bag Resealer Lite ($16) To keep food fresh, it’s helpful to have resealable bags in handy. If that’s not possible, then this resealer is your new best friend.

It seals any plastic bag instantly using micro-thermal technology.

It’s light and easy to handle. The resealer also comes with a safety razor for easy opening.

It even has a magnet at the back so you can easily store it on your fridge’s door.

All you need are standard AA batteries to make it work.

Lave Classic Shoe Cleaning Kit ($14) Cleaning your shoes doesn’t have to be a hard task. That’s why we have this cleaning kit, which includes a 4 oz. bottle of shoe cleaning solution and a classic brush.

The back of the pack lists instructions on how to use the cleaning kit. You just have to dip the brush in warm water, apply cleaning liquid on the brush, then dip the brush into the water again before scrubbing your shoes. Afterward, wipe your shoes with a towel and repeat all the steps as needed.

The cleaning solution is made in the USA with emulsifiers, moisturizers, and cleaners. It works on all materials and is color safe as well.

This classic brush features a maplewood handle and horsehair bristles. The bristles are tough and they did a good job of removing dirt, especially on the upper material of our shoes!

The Yoga Man(ual) by Jen Murphy ($13.59)

With The Yoga Man(ual), you’ll have everything you need to step on the mat with confidence.

Are you curious about yoga but don’t know how to get started? Intimidated by all the chanting and breathwork, or worried that you can’t even touch your toes? Let The Yoga Man(ual) be your guide. This approachable book covers everything from the basics and benefits of yoga to how to master a handstand, and includes dozens of essential poses you need to develop your own practice―whether at the studio, at home, or on the road. Throughout the book are tips from top instructors, professional athletes, and executives, as well as stories from regular guys who have gone from yoga-adverse to yoga-obsessed.

For those who are interested in yoga, this book is for you!

It contains everything you need to know about yoga, like the basic techniques and other helpful tips.

The book even includes illustrations so you’ll have a better idea of yoga poses being explained.

We appreciate that they defined the most popular yoga styles. It helps newbies to understand what yoga style best fits them and their needs.

The layout is simple and clean. The featured yoga poses are accompanied with definitions, benefits, key points, and even modification suggestions.

TeaHaus Tea Tasting Set ($15) After studying about yoga, what better way to relax than enjoying a cup of tea?

We got a tea tasting pack, which includes three packs of teas, along with a pamphlet that tells you how to make the perfect cup of tea.

The tea packs we got are Roasted Almond which is a caffeine-free fruit tea, Nepal Mystic which is a premium black tea, and Ginger Grapefruit which is a flavored green tea. This is super high quality tea, and really amazing!

Sous Shop Portable Infuser Bottle ($25) The tea party is not yet over because we also got a portable infuser bottle!

The bottle is made with borosilicate glass and stainless steel with a sleeve made with PU leather.

The bottle can carry up to 400 ml or 13.5 oz liquid. The cap comes with a loop handle so you can carry it easily.

It also comes with a tea filter. You just have to open the bottom cap, add tea to the filter, and return the bottom cap before putting hot water on the top opening.

Dr. Save Vacuum Storage Kit + Four Extra Storage Bags ($70) For those who frequently travel, this vacuum travel kit is really useful!

Made in Taiwan and designed in Orlando, Florida, this vacuum sealing kit helps us save space in our luggage.

We got four XL vacuum bags and one vacuum sealer.

The bags are in blue and white, and even the sealer comes in the same color scheme.

Just pack as many clothes as the bag can fit, then grab the sealer and attach it to the opening on the bag then deflate.

You won’t have a hard time because the bag itself is labeled properly, so it’s easier to determine which goes where.

The vacuum sealer is compact, so you can use it not just before jetting off to your destination but also before returning home!

Since we got XL bags, there are lots of space for various clothing items, whether shirts, pants, or even jackets!

Aside from reducing space in your luggage, these bags are also great for storing clothes and other items you won’t be using in a while.

Since the seal removes air in the storage bags, even insects and dust won’t be able to penetrate them.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 ($99.95) Gardening doesn’t have to be hard or complicated and this self-growing garden kit proves us just that!

If you want to be happy for a month, get married. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, become a gardener.

– Chinese proverb

You don’t even need a huge space to grow a plant. This kit allows you to grow plants indoors, and for a whole year round at that!

Upon opening the kit, there’s a message from Click & Grow CEO Mattias Leap.

Our kit includes one Smart Garden with lamp and three basil plant capsules.

We also got an instruction booklet, which lists the step-by-step procedure of planting the pods plus the illustration of the Smart Garden and its parts.

Here’s how the plant cup looks like. This is where we’ll put the Smart Soil pods.

The Smart Garden includes a lamp, so you’re sure that your plants will get enough light they need even when they’re indoors!

This is how it looks like when the lamp is set up with the base. Just plug it in and you’re all good!

We love the sleek design! Another thing we love about this is that there are no pesticides, plant hormones, or any harmful substances involved.

Here’s the complementary basil pack that comes with the Smart Garden.

There are three plant capsules in the pack. According to the label, this sprouts in 1-2 weeks and becomes full-sized in 1-2 months.

The booklet also provided a list of other plant pods available!

Putting the plant capsules on the Smart Garden is as easy as using a coffee maker with a coffee pod!

The Smart Garden also has its own water tank, which can hold enough water to last for 3 weeks.

Shipping quarterly, this box gives us something to get excited about because of the practical and value-packed items they included in each seasonal box. Most items are for the home and for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle, so they’re perfect for our family. Even the box itself is unique because it’s a customized wooden box that you can reuse instead of the usual carton box. Our favorite item this month is the Smart Garden! It’s great to have such a self-growing garden that doesn’t require too much attention or effort, so even busy people can grow their own plants, right at their own home. We also like the vacuum bags and vacuum sealer because they make packing for trips easier for us. The overall total retail value for this quarter is $253! What a steal!

What did you think of Breo Box?

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