Star Trek: Mission Crate May 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Star Trek: Mission Crate is a bi-monthly (every 2 months) subscription box from  Loot Crate full of goodies from the Star Trek franchise. The box is $39.99 + $5 shipping and costs $49.99 (includes shipping and handling + VAT) per international purchase. The box provides official and exclusive Star Trek collectibles, apparel and more, and you can also select which Starfleet Division you’re in when you sign up – Command, Ops/Engineering, Sciences, or Medical!

This box shipped late due to multiple delays – it was originally for May 2018 but arrived in December, and the crate will be discontinued but they promised to deliver the outstanding crates from 2018 within the first half of 2019. Here’s the subscription and shipping update about this crate.

The box is sealed with a Starfleet Command sticker.

The box is full to the brim!

Mission Crate 003 is themed DARK FRONTIER.

The info card lists the items inside the box with brief descriptions.

Everything in my box!

U.S.S Voyager Decal. Making a journey to the Delta Quadrant? This decal can be displayed by sticking on your car, notebook, or any flat surface that you want to bear this U.S.S. Voyager symbol.

Star Trek Online Age of Discovery. 

Star Trek Online is about to take you into the world of the latest Star Trek TV series, Star Trek: Discovery. This fall on PC, and soon after on Xbox One and Playstation 4, Captains will take the first step on a continuing journey to 2256, in the height of the Klingon War. For the very first time in STO’s history, we’ll be updating the game in line with a currently airing Star Trekseries. Here’s what to expect from Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery:

Age of Discovery opens in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars. In the wake of a brutal war against the Klingons, Starfleet Captains must face J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, who seeks to alter the destiny of the Alpha Quadrant. Players will need to rely on the help of fellow Starfleet Academy Cadet Syliva Tilly (played by Discovery actress Mary Wiseman), who has come home to assist with training and see them off on their first assignment. From there, they will journey to iconic locations from Star Trek: Discovery, like the Dilithium Mines of Corvan II, explore the new experimental Crossfield class Starship, the U.S.S. Glenn, and defend Starbase 1 from a fearsome attack by the Klingon House of D’Ghor.

The redemption instructions are located at the back of the card. Install the Arc and log into your account and launch the game! Alas, it’s only for Windows.

Qmx Voyager Badge. If ever you plan to cosplay any characters from Star Trek, be sure to have this around, as it will complete your Trekkie look!

It features the Starfleet’s redesign of the iconic 24th-century comm badge.

It’s a metallic-plated replica that will make you think that it’s the real communication badge from Voyager – it’s crafted using a set of original molds.

It also comes with a magnetic fastener which is what I prefer compared to pins, as it’s easier to attach and I’ve no worries pricking myself with a sharp end!

Adventures Of Captain Proton T-Shirt. The Adventures of Captain Proton was a holonovel created by Tom Paris, and it was built to look like a 1930a Sci-Fi B-movie like Flash Gordon. This shirt pays homage to the historical study (or play) made in the USS Voyager’s holodeck!

The holonovel also proves that the Voyager holodeck has the ability to fade the colors of anything and anybody inside, making them appear “black and white.” The design of this cool shirt also shows that ability!

Seven Of Nine Beach Towel. Seven of Nine is a Human female who was a former Borg drone, and she’s gracing this brilliantly-designed beach towel!

She’s often amused by human behavior, and as a former drone, she had considerable superior physical characteristics over most humans.

The towel is great. It is lightweight, and it doesn’t weigh much after using to dry yourself off, and it easily gets dry too!

Seven Of Nine Master Series Figure. Another item to honor the once a Borg drone lady is this Figure from the Master Series.

The box included some information about the featured figure, Seven of Nine.

Seven of Nine (full Borg designation: Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01) was a Human female who was a former Borg drone. She was born Annika Hansen on stardate25479 (2349), the daughter of eccentric exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen. She was assimilated by the Borg in 2356 at age six, along with her parents, but was liberated by the crew of the USS Voyager in 2374. She joined the crew and returned to the Alpha Quadrant with the starship in 2378.

The box also shows the other characters from the Franchise.

The bottom of the figure’s base has the name of the figure and some info about the makers as well.

It’s a whole figure already connected to a base.

Here, we can see that the Doctor was able to restore most of her human appearance.

She was also given a special suit and also issued her own comm badge.

The figure shows how human and once a borg she looks, with all that details they put on her. But that doesn’t stop her from malfunctioning even with her enhanced Borg physiology.

The box came really late, and receiving super late boxes is always a bummer! However, as much as I want to get angry with the delays, the box is discontinuing and it makes my Trekkie heart sad. The box actually had great potential. Everything is also high-quality, and you can’t find them anywhere else. I love the Seven of Nine inclusions, especially the really functional towel, and the magnetic badge looks like a treasure to me too! The figures from this box are always well-made and represent the characters at their best.

What do you think of the Star Trek Mission Crate?


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