greenUP Box September 2018 Subscription Box Review

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greenUP Box is a monthly subscription box that aims to help you reduce your dependence on plastic in one area of your life each month. The first twelve months are intentionally designed around twelve major areas of your life. greenUP is $42.95 a month and only ships to the US.

  • Curated around one area of your life each month
  • 4-6 artfully crafted, eco-friendly, reusable finds to empower and inspire you
  • Every item is beautiful and lovingly selected, because your plastic free life should be as beautiful as you are
  • Just $42.95 and valued at $70!
  • Rated #1 best new subscription box on Buzzfeed

I think I’m pretty good at recycling and reusing items but there is always room for improvement!

The very first greenUP Box came out in September and it was The Market Box, and it is still available for purchase here!

I found an insert with info on all of the products in my box and how they can be used, as well as how they help reduce the use of plastic products.

My items were packed well in the box with no extra packing.

Everything in my box!

Bamboo Fiber Travel Coffee Cup ($9.95) I didn’t know that cups could be made out of bamboo! I swear I learn something new every day!

The brand is based in Germany but made in China. The cup is made of bamboo and corn starch and can be washed in the dishwasher but do not place in the microwave.

The cup is green with leaves all over and it has a wool sleeve.

The lid looks similar to other travel lids.

Here’s a view of the inside. According to Amazon the cup is taste neutral. Although this is a good replacement for plastic, I am quite happy with my ceramic travel cup because I can pop it in the microwave when my tea gets cold. This is good if you tend to drink your coffee, say, on the car ride to work.

Bamboo Straws (find similar here, $3.44?) I received some glass straws in a different subscription but have been hesitant to use them because I’m terrified of breaking them. This may be the solution to that problem!

I received 3 bamboo straws and a brush for cleaning them. The straws are eco-friendly since bamboo is a renewable resource. Plus, this helps reduce plastic waste and hopefully will keep straws from ending up in places like the ocean, where they harm wildlife. The straws are just under 8″ long. I’m not sure how long they last or if they are dishwasher safe.

Large Canvas Tote Bag (similar bag here, $15.99) I know this bag is intended to replace some shopping bags but I have been carrying it around as a work tote!

There is a front pocket that is good for holding a water bottle or other item.

It seems really sturdy, I think it is made of cotton canvas. I receive totes every once in a while in bags, but this one is of higher quality then the others I’ve received and I am very pleased with it.

Organic Cotton Produce Bags (find similar here, $11.14?) are meant to reduce your dependence on produce bags at the grocery store, but they can be used for so much more.

The bags are made of 100% organic cotton and the tare weight is listed on the tag so the checkout person at the store can deduct the weight of the bags when they weigh the produce at checkout.

I received 3 different sized bags: 15 x 12, 12 x 10, and 10 x 8. All sizes are in inches and are approximate. There are sturdy closures on each one and I plan on using one to wash delicates in the washing machine.

Cotton Net Bag (find similar here, $7.60) I received a bag like this from a different box, and these are similar to bags from France. It is made of organic cotton and you may use it to hold groceries or other items that are large enough that they won’t fall through the holes.

I enjoyed the items in my first greenUP Box! I think this is a great box for those who are just starting to go green, and I was surprised at how many similar items I already own so I think I’m on the right track. My favorite item of the bunch was the boat tote, it was just what I needed. All the items sent were high-quality. I was able to find similar items to everything offered, at a value of around $48.12, not including shipping. This is just over the price paid for the subscription

What do you think of this month’s greenUP Box?

Visit greenUP Box to subscribe or find out more!


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