Gramma in a Box April 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription for kids (from a real Grandma!) that sends homemade cookies with frosting and sprinkles along with two easy candy crafts to make at least 15-20 edible treats.

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The items arrived in a red box with a Gramma in a Box sticker.

There’s also an adorable Easter egg basket sticker!

The kit shows up bundled neatly together under some cute tissue.

It is secured using another Gramma In A Box sticker.

All the items come in separate plastic containers.

Also included in the box is a little welcoming note. This month’s box is all about Spring Cookies & Candy.

Flip the card and you’ll find a list of all the items in the box, as well as items you will need from your home.

This is the box upon opening! You just have to remember — no snacking on the craft supplies!

Every month, 3 projects are included in the box. This month, we are going to do Marshmallow Flower Pops, Crunchy Bird’s Nests, and Spring Cookie Decorating. Each of the cards has step by step instructions with a few images.

At the back of each card, you can see the ingredients for each of the recipes, and they also include the potential allergens.

The cards also included a photo on how each project will turn out.

1st Project: Marshmallow Flower Pop. We used the mini marshmallows, popsicle sticks, mini M&Ms, and the yellow melting chocolate for this project.

After laying out sheets of wax paper, the kids added a dollop of the melted chocolate then added a piece of M&Ms candy on the center.

Then, they added marshmallows all around it to form the flower.

We let them set before taking them off the wax paper. Then, we’re done! Our Marshmallow Flower Pops looked so good, I think we can make a bouquet!

Note – if it was a parent making these, we would have flipped that M&M over, except our 4 year old insisted that it go the right way up.

2nd Project: Crunchy Bird’s Nest. For the next project, we used left-over melted chocolate, crunchy Chinese noodles, mini jellybeans, and some paper cups.

The kids covered the crunchy noodles with the melted chocolate by mixing them, then equally divided them on to the paper cups.

It was the easiest among the projects on this box, we just need to put the jellybeans on top of the choco-covered noodles, and our nests are ready!

3rd Project: Spring Cookie Decorating. For the third project, we’ll need sugar cookies, frosting, sanding sugar, and some candy sprinkles and toppings to make beautiful spring cookies!

The cookies came in different shapes and sizes. After laying them out, the kids started decorating them using the different colored frostings.

They used the candy sprinkles and sanding sugar to add more color to the cookies!

We love how truly beautiful and colorful the cookies turned out! And they also look appetizing too!

As much as we don’t want to ruin these cool creations, everything tasted good so they were devoured fast!

Spring is a nice season. It’s a fresh start, and these projects are just as vibrant. The kids are really excited whenever this box is coming. They love the projects, from the preparation itself to tasting all of them! The box provides all the materials and instructions, making the activities easier to do. I also love how this box develops the kids’ creativity!

What do you think about Gramma In A Box?

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