Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box Review + Coupon – BRAZIL

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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly kids’ educational subscription box with fun activities about the different countries in the world. This box is designed for children 6-10. Your child will learn about the geography and culture of the world with a monthly delivery of around the world adventures.

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This is the Explorer Kit!

The box comes with a welcome letter from the Little Passport co-founders, Amy Norman and Stella Ma.

Also included is a World Edition Guide. It lists everything you can expect in this box and in the future boxes!

Here’s How It Works:

Inside your starter box is a little blue, green and white suitcase with the Little Passports logo.

This box is made from premium quality materials and is devised with a lock and handle.

The rest of the items arrived securely in a mailer.

Upon opening the mailer, my son quickly checked the activity sheet and was really eager to solve them. These four activities will give you an idea about the four main layers of the Amazon Forest: The Emergent layer, The Canopy, The Understory, and The Forest Floor.

Another activity is a word search!

Aside from the activity sheet, we also got a beautiful semi-precious stone which is a Purple Amethyst Crystal.

This stone is a highly recognized gem throughout the ages for its dazzling beauty and mythical powers that stimulates and calms the mind and emotions.

We received a sticker featuring Brazil’s famous bird, the toucan. My son put it on the top of the suitcase.

We also got a postcard featuring the Red Uakari Monkey. It’s characterized by its short tail, bright red face, and bald head. Another inclusion is a boarding pass featuring the Sam and Sofia, the Little Passports characters. On the illustration, they’re playing football and wearing the Brazil team’s uniform. It’s because football is the most popular sport in the country!

You can use the information on the passes to check the website for pictures and other fun stuff. All aboard!

Another sticker is for the passport!

We can’t wait to fill the passport with more country stamps!

My kid quickly found Brazil on the provided map since they have one of the largest areas in South America.

Brazil is this month’s Little Passports World Edition destination, and my son loved it so much! He enjoyed all the fun activities inside the box, as well as learning about the Amazon Rainforest, the world’s largest tropical rainforest! This helped him understand how important it is to conserve the rainforest because there are lots of rare animal species living there. Overall, the activities are all fun-filled and age-appropriate. Little Passports surely brings us to different adventures, in different beautiful countries and destinations, right in the comforts of our home!

What do you think of Sofia and Sam’s worldwide trip this month? Let us know in the comments!

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