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THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES is a monthly subscription for children ages 7 up that promotes exploration and survival in the great outdoors, along with the whole family. The box costs $34.95 per month + free shipping within the US. Each month, they will send out a themed box that includes outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, a 16+ page educational & activity booklet, as well as an outdoor challenge to do as a family. Your first box will also include a lightweight packable daypack, and you can choose what color you like!

The box aims to gear and help the kids to grow more confident in exploring the great outdoors!

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When you open the box, there’s a personal note for the subscriber and it says

Your adventure awaits. Explore the outdoors!

The team also sends a note to express how they’re excited to send out your very first box and explains further the goal of this subscription.

They also included a booklet that serves as a guide for the box, its contents, and the program/activities.

It explains what the program is all about, and what benefits both the child and the parent can get out of it.

It also lists all the box’s contents and included a brief explanation about each of them.

There are also useful articles that you can read from the booklet, like this packing guide, and how to properly load your day pack!

Everything in our box!

Stickers. They included a strip of cool stickers that you can actually use with your other camping stuff!

Emergency Contact Tag. When exploring at the outdoors, it is necessary that you have your stuff labeled, especially your day pack. You can use this contact tag to fill in with some personal information. Just in case you misplace your bag, they can return it easily to you.

The other side of the contact label has the THiNK OUTSiDE symbol on it.

Metal Ring for Learn & Live resource cards. You can keep the Learn and Live Resource cards from the next boxes together with the help of this metal ring.

Earth Pak Packable Daypack Series Backpack ($15.97) The bag is really compact, and it can be easily stored as it is foldable!

The lightweight nylon bag has a zipper enclosure so it won’t easily unfold when not in use.

The day pack is big enough for a day hike or camping with just the necessary items stashed inside. It also comes with lots of extra pockets and extra storage so small items won’t easily be misplaced.

We chose the color blue, and it’s fantastic! Aside from heavy-duty shoulder straps, it also comes with a whistle, reflector strips, a water bottle holder, and a chest strap for added security. It’s so sturdy and durable – we know it will last!

To utilize the day pack fully, you can refer to the packing guide that the booklet provided.

Less used items go to the bottom of the pack, while emergency or frequently used ones go on top. Also, the bottom layer is extra thick and water resistant that protects everything from different elements.

The bag may be lightweight but it can actually carry more items inside and you don’t need to worry about the added weight if it gets full as the straps are sturdy enough. The bag has strongly reinforced seams that make it really durable. It’s a heavy duty day pack for an awesome day hike.

The booklet also included step by step guide in making your own paracord key chain.

DIY Paracord Keychain. Paracord has lots of uses, some of them are to secure a tent, as a rope ladder, a suture, a rescue line, and a whole lot more!

For this one, we can turn the cord into a keychain for easier access. You can just hang it in your bag and grab in case of emergencies!

The booklet tests the kids’ skills, making them ready for the outdoors. It also has a family challenge that will definitely make your outdoor activity more fun!

Another interesting feature in the booklet is the lesson about morse code, plus samples that you and the kids can decode. It can be very useful when you go and explore the world outside!

The booklet also has some lined pages for notes and other activities that the kids can do to pass time!

There are some hiking etiquette that we can all learn about, and they also provided ways on how to help homeless people.

Each month they feature a National Park that we can go and visit. This month, we got Black Hills National Forest, Badlands National Park, and Mount Rushmore!

Think Outside Boxes Pencil. The kids love this pencil that changes its color when heated!

From a solid orange color, the pencil shows some yellow hues when heated, making it look like a burning flame!

And for the adults, the kids can challenge them through this card!

The card lists all the rules that are needed to follow.

They also encourage you to choose a date that will be great for everyone to go outside and enjoy nature!

Geocaching is this month’s activity, and it is a treasure hunting game. There are several geocaching apps available online that you can use to experience the classic treasure hunting game with a modern twist!

Here’s my son, using all the contents from this awesome box! He’s a bit younger than the recommended age, but he was SO pumped – he’s a true adventurer. We followed the directions on the card what he needed in his pack and he loaded it right up.

He is trying the activities, and he finds out that exploring the outdoors can be fun too!

Our first box from THiNK OUTSiDE is awesome! It prepares us on the great adventures outdoors that we’re about to do and explore! The kids love that the booklet is really educational and helpful as it features articles that are very useful. There’s a guide on how to properly pack the bags and how to use the paracord as an emergency tool, as well as suggested activities that sounds really fun (my son enjoyed them, as you can see from the previous photos!). We also love how handy and convenient the day pack is, it’s spacious but doesn’t actually take too much space when kept, and it’s so high quality and lightweight. The kids realized that there’s more to explore outside, and it will be more fun to spend some time outside of your comfort zone! We’re really excited about what’s next with this subscription!

Visit THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES to find out more about this subscription!


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